Book Review

Next Thursday, 1st March 2012, is World Book Day!

Your challenge, this week, is to write a review of a book you would like to recommend to others. When you write your review, you might like to:

  • Include a short quote from the book;
  • Give a brief summary of the plot;
  • Add a personal opinion (quote);

Here is an example to get you started:


‘We are leaving. I read it and I still can’t believe I’m writing it. We are leaving Bryher for good, forever. And, there’s others doing the same thing, all over the island. Even the chief is leaving. I think that’s what finally made up Father’s mind for him. He came out with it this evening.’

Laura had led a happy and content life on the Scilly Isles. But, in 1907, times became hard and soon the family were faced with financial woes as well as the devastation caused by severe storms. Following the disappearance of her brother, Billy, who left the family home to follow his dream of a life at sea, and with her father determined to leave the island, Laura had almost given up on any hope of life returning to normal.

However, she was soon saved by nothing short of a miracle…

“A fantastic book. I really like the way the whole story is told through diary entries and I particularly enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns!” Miss Trim

You should do your book review in your English Homework book. However, you may want to demonstrate self-motivation and add one to our blog, too!

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69 Responses to Book Review

  1. Elliott D says:

    The 7 Professors of the Far North by John Fardell

    “Listen,” croaked the man.”cant stay…stay…awake…much…longer…summon the others,Alexander…professor Murdo has returned to Nordbergen!”
    Eleven-year-old Sam Carnabie was going to go and stay with his aunt in Reading, when he gets caught up in the middle of a huge adventure. His friends father is kidnapped with six other friends by an evil psychopath.

    After many exciting adventures Sam and his friends find the Uncle and the other Professors and rescue them.

    “I think this is a great book because it’s never dull, I would recommend it to people who like excitement and adventure” Elliott

  2. Harvey B says:

    HOLES-Louis Sachar

    “Nine hours here,and now nine hours back,” the guard grumbled.”What a day.”Stanley thought about the long, miserable bus ride and felt a little sorry for the guard and the bus driver.

    Stanly is a young boy who was accused of stealing a pair of trainers.So he was sent to Green camp( a prison for children in the midle of the desert were you are made to dig holes every day of the year!) Then just as Stanly started to get used to it his best friend ran away and Stanly being stanly desided to go and look for him wich made the unfair guards mad with fury!! When Stanly finaly finds his friend they both end up living on onions so as you can imagine there breath must have ponged!!!!

    This is a breth taking book wich Im sure you will love if you like books which make you feel as if you are actually there!Trust me its a great buy!!!!!!!

  3. M Lauren says:

    ‘We’ve lost her’ ‘i said to Hamish as he came into the kitchen.’Theres no signal’he said quietly.’I’ve checked too.’he frowned,the lines on his forehead running into a deep crease.

    Without a shadow of a doubt my best be would deffinatley be Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis !! This is one of the comments from Michael Morpurgo. It opens your eyes ,touches your heartand is so engaging that it turns the pages for you .Overall i would deffinatley recomend it for someone else and would rate it 10/10!

  4. Olivia A says:

    Worry Website – Jaqueline Wilson

    This book is about children from Mr Speeds class who have a problem.By writing their problem on the website their class mates can help them.But their not much help, so Mr Speed ( their teacher ) helps them instead.But will Mr Speed need some help of his own?
    “A life changing book,it just makes you realise how much teachers can help you. ” Olivia Adams

  5. Archie G says:

    A Child’s First Bible.

    This version of the Bible was written by Kenneth N. Taylor and Illustrations by Nadine Wickenden and Diana Catchpole. This is a good first Bible for children aged 6 – 9 years old.

    I like this particular Bible because of the wonderful pictures and short interesting stories. My favourite is the story of David and Goliath.

    Review by Archie G

  6. Annabelle W says:

    My Sister The Vampire: Vampalious

    ” I’ve just found out…. Mr. Vega is our real Dad!”
    Mr. Vega has decided to move to Europe and he’s taking Ivy with him. With Olivia’s cheerleader optimism and Ivy’s vampire craftiness, the twins are determined to hatch a plan that will keep Ivy and her dad in Franklin Grove. Will they suceed?
    “It’s an ‘Vampalicious’ book For Vampire Fans!” Annabelle Windsor.
    I rate it a 5 star – *****!!!

  7. Annabelle W says:

    ( Book 4 out of a seris of 8 )

  8. Aidan.Cooper says:

    by jeff kinney
    This is a story about a boy could Greg who was pushed around by his older brother Rodrick,and told of becuase his younger brother Manny blamed evrthing on Greg.
    I guess Mum was pretty proud of her self for making me write in that journel last year,becuase now shes gone and bought me another one.But remember how I said if some jerk cought me with a book that said “diary ” they were gonna get the wrong idea?
    Well thats exactly what happened today now Rodrick knows that i have another journel,i better remember to keep this one locked up.
    I found this book realy fascinating and interesting because it was origanated from the film as you know non of the brothers get along.I wonder whos going to play the next prank.

