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Active Planet

Welcome to the Hordle Blog,

Can you blog to say what has been your favourite part of the Active Planet topic?

Have you enjoyed keeping ‘pet’ rocks in Science? Writing excellent non-chronological reports on volcanoes? Finding out how the Earth was made and that we are all floating on magma?  Or maybe you have enjoyed creating your very own volcano dance?

Remember our motto – “Typing IS Writing”!

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117 Responses to Lower Juniors – Active Planet

  1. Mr Phillips says:

    I have really enjoyed learning all about volcanoes: how they erupt, where they are found and what happened to the city of Pompeii. I have particularly enjoyed all the science that we have been using in our writing lessons, learning about the different types of lava and how this determine the power of the eruption.

    Hazel have been working in groups to produce really brilliant volcano dances, which they would like to perform at our exit point!

    Mr Phillips.

  2. Olivia A says:

    WOW!!This sounds like great fun have you all is enjoyed this topic?I definately LOVE my topic!

  3. James R says:

    During the Active Planet topic I have really enjoyed Science and learning how volcanoes errupt. Also, I enjoyed creating a peice of art for my three week homework project.I am looking forward to my next Topic!!!

  4. Tavi H says:

    I have really enjoyed working on our Active Planet with all my friends!

  5. James T says:

    This topic has been really fun but my favourite part would probably be when we made our pet rocks.

  6. James R says:

    I have enjoyed this topic and getting to know about this fantastic natrule distasters
    .I loved doing science and learning how volcanoes erupt. I also enjoyed doing our non-chronlogical reports and cant wait to write in our best.

  7. Nathan G says:

    That volcano picture is so awsome. I realy like it.
    Nathan G

  8. Sebastian W says:

    Our active planet homework was brilliant and my homework was on a usb and it was a fact file.Also I had a little help but it was still great and we had 3 weeks to do it.I just did it in time and im going to show it to day and it was about volcano’s.

  9. Imogen C says:

    I have enjoyed our Active Planet topic, especially learning all about volcanoes and tsunamis.It was so interesting!

  10. Tavi H says:

    I have really enjoyed are Active Planet especially experimenting which molton rock that bubbled the most?

  11. Rosie G says:

    Can you imagine an volcano that explodes icecream?

  12. Jasmine P says:

    I have enjoyed learning about Mount Vesuvius and how a volcanoe errupts.In indoor pe we did a volcanoe dance it was so fun!

  13. Chloe Q says:

    That volcano is so the best picture.I think lava coming out is cool.
    Chloe Q

  14. Rosie C says:

    In this topic I have most enjoyed making my trustworthy rock pet(Bumpy Stumpy).

  15. Callum W says:

    Wow, what a topic it has been so interesting so far!

  16. Tavi H says:

    I have mostly enjoyed making my world out off paper mashe and paint it with my brother and my mum! It was great fun!

  17. Benjamin W says:

    What did you do for your homework? I would love to know.

  18. Erin G says:

    My favroite part about this cool topic is getting a pet rock to look after and making a volcano model!

  19. Ella D says:

    I have really enjoyed learning about Mount Vesuvius and how it destroyed Pompeii and the massive ash cloud. I have enjoyed learning about the tectonic plates and how they slide and form a volcano.

  20. Adam.Cantegreil says:

    I enjoyed when we had our entry point because I didn’t know what it was like in a evacuation camp.

  21. Thomas M says:

    My favroite part of this topic is making a big model of a volcano.

  22. Gabriela R says:

    I have really enjoyed learning about volcanoes and how they are formed.It was quite shoking that Pompeii was covered with thick ash and killed 2000 people and 2 people suvied.

  23. Bailey S says:

    I enjoyed learning about active planet and volcanoes. Have you?

  24. Jake B says:

    The only reason I have enjoyed active planet is because I’ve liked to learn about natural disasters and Mount Vesuvius and how it destroyed Pompeii.

  25. James A says:

    What I enjoyed most was the homework we were given.Also I loved finding out about the plates and how they push against the Magma.I do agree with Mr Phillips about Mount Versuvius during pompeii, now that was fasanating.

  26. Adam T says:

    I have enjoyed making a model of a volcano for our homework because I love DT.

    I think its a great topic!

  27. Lucie G says:

    What I realy injoyed about the active planet that we got to do a homwork to do something like
    A dance
    A song
    A modle
    A poem
    and more

  28. Erin G says:

    I have lots of favourite parts about this topic.What is your favourite?

  29. Aidan H says:

    I have enjoyed learning about when Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius which is in Italy.

  30. Tara K says:

    Hi Miss Woodgate I loved this topic .

