Pheobe’s Pets

These are my two cats, Simba and JasperJasper has green eyes and is never naughty, on the other hand, Simba has yellow eyes and is very, very naughty! Also this is my fish and it is a japanese fighting fish. He doesn’t have a name and we have had him for about 1 year. We did have another one, he was red, but sadly he died in December, and we only had him for 6 months. Again he had no name, but we did think once that they should be called R & B (R for our red fish and B for our blue fish).

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15 Responses to Pheobe’s Pets

  1. Olivia G says:

    Your cats are so cute!

  2. Mr Croutear says:

    Pheobe, I really like your fish! I have never heard of a ‘Japanese Fighting Fish’ before! Perhaps you should give him a Japanese-sounding name? Great colouring – I have always wanted a tropical fishtank. I used to have an aquarium when I was younger but only had goldfish. Are you planning on getting anything else for your fishtank?

  3. Pheobe T says:

    I’m not sure, but if I did I would probaly get some neon fish, because Japanese fighting fish can’t be mixed unless they are both female. Did you know… that you can get Japanese fighting fish in all different colours: blue, red, white, turqoise and even multi-coloured!

  4. Emma R says:

    Your cats look so fluffy!Are they allowed to go outside or are they house cats?

  5. Isabelle H says:

    I think you should call your fish R&B because that is an awesome name. The fish and cats ( Simba and Jasper ) are all so cute!

  6. Jessica B says:

    I am very sorry for your red fish . All your pets are very cute!!

  7. Annabelle W says:

    You cat’s are SUPER cute. What food do you feed them?

  8. Pheobe T says:

    My cats are allowed outside but they have to be on a lead, as they will escape otherwise and will run off. Futhermore, Jasper and Simba are only allowed in our back garden, but they have to be supervised. Although we let them out, both of them are ment to be house cats!

  9. Elise M says:

    I love your cats, they are so cute! I never knew that you had fish. What breed are Jaspa and Simba?

  10. Alice M says:

    Hi Pheobe can I ask how old Simba and Jaspa are and who is the eldest?

  11. Annabelle W says:

    When did you get your cats… and your fish?!

  12. Enya-Rose T says:

    How old are your cats ?

  13. Pheobe T says:

    Jasper and Simba are Bengals also Jasper is 4 and Simba is 2 I can’t actually remember when we gof Jasper and Simba . Further more, they eat chicken biscuits.

  14. Sebastian.Berthiaume says:

    Awesome pets!
    Also which one’s your favourite?

  15. Emily A says:

    How long have you had them? Also what type of cats are they?

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