Once again, the standard of writing in Year 5 and 6 has astounded teachers this week. Miss Cazneaux, Mr Croutear and Miss Trim are delighted to announce that the star pieces were produced by: Lexie, Nathan, Oliver S, Jackson, Brooke and Chloe S!

A huge well done!! We know that Worsworth will have plenty of tasty writing to devour over the Easter holidays.

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15 Responses to STAR WRITERS OF THE WEEK!!

  1. Libby J says:

    Wow this writing is super! You must have worked extremly hard to achieve all this amazing writng! Keep up the good work!

  2. Libby J says:

    I am still reading the amazing writing beause I can borrow some ideas to use in my Englsh work! Wordsworth would be glowing with pride and hunger because he can sit and enjoy reading the spectacular work the pupils have achieved!!!

  3. Henry R says:

    Well done for managing to get you’re writing on the blog!

  4. Mr Croutear says:

    A huge congratulations to the six Upper Juniors whose writing has been chosen for the blog this week! It must feel great to know that your analogue work is being read by so many other people! I know for a fact that we now have some of our school governors checking out the blog, so an even bigger audience to impress!

    Please comment on the fantastic writing by Lexie, Nathan, Oliver, Chloe, Jackson & Brooke and I hope it inspires you to aim to be the Star Writer from your team next time!

  5. Paige S says:

    Wow they’re amazing.How did you come up with the awesome ideas? I think I might have to use a thew things like that in my writing too.

  6. Oliver S says:

    I am shocked! My writing has been on the blog 3 times! I am so proud of myself and all of the other 5 people! Keep up the good work Teams!

  7. Miss Trim says:

    This writing is so very good. I am sure those dragon babies must be out there somewhere, nibbling away on tasty Hordle writing. The question is, has anyone seen them?

  8. Alexandra S says:

    WOW, i’ve just read them all and there amazing! I think I might be nicking a few ideas

  9. Alice C says:

    WOW! Absolutely fantastic pieces of writing by all of the star writers! I have read them and I have to admit, I did jot a few phrases (which I am sure Wordsworth would love) down on my writing notepad! Once again, amazing work all of you and I am certain you six must be SO PROUD of yourself! Well done.

  10. Olivia G says:

    WOW I love your writing and well done for making it onto the blog.

  11. Lexie N says:

    I think these are amazing keep the good work up.

  12. Jasmine L says:

    Can i just say these are fantastic pieces of work but Mr Croutear, Miss Trim and Miss Cazneaux I think pupils at Hordle may want to be able to see the levels so that if they want to write like any of these pieces they know what level it is.

  13. Chloe Q says:

    Year 6 keep the writting up for the sats and 5s keep it up for next year.

    By Chloe Q

  14. Alice C says:

    I know how hard it is to get your writing on the blog so a very well done! 🙂

  15. Emily A says:

    Well done to those who have achieved having their writing on the blog.

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