Isabelle’s Cats

These are my cats Lola and Smudge. The one with the big black splodge on her nose, she’s called Lola also the other one is called Smudge. They are both brother and sister and they always like to play fight. We got the pussy cats two years ago in April. Their favourite food is tuna, also cod. When my mum is cooking tuna or fish they pounce on the sides due to the fact they can smell the fish or tuna! Smudge practically lives on my brother’s bed and he always sleeps there because of the sun. Lola loves to be with me on the couch because she likes to be stroked, and also we have a blanket she sucks on, once she has sucked it; its all wet! They are very clever because if the door is shut they meow so they can get in the room. My cats have some toys and if you were to wave them in the air they would go absolutley mental because they think it is a mouse! Previously my cat Lola has brought in birds and once she brought in an alive bird who was hiding behind the television in the morning with feathers all over the lounge. We rescued the bird and put it outside, but whether it survived or not I’ll never know. In May they try and bring in live may bugs which are horrible and then the following month Lola tried to bring a stag beetle in, they have no fear (unlike me) of creepy crawlies.

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24 Responses to Isabelle’s Cats

  1. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow your cats are beautiful how old are they ?

  2. Emma R says:

    How old are your cats and did you rescue them from somewhere???

  3. Jasmine L says:

    Wow Izzy they are so cute! Do they do anything naughty sometimes?

  4. Annabelle W says:

    Awww! Sweet!

  5. Alice C says:

    I love your cats! They are very cute! If there was anything your cats disliked what is it? I wonder if it is vegetable? :-I

  6. Ellen W says:

    They’re so cute Izzy!

  7. Annabelle W says:

    When did you get them?

  8. Isabelle H says:

    My cats are always naughty.

  9. Rosie H says:

    I love your cats!

  10. Olivia G says:

    What made you choose lola for your cute cat?

  11. Aimon G says:

    I like cats, in fact I’ve got four and a half at home – Hamey, Jessy, Od-bo and Patrick the soft one!

  12. Kerry O says:

    WOW what lovey cats , how old are they ?

  13. Emily H says:

    They are so cute. Do they like food like Miss Cazneaux?

  14. Ben W says:

    Your cats are so sweet. But I don’t like them when they are angry.

  15. Isabelle H says:

    My cats are 2 in march and they are not rescued i got them for free from my Auntys friend

  16. Jessica B says:

    Wow. Your cats are amazingly cute!!!:-)

  17. Emily A says:

    Your cats are so so adorable!!!! How old were lola and Smudge when you first got them?

  18. Isabelle H says:

    My cats never are angry and if they are you can’t tell the diffrance.

  19. Megan S says:

    They are so sweet

  20. Rowan B says:

    I like Lola and Smudge:)

  21. Megan S says:

    Have you got any other pets?

  22. Dillan H says:

    There really cute but when you rub Smudge he usually bites. Smudge always likes to be tickled and he loves hugs!

  23. Dillan H says:

    Yes we have got one guinea pig thats mine named Gizmo; and we had another called Zebedee but sadly he died at the age of 3. Now we’v been giving Gizmo lots and lost of hugs, but the only bad thing is that we have got two cats so we always cuddle them out side so they don’t get attcked by the cats:-):-)

  24. Philippa.Hunt says:

    Isabelle ‘s cats are good do you have any more pets in your house Isabelle ‘s I got pets in my house I have a rabbiet and a cat!

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