  9. Dillan H says:

    Wish I can do a book review thats why i’m doing one now about Football in the making.

  10. Campbell G says:

    Diary Of A Wimpy Kid- Jeff Kinney

    ‘ I’m sure Dad would dismantle my game system if he could figure out how to do it. But luckily the people who make these things make them parent proof.’

    This novel is the first edition of the successful series’Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’. It’s all about a boy in middle school with his best friend Rowley Jefferson. In the book Greg, the main character, always pictures how something will go but in the end it always ends up going a completely different way to what was expected. At the school he goes to theres a strange boy called Fregley who in the book is sent home every month for hygiene issues! He thinks that he’s friends with Greg and always hangs around with him. He also has a secret freckle on his stomach and it’s even got a hair in it.

    It appeals to me because the style of writing is easy to understand but still interesting. Furthermore, the size of the book is just right due to the fact that it doesn’t take to long to read and doesn’t take ages like some of the other books that I have read!

    ”I also love the fact that the first two books have been made into movies which helps you understand it even more when you read the book!” campbell golding

  11. Alice M says:

    My book is:
    Gangsta Granny-by David Walliams!

    Firstly this is book is so fantastic because of its story line in which a little boy named Ben has to stay with his grandma (which he thinks smells of cabbages) whilst his parents go and see strictly stars dancing a live tv show! However he doesn’t realise that his grandma is actually a gangsta ! They get up to lots of mischief ,including a special mission , which I won’t type about becaus you might want to read this amazing book.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my book review!

  12. Chloe Q says:

    I love reading because it helps me with my writing with better words.

    Chloe Q

  13. Katy M says:

    The Witches -Roald Dahl
    In fairy-tales witches always were silly black hats and black cloaks,and they ride on broomsticks.But this is no fairy-tale.This is all about REAL witches.The most important thing you should know about REAL WITCHES is this.Listen very carefully.Never forget what is coming next…

    The witches is about a boy and is grandma and of course lots and lots of witches,unfortunately the boys mum and dad die in a fatal car crash which leaves the boy with his grandma but the village his grandma lives in is surrounded by nasty witches…One night the boy asks his grandma if there is such things as witches SHOCKED grandma tells the boy there is such thing of witches and decides to tell the boy how to recognize a witch.Firstly,they look like normally kind lady’s (so they could be living next door to YOU)Secondly,witches ALWAYS were gloves why you might ask?well they don’t actually have fingers!!!!so they hide them with gloves.Thirdly,witches always were pointed shoes why?you could probable ques they don’t have TOES!!!! Finally, only if you look very carefully you will see that inside of there mouths it is in fact BLUE and ques what the use there blue tongues as ink yes INK!!!!

    Grandma also tells the boy story’s of children that have been caught by the horrid witches, the first child (aged 10)was caught and was put in a painting the mum and dad found that every day she moved in the picture (which was a farm)and pulled funny faces at them when they looked!About a month later a second child was striked,this child (aged 8) was turned into a chicken but this was no normal chicken (boy)it layed golden eggs!!!(but you couldn’t eat it!)Then a week later a boy(aged 6)was turned into stone so the mum and dad decided to use him as a coat rack! The final child (aged 11) was turned into a dolphin but it wasn’t so bad due to the fact the brother and sister could have a ride on him.

    But then something terrible happened the boys grandma she couldn’t stop coughing and soon they had to call a nurse in to look after her a few weeks later she was much better but she did smoke cigars a lot so the nurse advised her to stop but grandma didn’t want to.Suddenly one day the boy was playing outside when a kind lady (witch) asked the boy if he wanted to go home with the lady and play with her snakes worried the boy screached for his grandma who was in bed sleeping. Finally grandma came out and saved the boy!!

    Further on in the book the boy and grandma go on holiday to a hotel with the boys pets mouses which he received from grandma for his birthday.on foggy night the boy sees lots of women going into the meting room so he decides to follow and watches from behind a glass window.A few minutes later the lady’s take of the GLOVES and POINTED SHOES and MASKS!!!!!! Shocked the boy whispered “WITCHES” luckily the witches didn’t hear him.Unfortunately,his mouses run away from his hands and then the witches saw him……

    Whilst in bed grandma did not know that her grandson was being chased down the hill by about 40 witches.The boy tricked some of the witches well most of them and they all tumbled down a cliff but one witch remained the head of the meeting witch and she sure new how to catch children……..

    At the end of the book the boy turns into a mouse and lives happily eating cheese with his grandma !!!!

    This a fantastic book like all the Roald Dahl books but they way this is is just amazing!
    p.s. you can watch it on t.v. it is a really great film i’m sure you will love it!!!!!