  31. Jodie M says:

    My favrorite bit of this topic was learning all about our active planet and that we are standing on magma ( molten rock ) and that Mount Versuvious buried two cities. Did you like this topic Lower Juniors?

  32. Ella D says:

    Like most people like doing models for there homework because they like doing papermaschas because then they can have fun.

  33. Emily N says:

    Wow! I never knew volcanoes could be so intresting!

  34. Ella M says:

    I enjoyed our chocolate exit point because I liked collecting peoples cups of tea!

  35. Wayne C says:

    I wonder if people survived.

  36. Jack G says:

    I agree with Jake and the homework was fun.

  37. William P says:

    I am excited about the exit point.

  38. Lily D says:

    I enjoyed doeing what we wanted to do for homework like lots of people did a modle of a volcano.

  39. Emma R says:

    I didn’t do this topic because I am a year 6 but when I did this topic I had great fun researching facts, making dances and art work.

  40. Dillan H says:

    I enjoyed making our pictures over the Half Term.

  41. Mason S says:

    My favourite bit on active planit is when we did our Homework on volcanoes. I made my model of a volcano, I got extremly stickey and some of it was hard like puting the smoke where it kept falling off. It was very frustrating, but I did’t give up. Learning all about volcanos it made me what to learn more about them like when mout Versuvius erupted on 24 of August in 79ad. Lots of people did models of a volcano.There are volcanos under water.They are a pretecter or a destroyer which can do a lot of damage. I was thinking of doing a piece of writing which has lots of facts on it which were very intresting. My favourite facts was there are twenty volcanos erupting right know. It is my favourite topic all through my time at Hordle. I am looking forward to are exitpoint because I don’t know what we are doing.

  42. Mr Croutear says:

    It’s absolutely FANTASTIC to see the Lower Juniors blogging! Welcome Year 3 & 4 and I hope you have as much fun blogging as we have in the Upper Juniors over the last few weeks!

    I love the Active Planet topic (I taught it to Oak class two years ago when I was in the Lower Juniors). I really enjoy learning about history and for me, finding out about the great Mount Vesuvius and the buried city of Pompeii was my favourite part of the topic. I was lucky enough to visit Pompeii a few years ago and even climbed to the summit of Vesuvius! It was smouldering at the top!

  43. James T says:

    This topic is really fun I love learning about volcanoes and I loved making my volcano model . That picture is awesome!.

  44. Archie G says:

    This topic was sooo good. My favourite thing was making pet rocks, my one was called ‘White Webby’.

  45. Tavi H says:

    I have loved every single bit of our Active Planet topic, but i got very tired when i was doing my world for our homework although i kept on trying hard!

  46. Tavi H says:

    WOW Jasmine! How do you do such a great explination of how volcanoes erupt? But can anyone be better?

  47. Tavi H says:

    I have loved our Exit Point but mostly I have loved working with other people and seeing how they think volcanoes erupt!!!!Do you think the same?

  48. Tavi H says:

    Mount Vesuvius is amazing!!! I wish I could see a painting of it in the museum especially as I want to see a painting of it exploding linking in with our Active Planet topic.

  49. Daniel B says:

    What I liked most about this topic is that we all got to make our own model of a natural disaster and I would like to go on a school trip to a museam.

  50. Mason S says:

    I have enjoyed this topic because we have lot of work on it in maths, science and English which I have liked.

  51. Rosie C says:

    Secondly I have enjoyed doing our homework as I am really pleased with the CD I made with my sister also im really proud as my Mum and Dad want to know how to do all the cool bits.

  52. Alice N says:

    I have really enjoyed our Active Planet topic-I especially liked our entry point!

  53. Rosie C says:

    Wow Mason youve written loads I enjoyed our homework too!

  54. Alice N says:

    In the entry point,we protended that there had been a flood in Lymington-it was such fun!

  55. Alice N says:

    For my Active Planet homework, I did a short booklet containing a story about Mount Vesuvius and how it erupted in 79 AD.I also did an information page at the back.I read about Bumpty Stumpty Rosie!My rock pets are:Mathew Marble and Catherine Crystal.Our teacher from Ash,called hers Colin Crystal!

    I love typing on Hordle blog!

  56. Benjamin W says:

    I did a model for my homework and I enjoyed the challenge.

  57. Chloe Q says:

    I think that our volcano topic is better then the chocolate topic. Allso it is more fun.

    Chloe Q

  58. Chloe Q says:

    I hope our next topic is fun as this volcano one. I can’t wait until the volcano exit pont because it is going to be so fun.So I can see all my work and I can see all of my effort in my work because I have work so hard.

