Team Trim Health Week Rap Homework!

We have learnt so much during Health Week and all have a much better understanding of why it is important to make sensible decisions about our lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. From learning about how the human heart works, the dangers of smoking, what vandalism is and the effect it can have and why we must always stay away from illegal drugs, it really has been an action-packed few days in the Upper Juniors!

We were all inspired by the Human Heart rap which we listened to in Science (see below on the blog to watch it again!) and many of us had a go at writing a few lines at the end of our anti-smoking fact sheets in English.

Your homework this week is to write your own Health Week Rap and post it on the blog! You could choose to rap about all of our learning, or you may want to focus on one particular area.

Here’s an example (created by a group of Year 6 pupils)ย to get your creative juices flowing:

Don’t be a fool
Don’t be mad
If you light a ciggie
Your teeth’ll go bad!

Your hair’ll stink
Your skin’ll go grey
Your lungs’ll fill with tar
And your life’ll fade away!

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37 Responses to Team Trim Health Week Rap Homework!

  1. Bradley says:

    They hung in packs
    One goal one purpose
    To see you sad is what makes them glad

    They are the rain and you are a metal fence
    You let them get to you, and you will rust
    But with your shield, your heart,
    They have no effect

    Be brave, be strong,
    They have the flaw not you
    Theyโ€™re jealous
    They get pleasure from your grief,
    And, soon, they will move on

  2. Lucy C says:

    Don’t light a ciggie
    That’s not biggy
    Your lungs will fill with tar
    And then you’ll go to the bar
    Your heart will slow
    So then you will blow
    If you have a ciggie at the bay
    Your life will slowly fade away

  3. B Charlotte says:

    Dont light a fag.
    Your teath will go bad.
    Your teath will go yellow.
    And your lungs will go black .
    Your heart will slow .
    Your life will blow .
    If you have a ciggie every day.
    You will fade away.

    Stop vandalism
    Its the worst thing in the world
    If you do this thing
    The world will turn
    If you do this it wont fade away
    But if you do this everywhere will fade away

    Drugs, drugs the worst thing in the world
    If you do this you will be the badist
    If you have it, if you do it
    Your the madist!

  4. Annabelle W says:

    Love them so far Team Trim!

  5. Emily P says:

    If you light a fag your teeth will turn bad
    your lungs will fill with tar
    and you’ll sound like a rusty old car
    so dont be like the rest
    be the best
    or your life will fade away

  6. Ellen W says:

    you’re health will go down the pan
    if you don’t get an exercise plan
    get off the couch
    don’t slouch

    Get on your bike
    take a hike
    move your body
    netball, rugby,football,swiming
    it’s not all about the winning
    it’s the taking part
    thats good for your heart.

  7. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow, Team Trim!
    Your raps are great!!!!
    Well done!

  8. Miss Trim says:

    Team, these are absolutely superb! I really like the way so many of you have made sure you are giving a clear message and I am delighted to see so many lines with a similar number of syllables and rhyming words.

    Well done Team Trim
    These are truly neat
    Keep on rapping
    Your words sound sweet

    I’m loving the lyrics
    And the hip hop rhyme
    We’ll rap these in class
    And, have a wicked time

    Can’t wait to see some more!

  9. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow they are phenomenal and well done Miss Trim!

  10. Mr Croutear says:

    Great rapping Team Trim! One of the things I love about the Hordle Blog is the way in which we get to share everybody’s super work – usually I don’t get to read what other classes do for their homework. I think the Easi-Speaks will be needed next week to get some of these raps recorded!!

  11. Sydney B says:

    Dont be a fool smokings not cool
    smoking is mad and also bad
    you wont be hethey or welthy
    dont smoke your start to choke so stop

  12. Simon C says:

    Don`t be a fool.
    Be cool .
    Don`t liight a ciggie.
    Its no biggy.

    Healthy eating.
    If you don`t eat your five a day.
    Your mum will say.
    Your not on a healthy diet.
    And for goodness sake eat quiet.

    They ruin everything.
    They smash your windows.
    Don`t be afraid.
    Stand up to them.

  13. Aimon G says:

    Dont light a fag your teeth will go bad,
    your heart will stink,
    your teeth will go bad,
    your friends will leave,
    your girl friend too,
    so the message is simple DONT SMOKE

    Drugs are the worst,
    they can help,
    but illegal ones wont,
    they make you feel ill
    then you’ll have to go to hospitle

    if you’ve had a stroke then I’d listen up
    what you’ve gota do is regular exersise like:swiming, running and yoga
    dyou know smoking is the most likley to cause a stroke so are drugs
    the punch line is dont smoke or consume drugs(illegal drugs at least)

  14. Brooke E says:

    If you smoke,
    You are a big joke ,
    You learn it from school ,
    Trust me smoking is not cool,
    Dont listen to the rest ,
    Its your body and you are the best ,
    Dont let your life fade away!!!,

  15. Isabelle H says:

    Smoking is bad
    Smoking is sad

    It costs lots of money,
    it does not make you look like a honey;

    Its fills your lungs up with tar,
    if you smoke your stupid HA HA HA!