  14. Charles P says:

    My book is:

    Danny the champion of the world wrote by Roald Dahl illustrated by Quentin Blake

    Firstly I think this book is amazing. Its about a boy who wakes up one night to find his dad not in there caravan. what he does not know is that his dad is actually poaching (poaching is illegal what you do is soak raisons in water over night and then stick horse hair through them then you go somewere where there is phesents which is most likely on other peoples land without getting caught for food)
    Danny thinks the world of his farther, who has looked after him ever since his mother died when he was just four months old.But as he growsup,Danny discovers that his father’s secret spels adventure and trouble for both of them!

    I hope you enjoyed my book revew


  15. Simon C says:

    My book is:
    The brilliant world of Tom Gates

    I like the Tom Gates book due to the fact his family members are crazy. Delia (Tom`s older sister) is ADDICTED to parties when there Mum and Dad are not in the house.She also hates Tom (her little brother).Their parents however belive in a wonderfull family (as if) and are imbarased when Tom writes about there terrorable camping holiday. I rate this book 100000/100000 what will they do next.


  16. Elise M says:

    My book is:
    The Diamond of dury lane
    I love this book because its a mystery and there are two robbers that the police want and they steel the most precious diamond in the world the diamond of dury lane and its called that because it was discovered in dury lane anyway they dig a tiny hole somewhere in the world and know one else knows where they have hidden it and they go in hiding and after about a week they get caught by the police and they don’t tell them( the police) where they have hidden it until a billion air man wonders in and ” says is this what your looking for chaps”in a rather somerset voice then he says “whats my prize” and they (the police )say “well we will give you £5.00 for it”.
    I’ts such a good book i do recommend it.

  17. Chloe Q says:

    I think I like the book the wild family because it is an adventure for the childen. The three girls called Jade, Carmen and Krystal lost their two brothers. But when their sisters found them they were behind the ice crem stall. The person who will like the wild family is Imgon C.

  18. Jasmine P says:

    The BFG by Roald Dahl
    The BFG is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages.My favourite part of the book was when the BFG said “the Queen told me to right about my adventure ansd so I did and you’ve just finished it”
    Sophie is an eight ear old orphan who is lonley and sad.One night she is captured by a giant but not an ordinary giant,a big friendly giant.She goes on loads of adventures with her new best friend and then she realised her had been changed by a giant.
    I love this book and will defenetly reccomend it to people who enjoy a funny,happy and amazing book

  19. James R says:

    My book that I’ve chosen is Bear Grylles born survivor this is because it has gory things in it.There is this boy called Beck Granger who makes his way over the desert with his friend. They had great adventures on a bus looking at volcanoes.

    I also picked this book because there is a tv show called Bear Grylles and he eats gory bugs and lives just on the terraine.

    I hope you enjoy this book just like I did.


  20. James T says:

    I love books!

  21. Andrew F says:

    I like reading Middle school the worts years of my life. Its so cool there is this really hairy police man and he speeds in his car, hes not much of a policeman, as he stands around eating dougnuts espesally strawberry ones with sprikals.In that schools playground it is hectic, there is this boy who wears a fury hat and coat.There is a girl who will never stop talking its always about silly earings. My favourite part is when a boy is siting down with his lunch and he squished his sandwhich and watery gray stuff comes out yuk.

    I really enjoyed this book, you should read it!

  22. Jack S says:

    I love books!
    I really like this book (Beast Quest) .Because their is a boy called Tom and a snake with to heads.He has nine of his collection from the beasts.BUT!!! he has to free the beasts from the dark side.

  23. William P says:

    The Magic Finger
    It is by Roald Dahl.
    “The Magic Fingeris something I’ve been able to do all myl life.
    I can’t tell you just how I do it,because I don’t even know myself.
    Butit always happens when I get cross…and suddenly a sort
    of flash comes out of me ,a quick flash,like something electric.
    Itjunps out and touches the person who has made me cross…”

  24. Rosie C says:


    One day Mother came to the three children,as they worked out in the garden, and spoke to them”Jo!Bessie!Fanny! Listen to me for just a minute.I’ve just had a letter from an old freind of mine,and i’m wondering what to do about it.I’ll read it to you.”
    Mother read the letter:
    “Dear Old Freind,
    Please will you do something for me?I have not been well for some time,and the doctor says I must go away for a long holiday.But,as you know, I have a little girl,Connie,and I cannot leave her by herself.So would you please let her stay with you until I come back?I will of course pay you well.Your three children are good and well behaved,I feel that there freindship will be very nice for my little Connie,who is,I am afraid rather spoilt;Do let me know soon.
    “Your old freind,Lizzie Hanes”
    The three children listened in silence.Then Bessie spoke.
    “Oh Mother!We’ve seen Connie once, and she was awfully stuck up and spoilt and awfully curious to, sticking her nose into everything!Have we got to have her?”
    “No of course not,”said Mother.”But I can do with some extra money, you know and I do think Connie might soon settle in and stop being spoilt if she lived with us.It would be good for her.”
    “And I suppose we ought to help people if we can,”said Jo . “All right, Mother we’ll have Connie, shall we, and just teach her not to be spoilt!”
    “We shall be able to show her the Faraway Tree and the Enchanted wood!”said Fanny

