Team Wilverley Health Week Rap Homework!

We have learnt so much during Health Week and all have a much better understanding of why it is important to make sensible decisions about our lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. From learning about how the human heart works, the dangers of smoking, what vandalism is and the effect it can have and why we must always stay away from illegal drugs, it really has been an action-packed few days in the Upper Juniors!

We were all inspired by the Human Heart rap which we listened to in Science (see below on the blog to watch it again!) and many of us had a go at writing a few lines at the end of our anti-smoking fact sheets in English.

Your homework this week is to write your own Health Week Rap and post it on the blog! You could choose to rap about all of our learning, or you may want to focus on one particular area.

Here’s an example (created by a group of Year 6 pupils)Β to get your creative juices flowing:

Don’t be a fool
Don’t be mad
If you light a ciggie
Your teeth’ll go bad!

Your hair’ll stink
Your skin’ll go grey
Your lungs’ll fill with tar
And your life’ll fade away!

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29 Responses to Team Wilverley Health Week Rap Homework!

  1. Alice C says:

    My Awesome NO SMOKE rap!

    Don’t be a fool
    Don’t be a mug
    If you light that cigarette
    You will never forget!

    It will give you bad teeth
    All horrid and yellow
    And you still think
    It will make you mellow!
    With lung cancer and more
    Along with ciggie prices
    Which will make you poor
    You wish you would
    Of never to of start!

    If you want to know more
    About health issue galore
    Then listen closely…

    Heart disease!
    Lung Cancer!
    And more!
    All of these…
    In one cigarette?

    If you want to stop having yellow teeth
    Or heart disease, lung cancer
    You want to quit but don’t know how
    Buy a quit kit or
    call 0845 602 4663 now

    Do not smoke
    It’s not cool
    Know the facts on smoking now
    And when your mates ask you
    what’s in a cigarette
    You will know that you and your friends
    Will never EVER forget.

    By Alice C

  2. Annabelle W says:

    I bet your Raps will be FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Jay D says:

    My short but great NO SMOKING rap!!

    Don’t smoke it’s not cool
    otherwise you might be a fool!
    Wanna be the number one folk?
    Its easy don’t smoke!

    Lung cancer,heart disease can cause such a racket,
    I bet it does’nt say that on the packet!
    Did you know smoking waste’s time?
    And also leave’s a lot of grime.

    If you want to quit and be the best
    why not call the NHS!

    By Jay D

  4. Jay D says:

    I can’t wait to look at everyone else’s AMAZING raps!

  5. Alice C says:

    All of the Upper Juniors’ raps will be FANTASTIC, Annabelle!

  6. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow! Great raps, well done Alice and Jay for completing your homework so promptly!

    I love the line:

    If you want to quit and be the best
    why not call the NHS!


    You want to quit but don’t know how
    Buy a quit kit or
    call 0845 602 4663 now

    These raps would be great on your leaflets. Well done, team!!!

  7. Stephanie F says:

    Never take Drugs,
    If you do you’ll be a mug,
    If you take them to school,
    You’ll be a fool,
    Take them Never,
    And you will not regret it ever.

    By Stephanie

  8. Abigail R says:

    Do not smoke
    It’s a healthy rule,
    The sickening smell
    can kill us all.

    Babies won’t say “Ta”
    to the toxic tar
    nauseating nicotine
    it’s not what we want!!!!

  9. Emily A says:

    My NO smoking rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Start from the heart coz thats being smart,
    dont smoke it will make you choke,
    why be silly, so you think your cool “REALLY”!!!!!!!!!!
    your just a fool if you think thats cool.
    Stains on your teeth or loose ones at least.
    It will damage your lungs and make them black,
    i dont think you’ve really thought about that,
    pressure from your peers, or just want to fit in,
    be true to you and think about your skin.
    Now thats being smart, thinking about your heart.

    By Emily A

  10. Miss Trim says:

    Team Wilverley, what incredible rapping skills! So many great messages in these raps and I really like the way some of you have included tips on how people can get help to quit. What a great idea!

    I am looking forward to reading even more raps from Team Wilverley! πŸ™‚

  11. Tarka A says:

    Only fools smoke,
    Only mugs take dope,
    So if your feeling off,
    just vist the doc!

    Heart desise ,
    lung canser
    all this for a cigar today
    your will whatch your life slowly fade away!!!


  12. Mr Croutear says:

    Super raps so far Team Wilverley! We will have to record some of the best ones on the Easi-Speaks next week!

  13. Jessica B says:

    this is my NO SMOKING rap!!!!!

    Dont smoke
    Put your cigarette down
    Leave your life cycle
    Goin’ round and round

    Think about the money
    Think about the cost
    Think of all your savings
    Being lost

    If you wanna’ quit
    Then quit today
    Or visit your local doc
    Before it’s to late!!!!!


    By Jessica.B

  14. Jessica B says:

    I cant wait to hear more NO smoking raps!!!!!

  15. Jessica B says:

    These raps are the best raps Team Wilverely πŸ™‚

  16. Alexander C says:

    Hey you dudes!
    Quit the smoke!
    Its no joke!

    Wow the football was good
    The team looked cool
    The game was nearly over
    His name was NIC!
    He went to score!!

    Hey he’s stopped…..
    Cough- Splutter-Cough..
    Smokings lost the game
    The fans see Red..Red..Red!

    His LIFE game will be over
    Fix your addiction
    A Very sad uncool affliction!

  17. Thomas.Turner says:

    my healthy rap

    Eat lots of fruit
    and some veg
    to become fit
    and very very
    dont forget to
    do lots of exersise and
    have some milk
    every day to keep
    your teeth very

  18. Nathan E says:

    Don’t smoke,
    It’s bad for you,
    Don’t smoke,
    It will kill you.

    Live a long life and be the best,
    Don’t be a fool like all the rest!!!

  19. G Chloe says:

    smoking is dull
    its not cool
    cancer is no joke
    doont act like a fool

  20. Kerry O says:

    Don’t smoke it’s not cool you’ll end up in hospital,
    And if you do you’ll be ill, and you never know it might kill
    stopping now will save your life, don’t be a mug think of your life
    Dont smoke it’s not cool you will end up looking a fool!

  21. Rosie H says:

    My Anti Smoking Rap!!!

    Smoking is bad,
    You must be mad,
    Dont smoke ,
    Its no joke,
    It makes you smell,
    And very unwell,
    Just one pack ,
    Will set you back,
    Keep your wealth ,
    And your health,
    From now on Dont smoke that tobacco,
    And this is the end of my rap YO!!!!

  22. Paige S says:

    By Paige.S Don’t be darfed,don’t be dum,
    all those cigarettes will damage your lungs,
    smoking gives you gum disease
    it makes you coaf it makes you weeze,
    five a day are supper cool,
    it keeps you out of hos-pit-al !,
    play it smart,
    look after your heart with healthy food
    and exersise.
    I tell no lies.

  23. Alice C says:

    WOW! I love ALL the raps, team Wilverley! πŸ™‚

  24. Paige S says:

    Everyone’s raps are great ! πŸ™‚

  25. Emily A says:

    These are brilliant raps I especially like don’t smoke it’s not cool you’ll end up in hospital.

  26. Paige S says:

    Ilove these raps they’re great. πŸ™‚

  27. Isabelle H says:

    I love all your raps they are phenomenal!

  28. Megan S says:

    Cool Raps !!!!

  29. Ella D says:

    These raps are exelent guys well done you have worked so hard on them πŸ™‚

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