Rosie’s Pets

I had 5 pets but unfortunately 2 of them passed away. My first pet is my cat Lily. Now Lilly is no ordinary cat, she has a weird habit of rolling over onto her back and curving her paws over her body!! Secondly, I’ve got 2 pet guinea pigs called Dave and Dougal!! Some people laugh at the name Dave, the only reason we called him Dave was because we couldn’t think of any thing else once my little sister ,Daisy, had suggested it!!! My last 2 pets are my two fish Goldie and Tiger Shark who are sadly no longer alive any more. Goldie was a fantail gold fish and so was Tiger Shark but with completely different patterns.

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20 Responses to Rosie’s Pets

  1. Lucy C says:

    So cute .How old is she ?

  2. Emma R says:

    Your cat is so cute why did you call her lily and what is her fave food???

  3. Isabelle H says:

    Your cat is really cute !!

  4. Bradley says:

    A cool pet Lucy!

  5. Olivia G says:

    How incredibly cute. Your pussy cat is the coolest and cutest ever!

  6. Annabelle W says:

    I’m sorry about your fish… When did you get your first pet?

  7. Jasmine L says:

    Aww how cute is she! How old is Lilly exactly?

  8. Jessica B says:

    Wow , Lily looks really cute ! What a coincidence, my kitten is called Lily too!

  9. Rosie H says:

    thanks lucy! lily is 3 this year

  10. Rosie H says:

    and thanks again to Emma! we called her lilly because if my mum had another baby we would call her lilly and she goes mad for go cat

  11. Rosie H says:

    um bradley, its my pet kitten( rosie)

  12. Rosie H says:

    my first dog was when i was born and i have now got two more fishs charlotte and kevien

  13. Rosie H says:

    wired right! i bet shes so cute just like lily!!!

  14. Emily H says:

    Your cats are so cute. I feel like I want to cuddle it. Is it a tabby cat?

  15. Dayna S says:

    Do you share your pets with your sister???????????????????????

  16. Paige S says:

    Wow, she is so cute.How old is Lilly??? 🙂

  17. Emily A says:

    When you first got Lily how old was she???

  18. Megan S says:

    I love your pets

  19. Megan M says:

    I love your kitten it’s so cute. How old is she?

  20. Rosie H says:

    Ahhh! Lily looks so small in this photo! she has certainly grown aa lot!!!

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