  25. Ella D says:

    My book is
    Aldophs Tips by Michael Morpurgo.
    Its about a little girl called Lily who had a cat called Aldophs Tips who goes missing.
    Lilys dad wanted lily to go to the shops but lily was in bed so he went and got run over by a lorry.
    Lily lived on a farm. But then something happened the navy was happening in her street. They said they have to go and live somewhere els whilst the navy was going on. So they thought they were going to live at there uncles. there was this boy called addie who was helping lily find her cat. Finally addie found the cat and saddley addie died a few years later. and lily went to his furnerl. And from that day on lily would not forget her dad and addie neaver. And thats the story of Aldophs Tips.

  26. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    Little red Train To The Rescue (By Benedict blathwayt)

    I discovered the book when my neighbour Freddie thought that i might like to read it. Basicly what happens is that Duffy the driver of the train and started the train to collect hay and 3 more trucks.As they turned the first bend there were loads of animals in the track. The whole bend thing goes on and on.I would recomend the book for childern aged six to eight.i am ten and i realy enjoyed the book so if any of you have younger brothers or sister i would recomed the book.

    😉 🙂

  27. Georgina C says:

    My book is Billionaire Boy by David Walliams illustrated by Tony Ross

    “Now, what do you fancy today? Roast bat with all the trimmings?Soap souffl’e?
    Cheese and polystyrene pizza?”

    This book is about a boy called Joe. He is a billonaire because his dad invented bum fresh loo roll. Joe was a bit large and the people at his old school did not want to be his friend because he was large. He moved school and pretended to be a normal kid but every one found out he was a billonaire because he forgot his homework and his dad rushed out of his helicopter and ran into his class and gave it to him. In the end joe’s dad marries bob’s (joe best friend) mum.

    I liked this book because it is really funny like all his other book’s. It made me laugh lots.

  28. Eliza J says:

    My book is Mudpuddle farm by Michael Morpurgo,

    I think its really funny.My favourite chapter is Pigs Might Fly.In that chapter Pintsize ( the little pig ) trys to fly! My best part of the book is when Upside and Down ( the geese ) teach him how to fly and he lands in a big mud-puddle.
    In one of the chapters the animals think the combine harvester is a monster!

    It made me giggle.

  29. Bethany T says:

    I liked topic when we learnt about volcanose it was very good.

  30. Ruby W says:

    My book is Horrid Henry’s car journey

    Vroom, vroom, Dad started the car. The door is locked. Horrid Henry was trapped. But wait. Was there a glimmer of hope? Was there a teeny tiny chance? What was it Mum always said when he and Peter were squabbling in the car? If you don’t stop squabbling in the car, I’m going to turn around and go home.This story is about Horrid Henry has to go to prissy Polly and pimply Paul’s house to see their baby
    vomiting Vera for her christing.

    But when they get there it isn’t her christning so all the time Henry and Peter were fighting was all just for nothing.Then peter threw up on Mum and Henry threw up on dad!

    I like this book because Francesca Simonin one of my favourite authors and her book’s make me laugh!

  31. Louis R says:

    I love Mr Stink! It’s cool because there is a homeless person called Mr Stink and he meets a little girl. But a few days later he comes on TV and he becomes famous and every day he goes to the little girls house.But when he goes into a little shed in the garden people come into the garden and annoy him.
    That is as far as I got.

  32. Daisy says:

    The Cat who wanted to go home by Jill Tomlinson

    This is my favourite book its called ‘The cat who wanted to go home’. Its all about a cat who had 5 owners. She live’s in France but one day she got in a basket, fell asleep and then she got woken up by a strange man. He said “I didn’t invite you but you will just have to come to England with me” she didn’t now were that was but she couldn’t go home. She then had lots of adventures trying to get home.

    As they pedalled along the sea front to the shops, a lady and her husband regonised Suzy. ‘Why surely thats the little cat who was water-skiing yesterday’ they said. ‘So she belongs to you does she, auntie Jo?’
    ‘Shes a stray,’ Auntie Jo said. ‘I’m jus feeding her.’

    I love this book because I love cats and mystery.

  33. Rowan B says:

    My book is Dirty Bertie Fleas illustrated by David Roberts and written by Alan Macdonald

    Bertie waited till Mum and Suzy had gone out of the room.He crept out of the back door,armed with his flea collecting kit. Whiffer (the dog) wagged his tail, pleased to see him. Bertie crouched beside him with a toothbrush and matchbox. With a little coaxing he managed to get a few of of the fleas on the end of the toothbrush. He shook them into the matchbox and slid the lid shut quickly.

    I enjoyed this book because it was truly disgusting and funny.