  59. Chloe Q says:

    The best thing about volcanoes is my homework because it is so fun and the art is just so fun. I love my art. The maths on volcanoes and the English is fun because I love describing volcanoes.

    Chloe Q

  60. Imogen C says:

    The homework that Team Ash was told to do, for three weeks running was really fun.What we had to do was,to create a quality, piece of work, weather, it was a piece of music, a model, or some sort of creativity.I thought I did it well and succeeded the challenge.I was also very happy with myself, when I brought in one of my rocks and stuck a pair of googly eyes, on my rock.I called my rock, Round Ray! According to the teacher, everyones rocks, are good! Mine,is now on display! I really enjoy blogging!

  61. Ruby W says:

    I really like our topic! I made my own book about a cat and a volcano!

  62. Erin G says:

    I have made a volcano model and my cousin made a tsunami i wondered how she made it but I soon found out.

  63. Erin G says:

    I really like my topic and I can’t wait for my next topic. I wonder what it might be?

  64. Reece P says:

    My favourite bit of our topic is finding out which different sort off volcanic eruptions like lava flow and paralytic flow.

  65. Andrew F says:

    The active planet topic has been really fun, I liked the three week homework I made a avalanche it had a small car stuck in the snow.
    I have realy enjoyed this topic I hope the next,one will be even better.

  66. Andrew F says:

    Why are volcanos so intresting?

  67. James R says:

    I have actually been in a volcano on the island of St Lucia . It was dormant although it was bubbling. It smelt horrible of rotten eggs. We went into the firey beast in a 4×4 jeep. It was very hot. I could see the magma .

  68. Andrew F says:

    Mr Phillips was really good at teaching the active planet topic because he was realy funy and great at organising things.

  69. James T says:

    Hope everyone has had a good time on this topic. I have!

  70. Ella D says:

    I agree with Jasmine Phillips because I didnt know how intsresting volcanoes are, especially Mount Vesuvius. Learning about Mount Vesuvius has been amazing.

  71. Sam P says:

    I love learning about volcanos.

  72. Emily H says:

    I liked every bit of Active Planet it was amazing!

  73. Daisy says:

    I have realy like are topic. I have learnt a lot. Thank you.

  74. Zara G says:

    Our topic is awesome because you get to make a model.

  75. Emily H says:

    I liked Active Planet so much i dont know what to like best. This is my favorote topic i wish to carry on.

  76. Andrew F says:

    The active planet topic has been really fun. I liked everything about the topic.

  77. Georgina C says:

    I enjoyed looking after our pet rocks because it was really funny when we put eyes on them. My rock is called Greedy Gordan.

  78. Bethany T says:

    I like topic it is very fun I like chocolate but not to much. I like mr phillips he is a very funny teacher.

  79. Rowan B says:

    I thought the active planet topic was amazing because Mr Phillips was so organised. He made the evacuation very realistic.

  80. G Chloe says:

    I have enjoyed learning about how volcanoes form and how sticky lava causes more deadly eruptions but runny lava is not as powerful.We also went out one morning and made a eruption in a cup by mixing bicarbonet-soda and vinigar.It was so much fun!

  81. Frank W says:

    I enjoyed putting the eyes on my pet stone. Also I liked learning about volcanoes and all about runny lava , it slips down the side of the volcano and sticky lava is the lava that explodes.

  82. Sam P says:

    I realy enjoyed learning about the eruption of Pompeii beacause it is very intresting.

  83. Joshua P says:

    I had fun leaning about volcanos, I enjoyed everything about this topic. Active planet was amazing.

  84. Luke G says:

    I liked making a pet rock because you got to look at it very close up and we got to put little googely eyes on it.

  85. Eliza J says:

    I like doing the homework and learning about Pompeii!

  86. Kate P says:

    Active planet has been a brilliant sucsess,I have learnt so much and I’m looking forward to our exit point.

  87. Amy B says:

    Active planet is amazing because you learn about different volcanoes and many other things!

  88. Katy W says:

    I enjoyed naming my pet rock and learning about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Also I liked making a model of a volcano for my homework.

  89. Louis R says:

    Wow! This topic has been so much fun.I also loved working in teams.

  90. Louis R says:

    I hope everybody liked the topic because I did . 🙂

  91. Benjamin W says:

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules

    I really enjoyed this book because it has funny comments in it and it told how a teenager thinks. The main characters are Rodrick (who is the older brother) , Greg who is the middle brother and Manny is the baby. The book is written as if it was hand written and has lots of illustrations which are funny from Jeff Kinney. I particularly like the way that once a book is finished you can read on with another as there is a whole series of them to enjoy.

  92. Benjamin W says:

    My book review continues…. Having trouble with computer as it keeps losing my work and posting it before I have finished… Third time lucky.

