Miss Trim’s Favourite Pet

When I was just two, I had my very own rabbit (a Blue Rex Rabbit) named Bluey.

Rather interestingly, he bounded into my life under rather unusual circumstances! At the time, my Dad was a builder and he had gone to work one day when the lady he was working for explained that she’d found a rabbit. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that much about rabbits and she’d put him in the greenhouse and shut the door. As it was a hot Summer’s day, the poor rabbit had become quite dehydrated and when my Dad opened the greenhouse door, the creature was lying on his side, looking quite poorly! Luckily, my Dad knew a thing or two about animals and he splashed him in cold water quickly and gave him a generous dish of water. Over the next few days and weeks, my Dad knocked on doors in the lady’s street, put a poster in the local fish and chip shop and even phoned the local radio station who put a notice out across the airwaves. Unfortunately, his owner couldn’t be traced but secretly I was delighted. My Dad bought a rabbit hutch from the local pet shop and built a rabbit run with Grandad and Bluey was allowed to stay!

He was such a lovely rabbit who could be quite mischievous at times and to this day, he remains my favourite pet!

Please feel free to ask any questions about Bluey.

Miss Trim

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15 Responses to Miss Trim’s Favourite Pet

  1. Aidan.Cooper says:

    Why did you call it Bluey?

  2. Emma R says:

    He looks so cute!!!!! How was he so mischievious and can you remember what colours he was??? Did you bury him somewhere special???

  3. Jasmine L says:

    What colour was bluey?

  4. Miss Trim says:

    I decided to call my rabbit Bluey because he was a ‘Blue Rex’ rabbit which is a breed of rabbit with a soft, grey coat of fur. He could be very naughty. My brother and I used to play with him indoors all the time and quite often he would hide behind the sofa for a while. On one occasion, he nibbled through the phone cable and when my Dad came home from work, he was not impressed. But, Bluey couldn’t help it. After all, that’s what rabbit’s do: nibble, nibble, nibble.

    Emma, the day poor Bluey died, I was a very sad little girl and I asked my Dad if we could bury him between two oak trees in our back garden. I wrote a prayer which I said as Bluey was lowered into his grave and I can still remember that morning as if it was yesterday. Although it was so terribly sad to lose my pet rabbit, I was very fortunate to have enjoyed so many happy times with him.

    Did I mention that he used to be able to do tricks?

  5. Pheobe T says:

    When you were younger did you have any other pets? Also did you choose bluey? And did you get him as a present?

  6. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    Miss Trim what an adventure that was!!! How long did you have Bluey (a blue rex rabbit) for before he passed away? He must have been cute to have as a pet . On the other hand, was it a chore when you had to clear out his cage? Finally, going back to what you said to Emma about tricks – what tricks could he do?

  7. Mr Croutear says:

    Jodie, can I just say how IMPRESSED I am with your writing! Well done for using super connectives such as ‘on the other hand’ and ‘finally’! I am looking forward to Miss Trim’s reply (as I am sure you are…)

  8. Emily P says:

    If you had any other pets what would they be? Would it be another blue Rex rabbit or would it be something different? Did you enter Bluey in to any shows? Finally how old was he?

  9. Miss Trim says:

    Fortunately, I had quite a few pets when I was growing up. My very first pet was a guinea pig which I named Guinea and then Mum and Dad purchased a doe (a lady rabbit) which was also a Blue Rex and I decided to call her Mummy Rabbit (I wasn’t very good at coming up with unique names!!). Mummy Rabbit went on to have lots and lots of babies and I thoroughly enjoyed looking after the little ones before we sold them. Later on, my dad built an aviary in the back garden and we kept budgies but I still preferred the soft, cuddly rabbits. I didn’t like it when the birds flew over my head every time I ventured into the aviary to fill up the seed pots!

    Jodie, I think I had Bluey for about six years. Although it was hard work cleaning out his cage, I was very fortunate to have a Mum who helped me with this each and every week. As for his tricks, I honestly think he may have escaped from a rabbit circus! He could jump through a hoop and he was great at scrabbling through tunnels. Whilst my Dad was at work, my brother and I would secretly borrow a pair of my Dad’s work jeans. My brother would hold the waist band shut and, with a little prompting from a few carrots, Bluey would run up one leg of the trousers and down the other. We had such fun playing with him. But, his favourite activity was dozing. During the long Summer holidays, whilst my Mum was relaxing on her sun bed, Bluey would always be found dozing in the shade.

    Emily, I never entered Bluey into any shows. However, I’m pretty sure he might have won an award for being possibly the cutest and fluffiest rabbit there was! If I could have another pet, it would most probably be another rabbit but I would need to get a bigger garden first so he had plenty of room to stretch his legs!

  10. Jessica B says:

    Bluey is one great rabbit from what i heard Miss Trim! If you had another rabbit which was the exact same type of rabbit as Bluey , what would you call it? Was Bluey your favourite pet ?

    I hope to hear more about Bluey soon !

  11. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow Miss Trim . Bluey sounds like a real cutey !!!

  12. Alice M says:

    I love Bluey and your fascinating story of how you got him!

  13. Annabelle W says:

    What tricks did he do Miss Trim?

  14. Olivia G says:

    That looks really cute. Are you going to get another rabbit to remind you of bluey? Do you still miss him or are you over it? What did bluey eat?

  15. Emily A says:

    How old was Bluey when he/she died?

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