  34. Joseph W says:

    My book is ‘Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson’

    “Time to trim the hedges. Oh, I hate chores”
    “Hmm…. Whats that?” (Rustle, Rustle)
    (Swipe) “Hey! Those are mine!”
    “Where are you? Give me back my hedge clippers!”

    Homer gets angrier and angrier as he tustles with a racoon to get his hedge trimmers back but it results in disaster!

    I chose to review this book as it is one of my favourites and is in cartoon style which is fun to read. I would also recommend it as it has lots of short stories so you can dip in and out!

    I would rate this book as 10/10!

  35. Daniel W says:

    I like club penguin books about puffles and the games.

  36. Alex W says:

    Anthony Horowitz
    Storm Breaker

    This book is the start of a whole new series witch comes as a film.There is a boy called Alex and he lives in a flat, unfortunately his dad dies and he told a bunch of people before he died to pick up Alex and send him on several missions to get rid of all crime and that’s when his sons birthday is turned around.

    I highly recommend this movie and book series because once I started I could not stop.

  37. Sebastian W says:

    The Twits by Roald Dahl
    The Twits is a great book and its by one of my favourite authors,the Twits are a very grumpy lot and they don’t like each other there mean and horrible and do pranks to each other.I recommend this book because its good quality and there is hardly any mistakes and Im going to take a sentence out of the last part(You may be stuck there for ever Mr Twit shouted.) Thank you for reading 😉

  38. Holly T says:

    One of my favourite books is Kensuke’s Kingdom, which is writen by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Michael Foreman.

  39. Sam P says:

    My book is called Billionaire boy by David Walliams

    “Hi, Raj!” said Bob.”This is Joe.”
    “Hello Joe” exclaimed Raj. “Two fat boys in my shop at one time! The Lord must be smiling on me today! Why have you got so little on?”
    “We came straight from cross country running Raj” explained Bob.
    “Fantastic! How did you do?”
    “First and second….” replied Bob.
    “That’s wonderful!” exclaimed Raj.
    “ last” finished Bob.

    I enjoyed this book because it’s very funny and entertaining.

  40. Luke G says:

    My book is called Mr Gum and the secret hideout, illustrated by David Tazzyman and writen by Andy Stanton

    Mr Gum is making a secret hideout to sink the town in Lamonic Bibber. Polly and Friday O’Leary are trying to find out whats happaning in town. A giant catus is growing very tall, clouds are falling out of the sky, nasty Mosquitoes flying around, something is very srange in deed. When will Surprising Ben scare you! Surprising Ben pops up here, he pops up there, he pops up every where!

    I liked this book because it was very funny because clouds falling out of the sky, and it is full of crazy adventure.

  41. Mason S says:

    Big Nate on a roll
    by Lincoln Pirce
    Nate’s scout troop are raising money for a camping trip and whoever bags the most cash wins a cool customised scateboard .But he is up ageinst Arthur,aka Mr perfect.
    I like this book cause it has comics in it which are good.It made me laugh.

  42. Thomas M says:

    My book is ‘Lost! The Hundred Mile An-Hour Dog’ by Jeremy Strong

    Streaker is a dog that jumps into the back of a pie van and gets driven away from home. When she decovers that she can’t find her way home she decides to sleep in a box but is kept awake by an owl!

    Streaker makes friends with a ginger cat and they go surfing down a river to the local town where they meet a baboon called ‘Hoolie’. As they are all hungry they decide to go to the local supermarket where Hoolie decides to snap off the aerials from the parked cars. Hoolie then snatches a man’s lunch which they all enjoy!

    They discover in the local newsapaper that there is a missing cheetah in the town. Whilst sleeping that night they heard a noise and thought it was the missing beast. The following day they see the cheetah and climb a tree in the hope to escape, but Streaker nearly falls out of the tree into the cheetah’s path.

    Hoolie and the cat help Streaker find her way back home by getting a lift in the back of a van but when Streaker jumps out of the van the cheetah is waiting for her! Luckily a policeman with a dart gun arrives just in time to put the cheetah to sleep in order to take it back to the zoo where it came from.

    Streaker is finally re-united with her family and her new friend the cat also decides to stay.

    I like this book because the story is told by Steaker and I found myself laughing out loud several times.

    Tom M – Team Oak

  43. Kate P says:

    Selena the Sleepover Fairy
    by Daisy Meadows
    Kirsty and Rachel have this secret that they are friends with the Fairy’s.

    I like this book because it has pages up to 169 and it gives me a challenge

  44. Alice N says:

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

    I liked this book because at the beginning, Harry Potter thinks he is a normal human being until his eleventh birthday when he finds out that he is a wizard and recieves a letter to go to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry.