    A funny quote from the book is that “Well, I ended up getting a bar of soap in my mouth for knowing how to spell a bad word and Rodrick got off scott free”.

    Rodrick is a bullying older brother who does his best to belittle and make Greg’s life a misery. He is trying to organise a party while his parents are away and the only way he can stop Greg from interfering is to lock him away into the basement…….

  93. Lily R says:

    I really enjoyed leaning about volcanoes and that most of them are around the ring of fire in the pacific ocean.

  94. Thomas P says:

    I enjoyed making a volcano with 3 of my family . I told my mum some things about volcanos ,I said “there are 1500 volcanos in the world”.
    Next I told her there is a city called pompeii and there was a mountain called Mount vesuvius which erupted in 79ad.

  95. Mason S says:

    It is fun working on volcanos.

  96. Imogen C says:

    Although I have not seen the Upper Juniors art work for there topic, All the Fun at the Fair, I have heard that it has been fun for the Upper Juniors to do. Whenever the Lower Juniors have a topic, my class [Ash class] always does something incredibly fun, weather it is a experiment, or a piece of writing! Thankyou to all the people who contribited to our topic. I don’t want our Active Planet to end!

  97. James A says:

    I can’t wait for our exit point, showing off the models we did and the pieces of work and most of all the dances.Also some of the facts we learnt blew me away! Like the amount of volcanoes on the ring of fire, but surprisingly Mount Versuvius isn’t circled in the ring of fire because it is in Italy.

  98. James B says:

    Diary of a wimpy kid-jeff kinney
    Mum wont let it go,she says she wants to see more “effection” between dad and us boys !.

    Poor Greg was looking forward to a fun summer,but his mum had other idears.The new arrival to the familly only makes matters worse.A summer spent doing “family things”is not what he had in mind.
    personal opion
    I like this book because it is broken down into bite size pieces,whith lots of funny pictures.I think most kids can relate to this book,but whats great is that it helps you see the funny side of things!!!!!

  99. James A says:

    The best part of Active planet is learning about the natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis (Tidal wave) and Earthquakes.Surprisingly all of these disasters are caused by Earthquakes.I love active planet

  100. James A says:

    I loved doing our models because I put a lot of effort into mine. And it’s quite unusual that I used a balloon for my model and then paper mached it and after that we popped the balloon! After we let it dry we painted the volcano and put some ash and pumice on it. We even did a labled diagram of a Composite volcano.

  101. Matthew C says:

    Wow! it looks like lots of lower juniors loved the active planet topic. I really enjoyed it when I was in year 4!!!

  102. James A says:

    I can’t believe we’re learning about earthquakes already but I guess we have learnt some pretty intresting facts because I didn’t even know they’re was such a thing as the Ring of fire.

  103. James A says:

    Thanks Mathew and the Upper juniors’s All The Fun Of The Fair looks amazing as well.

  104. Alex W says:

    Wow this sounds like great fun I remember when I did it I year4 and there was a book in the discovery centre and it showed you how to make your own. It was quite simple but the next day I came in and Billy King had brought in a painted papper mâché model of a volcano and he used the instructions. I found but his was by far the best one out of mine and his.

  105. James A says:

    My favourite type of disaster is volcanic eruptions because when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD it inspired me to learn more. What is everybody else’s favourite type of Natural disaster?

  106. Louis R says:

    I wander what we are doing next?

  107. Jasmine L says:

    Wow! I remember this it was so fun and their is loads of comments from people i think that the lower juniors may have more than the upper juniors.

  108. Pheobe T says:

    Isabel 🙂 – I really enjoyed making my volcano modle. 🙂

  109. James A says:

    It looks like making their own model and doing their homework for three weeks was quite a popular choice in your favourite thing in our Topic Active Planet.

  110. Chloe Q says:

    I really enjoyed making my volcano painting.

  111. Imogen C says:

    The pantomime, that the teachers and staff did for the children, was so funny!! Mr. Philips dressed up as Herb from a story; all the characters were so funny!

  112. Aidan H says:

    I have enjoyed lerning about pompay when it got destroyed by mount vesuvious.

  113. Harry B says:

    That was my favourite topic in year 3 and year 4.

  114. Chloe Q says:

    I have learned a lot about volcanoes and I think that it was very fun. What do you think?

    By Chloe Q

  115. Alice C says:

    114 COMMENTS?! I bet all of the lower juniors REALLY enjoyed the topic then! Well done to everyone who worked so hard on the very engaging and exciting topic!

  116. Emily A says:

    WOW have fun with your topic that looks like great fun.

  117. Gabriela R says:

    My favorite part is when we made a volcano model

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