Alice’s Dog!

This is a photo of my fabulous dog…Pippa! She loves to spend her days lounging around on her beanbag (which used to belong to me and Sally)! On the other hand,when she finally wakes up she sprints around like a mad thing! Feel free to ask some questions!



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17 Responses to Alice’s Dog!

  1. Maria S says:

    Alice how old is Pippa? Was she a rescue dog?

  2. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Alice, what a lovely dog! She definitely looks very comfortable on the bean bag. I hope you and Sally don’t want it back any time soon because I think she looks very attached to it!

    I have a question: have you had Pippa since she was a puppy?

    Also, well done for using ‘On the other hand’ – what a responsible learner!

  3. Alice M says:

    This is the awnser for Maria’s question:
    We picked her up a few years ago from the RSPCA at the age of 2! At the moment she is three but on Febuary 14th (valentine day ) when she will be 4!

  4. Aidan.Cooper says:

    When did you first get Pippa?

  5. Emma R says:

    Hi Alice and Sally,
    What breed is Pippa? She looks so cute and cuddly.

  6. B Charlotte says:

    Hi Alice, Pippa she is so cute! How old is she ? And was she was she rescued? My 2 year old cousin Matilda says she is cute!

  7. Pheobe T says:

    Have you ever had any other pets? Also I think Pippa is sooo cute! Does Sally mind that she took her bean bag?

  8. Olivia G says:

    I love the name Pippa, also is she trained (can she do any tricks?)

  9. Jake W says:

    Pippa reminds me of my dads dog! Because once I walked into my room and she slumped in the middle of my bed so I had to sleep on the sofa and then our puppy came and lay on me!!

  10. Jessica B says:

    Wow Alice , that is a fabulous dog! How old is Pippa?I think she is soooo cute .

  11. Annabelle W says:

    Alice, how are your Guinea pigs?

  12. Alice M says:

    here are some facts that will hopefully awnser your questions:

    Pippa is the colour of a boxer but is part lurcher which is why she is so fast!

  13. Alice M says:

    She can do a few tricks at the moment I am training her to walk backwards! Remember if you click on the word Pippa then you can see her open her present!

  14. Olivia G says:

    The present opening is so cute! Did she like her present? Did she steal your bean bag or did you give it to her? I like the name.

  15. Annabelle W says:

    Aww, sweet!!!

  16. Alice M says:

    Answer for Olivia: She adores her brand new ball although she can’t bite into it because it has recently been pumped up!

  17. Emily A says:

    So cute!!!!!How old is pippa?
    That was funny when pippa tried to get the ball and then she did.
    Your dog is so cute.

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