    When Harry was born, a powerful and evil wizard called Lord Voldemort (everyone called him ‘He who must not be named’ or’ You know who’) went to every house he could find and asked them whether they wanted to be on his side or not. If they said no he would kill them. When he came round to Harry’s house, he killed his parents but Voldemort could not kill Harry. Instead, Harry recieved a scar on his forehead that looked like a bolt of lightning. As his parents were dead, Harry had to live with the Dursleys (his aunt, uncle and cousin). They were: horrible,selfish and all the bad things you could think of to Harry and even locked him in the cuboard under the stairs…

    I found the book very interesting because lots of magical things happen wherever Harry goes. When he gets to Hogwarts on September the 1st (on a train called Hogwarts’ express waiting for him at platform nine and three quarters) he makes new friends,his lessons are magical and include wands and every picture in the castle moves. I like this book because it is very different from others I have read. I think it was clever of J. K. Rowling to do a book for every year of Harry’s time at Hogwarts and it makes you want to read the next one.

    At the moment I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I am really enjoying. It is the fourth book in the series.

  45. Jack G says:

    Kensuke`s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

    “I teach you painting, Mica.” (This was the first time he had ever called me by my name.) “You teach me speak English. I want speak English. You teach me.”

    Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own with his dog, Stella Artois. With no food and no water, he curls up to die. When he wakes there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water. He is not alone. . .

    It is so great because you just want to keep on reading and is a good adventure story. I rate 10 out of 10.

  46. James A says:

    My book is Billionaire Boy by David Walliams.

    ‘When Mr Spud finally launched ‘Freshbum’ it was an instant phenomenon. Mr Spud sold a billion rolls around the world every day.And every time a roll was sold, he made 10p.It all added up to an awful lot of money, as this simple Mathis equation shows.

    10p x 1,000,000,000 rolls x 365 days a year = a lot of wonga.’

    I like this book because it is absolutely hilarious and it was so entertaining I couldn’t put the book down.
    Billionaire Boy is about a 12 year old boy named Joe who has everything he could ever want. But there is one thing he really wants and that is a friend.

  47. Emily N says:

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ is probably my favourite book of the series. J.K Rowling is very clever, using spells and magic to truly addict the reader.

    At Hogwarts, Harry is having a wonderful time. Little did he know that a fake Professor Moody was working for You Know Who … Because of this, Harry is forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, finding in the middle of the maze that the Prize Cup is a portkey. He is wizzed of to a grave yard were he experiences the re-birth of You Know Who. Can he survive the danger of a face-to-face duel with the one and only Lord Voldemort? And can he struggle through the three stressful events of the Triwizard Tournament?

    Now I am reading the sixth book of the series (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and I highly recomend the whole collection to those have great imagination and sense of humour. The story fits together really well and is easy to understand.

  48. Ethan says:

    My favourite book is James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl .
    It’s about a boy called James and Aunt Spiker,Aunt Sponge,Old Green Grasshopper,Centipede,miss Spider,Silk worm,Glow worm,Earth worm and Ladybird.
    My favourite part of the book was when the Giant Peach came rolling down the hill and James and Old Green Grass-hopper started to screem loudly.It made me very happy!

  49. Adam.Cantegreil says:

    My book is : Mr Gum

    “Mr Gum was too fast this time and shot out of bed like a guilty onion. PFFF! went the frying pan as it hit the bedcovers, sending up a little cloud of dust and ants.”

    This is the best book I have ever read, because it has very funny characters that make you believe they are really there. A good character is the dog “Big Jake”. I really think you should all try reading this book, because you will laugh your heads off, and so will eveyone else that you read with.

  50. Harry B says:

    This is called moshi monsters guide book it is all about moshlings whilst it tells you how to get them online. You can play the game aswell on the computer and get cards and figures.Some of them do not have legs and some do have legs. Moshlings can be food and some are from around the world. Some can be similar to stuff around the whole world which means they cant change. Some people enjoy moshlings and moshi monsters and are there favourite thing.

  51. Holly T says:

    A book review by Holly taylor.
    Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo illustrated by Michael Formen.
    Michael is a ordinary boy whose family decided to live on a boat and travel round the world(with a dog). A couple of days into their journey it was Michael’s turn to steer the ship overnight, but he forgot to put his lifejacket on, a few seconds later he was plunged into the waves. He was in the cold of the sea. The story carries on and Michael finds himself on a deserted island. Michael struggles to survive on his own, curious about the mysterious plate of fish, fruit and a bowl of fresh water beside him. Where did they come from? Finally he meets his mystery companion, his name was Kensuke. He wore a pair of tattered breeches which were bunched up at the waist. Michael and Kensuke make a great team together painting, fishing, singing and doing loads of stuff together. However, will the family boat ever come back to rescue him? What will happen to Michael and his friend Kensuke?
    I would definately recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories. Personally, I loved this book it was an amazing story about friendship, hope and courage!
    Other books by Michael Morpurgo are: Born to run, Dear Ollie, Kasper and Running Wild.

