Jade’s Pets

Hello, these are some pictures of my pets!

I have a tropical fish tank which has quite few fish in it like: Mollys, Platys, Guppys, Catfish,Loaches, Kuhli Loach ( that one is really awesome), Tetras (neon and black)!

In addition, I have another smaller tank and that has one rather large goldfish, Jeremy, and a smaller one but I haven’t got a picture of that one (named Kyle!) Get it? Jeremy and Kyle! Jeremy Kyle! In the picture of Jeremy, he was dying! However, that was because I didn’t have a bowl/ tank for him at that point in time but now he is healthy and has a tank with his friend.

Finally, I have a very cute, cuddly cat called Charlie! He is rather big because he has something wrong with his kidney or bladder so we have to buy some special dietry food for him!

By Jade

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24 Responses to Jade’s Pets

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Thanks for sending me the information about your fantastic pets, Jade! You are the first person in our ‘Creature Feature’! It was interesting to read about the array of animals you are responsible for – I have always wanted a tropical fishtank. I am very glad to hear that Jeremy is now fit and healthy, he does look rather sad in the photo! Although not a fan of cats myself, I like Charlie’s colouring and I’m sure Miss Cazneaux will comment because, as Team Wilverley know, she LOVES cats!

    It would be great to see other people commented about Jade’s pets and perhaps asking her some questions!

  2. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Jade! You have a brilliant collection of cute pets! Well done for blogging some of your photographs. As Mr Croutear mentioned earlier, I am definitely a fan of cats and yours is certainly lovely….I hope he doesn’t try and fish for Jeremy and Kyle!

  3. Alice M says:

    I adore the fish’s names! The pictures are amazing and Charlie looks so cute! Can I ask how old your pets are?

  4. Elise M says:

    Your pets are so cute. Love your cat I also love the names for your fish!!

  5. Oliver S says:

    Nice fish! Which pet is your favourite? Also your cat, Charlie, is really cute!

  6. Enya-Rose T says:

    Well done Jade. Really responsible learning and a real risk taker. You must have a HUGE responsibility for your pets !! 😀

  7. Rebecca K says:

    Wow I love your pets you have so many !!!!!
    I love your cat he/she is so cute!!!

  8. Jade R says:

    Thankyou Mr Croutear and Miss Cazneaux! He is very nice cat and he is too lazy to fish for Jeremy and Kyle!
    Charlie is a boy and he is about 9 or 10 years old…. quite old. In addition, I haven’t really got a favourite pet, i love all of mine. Charlie is really cute and he snugs up with me every time I sit down. Also, my fish are really entertaining to watch so it is very hard to choose. Thankyou Enya, you take care of your pets too, why not email Mr Croutear some pictures so the upper juniors can see!
    Furthermore, thanks everyone for my lovley comments about my pets. If they could read, im sure they would have a HUGE smile on their: black, orange, red, white, black, neon and many more colour faces! Looks like Charlie is coming through the cat-flap now! 😀 🙂 😀

  9. Aidan.Cooper says:

    How old is Jeremy?

  10. Emma R says:

    Did you have Charlie since he was a kitten???? I once had a cat when i was about 3.

  11. Jade R says:

    Aidan, Im not sure how old Jeremy is because I won him at the fair about 5 months ago. Also, we got Charlie when he was a Kitten.

  12. Olivia G says:

    I love the name you have chosen for your fish, are they named after anything/anyone? Where did their names come from?

  13. Cameron P says:

    I adore yor pets especially your fish jeremy and kyle.Which pet is your favourite?

  14. Jade R says:

    Olivia, my pets are named after a famous reality tv host named Jeremy Kyle. Furthermore, I have not got a faviourite all my pets aremy favouriteif that can be? haha. Thankyou everyone for my comments! 😀

  15. Jade R says:

    In additon, when my mum bought Charlie, we got his sister Misty. However, a couple of years ago she ran away! She wasn’t a very nice cat so we dont really mind.

  16. Olivia A says:

    Hey Jade , I love all of your pets, especially Charlie (I hope he gets better)! Also my question is , how many fish have you got in your tropical fish tank ??

  17. Enya-Rose T says:

    Haha I’m sure you did at the time Jade! How many tropical fish do you have Jade ?

  18. Alice M says:

    All of your pets sound so interesting !!!

  19. Jade R says:

    Charlie wont exactly get better as he will have it for life, he is healthy at the moment so that is great! I have loads of tropical fish- id say about 20 or 15 at the moment. Misty was not very nice so we didn’t actually mind even though that sounds mean but if you’d met her, you would surely agree! Thank you everyone

  20. Annabelle W says:

    Your Cat is so FLUFFY!! What do you feed him?

  21. Alice M says:

    How can you tell if your fishes are healthy or not?

  22. Annabelle W says:

    How long have you had your pets for?

  23. Emily A says:

    Which one is your favourite?
    Or are all of them your favourite?
    Also your pets are so so cute!

  24. Jade R says:

    Annabelle, my mum has to buy a special dietry food for Charlie which is quite expensive from New Milton vets! Also Alice, I think you can tell by if they are not swimming or coming upto the top! In addition, Jeremy was rocking in the bag on the way home and in the bowl ( that we threw away after). So i guess that is how I tell! I have had Charlie for about 8-9 years now because we got him for my brothers birthday at some point! Jeremy has been mine for about 5 months now after I won him at a fairground! However, I got Kyle about 2 months ago because I thought Jeremy needed a little friend! My dad bought my tropical fish and tank for me for my 9th or 10th birthday (Im not too sure!). Emily, I can’t choose between my pets beacuse they are all so awesome! Thankyou for everones comments!

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