  16. Charlie S says:

    Don’t take a ciggie
    you will look like a piggy

    ya lungs will fill with tar
    and will look like a chocolate bar

    ya teeth will go yellow
    now you can’t bellow

    ya get heart disease
    ya get lung disease

    so don’t smoke
    cos its a joke

  17. Emma R says:

    Well Done Team Trim you showed real risk taker abilities

  18. Elliott D says:

    Dont smoke twenty times a day
    or it will make your skin go grey
    your fingers will go yella
    your teeth will fall out
    and all will say look at that fella
    your breath will stink of smoke
    and your clothes will too
    so dont smoke twenty times a day
    or your life will fade away.

  19. Charles P says:

    Dont be a fool,
    Dont light up,
    Its not cool,
    You stupid mup………

    It costs a lot,
    Its cool you will think,
    Its just stupid,
    And you will stink…stink…pink.

    Your teath will fall out,
    Your breath will smell,
    You wont get a kiss,
    And you will go to hell !!!!

  20. Mr Croutear says:

    Harvey, I have reposted your rap homework here because you accidentally put in under another post and I would not want Miss Trim to miss it!

    Hey everybody take a look at me I have a heart inside of me
    to keep it ticking good and strong I skip and I jump and hurry along
    to keep it healthy I eat five a day
    these are the rules that I obey!
    I need the blood inside my veins
    to help me as I engage my brains!!!
    So if a healthy heart is what your after
    there’s one more thing and that is laughter!

    By Harvey B

  21. M Lauren says:

    Anti Vandalism

    Dont be a crinimal
    Nor be the no1 dumminal
    you’ll end up behing behind iron bars !
    In prison secured !
    Graffiti,smashing windows with rocks ,sitting on your locals walls what else could you do?
    You’ll be the villagers target!
    So dont be crinimal or a dumminal!
    Be normal!
    Like everyone else!

  22. Archie G says:

    If you start a smoke
    Your life will dessolve
    To stay away
    Is is the way to resolve
    Stick with me
    My life is dearly
    If you go to smoking
    you’ll die early!!

  23. Maria S says:

    Dont smoke its not cool,
    you’ll end up in a Hospital,
    If you smoke, you’ll be a joke
    If you don’t you’ll be the number 1 folk.
    So listen to the doctors, don’t smoke its bad
    otherwise you’ll end up sad
    Doctors rule, they know what to do.
    if you don’t want to drown in a fag swimming pool
    Your mates ain’t cool
    if they smoke at school
    So one more time i say to you
    Do not smoke it’s so not cool
    you’ll end up in a hospital
    Make it simple

  24. Olivia G says:

    Cool stuff guys. Good work!

  25. Katy M says:

    Anti-Smoking Rap!

    Now if I smoke
    As you should know
    I throw my life right out the window

    I won’t be able to run or climb
    Cuz Ill be coughing all the time

    Friends say it makes you look cool
    It makes you look rad
    But they don’t tell you why it’s bad

    It will rot out your teeth
    And ruin your lungs
    And it can lead to other drugs

    Not to mention gives you nasty breath
    And the smoke smells worse than my pet skunk, Seth

    These and more are reasons not to light up
    So be smart and say ENOUGH!!!!:)

  26. Samuel W says:

    My heart keeps me moving,
    moving and grooving,
    pumps the blood to all the parts,
    thats the function of my heart.

    Doing lots of exercise keeps me fit,
    eating healthy does it’s bit,
    staying away from drugs is the best way,
    all of this makes sure my heart doesn’t pay.

    now pay close attention to what i have said,
    dont be stupid you will end up dead,
    dont you think your heart deserves some respect?
    for keeping you alive? yeah show it respect.

  27. Sally M says:

    Awesome rapping Team Trim!!!

  28. Ben P says:

    Always say no to nicotine
    it’s not cool and it’s not clever.

    Only the mad will have a fag
    If you wanna smoke you won’t be a good bloke.

    Your lungs will go black
    you’ll have nasty breath and you will have an early death!

  29. Elliott S says:

    Drugs are bad and you know its true
    but people don’t stop!!!
    so people get addicted and they CAN’T stop!!!
    Don’t you think your body needs more respect?

    Drugs can control you and turn you bad
    it will make you steal and send you mad
    aren’t you a bit too young to die?
    Don’t you think your body needs more respect?

    Say NO! every time no matter what
    if your friends offer you some you’ll end up dead
    go and live your life and have fun instead
    don’t you think your body needs more respect?

  30. Elliott S says:

    Well done team Trim.

  31. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    Don,’t smoke it’s not cool you’ll end up in hsopital
    your heart keeps you moving
    movign and grooving
    your hair will fall out
    your teeth will fall out
    your lungs will turn black
    don’t light a ciggie
    it’s not a biggie.

  32. Alice C says:

    I love all of team Trim’s raps! Well done! Might I just add, I think all of your rhyming words are fantastic: they are simply FANTASTIC! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. George L says:

    Dont smoke its not cool
    you will end up in hospital
    you teath will go yellow.

    so dont be a fool
    dont smoke at all
    because if you do
    you wont grow tall

    your skin will look old
    and your get wrinkles too
    so put out that ciggy
    and dont be a fool
    and your look cool

  34. Sebastian.Berthiaume says:


  35. Jay D says:

    Wow! All of your raps look great! I especially like Brooke’s.

  36. Harry B says:

    Great raps Hawkhill!

  37. Rowan B says:

    That inspired me to be a better learner and remember TYPING IS WRITING.

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