  52. James T says:

    The Adventures of Captain Underpants
    By Dav Pilkey

    This book is action packed,fun filled,and full of adventure.
    Captain underpants is a principal at Jerome Horowitz elementary school he is also a crime fighting super hero .It made me laugh,all the way through the book!My favorite character was Harold Hutchins because of his crazy hairstyle .This book was a great read,10 out of 10,
    I would recommend this book to anyone my age.

  53. Tavi H says:

    My book is=Matilda

    Matilda is a good book written by Roald Dahl. He is my best author i have ever known that writes children books!Matilda is a good book because the charecter is very clever and because she is a very knowledgable charecter.”Ok then son.Said Matilda’s father olitley. Work out this sum for me please,hmm 2000+200=…Matilda answers correctly and then the dad says”You little cheat!”How though daddy?”Because said her father You looked at my peice of paper!”No i did not because i am the otherside of the room to you daddy so how possibaly could i have cheated?”Because you have such a good eye site so dont start arguing with me young lady!

  54. Lauren P says:

    Smudge the Stolen Kitten by Holly Webb.

    Perhaps by the time he got upstairs,Olivia would be back in her bedroom?He trotted through to the hallway and started to struggle up the stairs.He was big enough to climb them,but it was an effort,and he had to scrabble and heave himself up each step.He sat down for a little while at the top of the stairs,his sides heaving,and then he crept along the landing and nosed his way round Olivia’s
    door.She wasn’t there.The room was empty.

    I like this book because it has lot’s of facinating words and the picture of the kitten is so cute!

  55. Emily H says:

    A dog on a broomstick-Jan Page illustrated by Nick Price.
    A dog was in a gloomy house and she decidid to go out for a walk in the garden. On the way she saw a whitch fly in the sky but is landed on her garden Holly thought for a moment why did she land there? So Holly went to have a closer look it was quite intresting. Laer that day, Holly whisered “can I have a go on your broomstick?”
    “Of course!” replide the whitch so of they flew!

  56. George W says:

    The twits by roadl dahl

    The twits is about 2 peaple could mr and mrs twit every tuesday mr twit puts the stikeyest glue on there dead tree for there bird pie
    on wedensday . They have pet monkeys from america and there friend poly thates a bird when the monkeys escaped from there
    cage they get mr twits stikey glue and stikes all of there furniture on the roof so that they could stand on there head and shrink.

  57. Lily D says:

    My book is Storm the Lightning Fairy by Daisy Medows.There were three girls called: Rachel,kirsty & Storm.They had to get the magic lightning feather off the naughty goblin so that doodles the weather-vane could have his magic feathers back.He needs all seven feathers to keep the weather correct.”Then steal Doodles magicfeathers,used by fairies to make all weathers.Climate chaos i have planned on Earth,and here in Fairyland!”I think that lots of people will love this book because you can get a set of them.There are a set of seven for all the different weathers.

  58. Lucie G says:

    Natalie the christmas stocking fairy

    Natalie the christmas stocking fairy is about this fairy that lost some things.Thay are magical Mince Pie,Enchanted Stocking and the Enchanted Candy Cane!And she has has two friends called Kirsty and Rachel which helps Natalie out to find her things.But these goblins are trying to take all these things.Luckily Rachel and Kirstey are helping Natalie find them.What should thay do to help saving them.The nasty goblins failed getting away.Although the goblins took Rachel’s and Kirsty’s stocking that had a nice time but thay got a brand new one!

  59. Dillan H says:

    My book is ‘Making it in football by Matt Parselle,
    This book is written by a football journalist.
    It goes into detail in a fun way about football around the world.
    It quizes you about your attutude as a player,positioning, the right moves,the youth of today and professional football.
    I found it really interesting as I love football.

  60. Adam T says:

    My book is Topgear official annual 2012.

    “When britain was great
    In 1913, there were 140 car makers in britain. What went wrong?”

    Its a great book. I would recommend it to anyone because its funny and has lots of facts.
    I think its a brilliant book. I have read it about ten times!

    Bye, for now.

  61. Lily R says:

    Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

    Michael’s life changed when his mum and dad decided to sell their house , buy a boat and sail around the world. One stormy night Michael and his dog Stella fell overboard and were washed up on an island. They soon realised they were not alone. He was with a man called Kensuke…

    .’ he was diminutive, no taller than me, and as old a man as I had ever seen. He wore nothing but a pair of tattered breeches bunched at the waist and there was a large knife in his belt. He was thin too. In places – under his arms, round his neck and his midriff – his copper brown skin lay in folds about him, almost as if he’d shrunk inside it.’

    After a shaky start Kensuke and Michael become friends and this book tells you all about their adventures together and how they survive on the island.

    I loved this book because it was really interesting and it told you all the things you could do on an island.

  62. Joshua P says:

    Josh PB
    The great pet-shop panic
    Author Katie Davies
    Illustrated by Hannah Shaw
    This book is a very funny one and I recommend you taking time to read it ,I have read this but we also read it as a family first and we were all laughing and mum who was reading had trouble reading it through laughing !
    It is about a brother and sister and a friend who lives next door ,they want to get a pet from the pet shop but they can’t get a parent to help with money then they put all their money together but still don’t have enough. They start to go to the pet shop looking around but then the pet shop owner gets fed up with them coming in because they don’t buy anything .they then decide as can’t persuade mum to buy one that they plan a heist ! Now we all know that you can not steal but it is funny how the story ends .enjoy the read .

  63. Daisy H says:

    Book review of Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney.

    This book is so funny and is really popular with many children! It is the diary of Greg Heffley, although Greg wants readers to know ” this is a journal not a dairy”. It starts with his first day at middle school and follows with stories of his daily school life. The book contains funny drawings which added to my enjoyment of reading this book. I would reccommend this book to all children.

  64. Daniel B says:

    My book is called King smurf.
    Author Y.Delporte and Peyo

    It is all about papa smurf going away to get the euphorbium for his spell.They vote for smurf because he makes promises that he doesn`t keep.
    It is really funny,it is like a comic but it is actualy a book.

  65. Emillia P says:

    The Buttefly Lion
    By Michal Morpurgo
    Illiussrated by Christian Birmingham

    This book is a very sad one but I recommend you take the time to read it. The Butterfly Lion is a book that is about a lion, two boys and a old women. One day a boy escaped from school and he found himself on privite property and an old women standing next to him. The women asked what he was doing and why he was out of school glimcing at his school badge on his teeshirt. He was speechless and the women began telling him a story about a boy she knew when she was young and that he escaped from school and about a lion. Well one day a young mother had a birth of a child and they lived in Africa. They decided to put up a fence around the house so the cheeters and lions coudn’t get in. But one night when the boy was older he crepted out side and dreamt when he would be able to go out the fence when there was a young white lion creeping towards him.The lion obviously didnt know how to fight because you could see his ribs clean.The lions mum must have been killed along with his father so he decided to take the lion in and feed it so it wouldnt starve to death. When it was morning the mum and dad woke with a shock with the white lion on their bed licking its paws.The dad reached for his riffle “what are you doing” Burty shouted reaching for the lion “what are you doing? what are you doing ? its a lion! “Burtys dad said “hes harmless, I’m looking after him” Berty replied “will see about that “Birtys dad put his foot down. Days later they decided to keep the lion but what about when he goes to school? “i’ll set him free”burty smiled “no he wont servive he hasnt learnt to to kill” Burtys mum added Burty knew he had to sell him when it comes to school so they sell him to a french circus owner and he got sent to school and escaped and thats when we meet and we became best friends. Its a really good story so if you want to read more i suggest you get the book.

    By Emillia P

  66. Thomas P says:

    by Thomas P
    Toro! Toro! by Michael Morpurgo

    The book Toro! Toro! Is a good and a sad book first there is a boy called Antonito, his Grandfather was telling him a story
    About when he was young. One day when he was young a mother cow was going to have a baby bull. His dad and Antonito was trying to pull the baby calf out of the mother’s tummy. And when there got the baby calf out they gave it some milk out of a bottle. Next in the middle when the bull got old and grew horns he went into a field with other bulls. One night he let them go so they are free said to Paco” you are my best friend” and they where walking there some war planes dropping bombs on Sauceda, which is in Spain. My favourte bit is when the mother cow gives birth to Paco. And my second best part is when he lets the bulls go free. And I like it because it is a war book. It was the Spanish civil war. I rally liked it because I liked the bull. And I learnt it was a civil war and bull fighting is dangerous. I think this book is 10\10.

  67. Zara G says:

    “Staying here really does make me feel like a princess” Kirsty said, gazing out across
    the palace gardens.
    “How about a princess fairy?” Rachel asked.
    The girls shared a secret smile. They were friends with the fairies who lived in
    Fairyland and they often helped them when Jack Frost and his naughty goblins caused
    trouble. At the moment, the fairies needed their help more than ever before. When
    the girls had arrived at Golden Palace, they had been invited to a special ball in
    Fairyland in honour of the Princess Fairies. But Jack Frost had gatecrashed the party
    and stolen the princess’ tiaras!

    Anya the Cuddly Creature fairy makes sure that the special friendship between
    animals and humans is looked after! However, her tiara has been stolen by Jack
    Frost and his goblins. Then things start to go horribly wrong.
    Kirsty and Rachel are two girls, who are friends with the fairies, and they often help
    the fairies find their tiaras when Jack Frost and his goblins do naughty things.

    I liked this book because I adore animals and love fairies. The goblins were very
    naughty because they tried to push the llamas out of the way but the llamas pushed
    them back. The book is really good because there are lots of other books about fairies
    to read.

  68. Alice C says:

    WOW! What fantastic book reviews! I am sure I will have a hunt down for some of these books in my local library! Thanks for all the great suggestions for everyone!

  69. Alice N says:

    These books sound fantastic!
    I wish I could read one or two…

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