Welcome to the magical world of Wordsworth, our beloved dragon.

It was incredible to return to school in September only to find a dragon had moved in! However, this was a dragon with a difference. With scales made of paper and a rumbling stomach, this dragon had searched the land to find a new and loving home where he could be fed his favourite snack…words! That’s right! Our dragon loves tasty writing. He has a particular fondness for adverbs and powerful verbs as well as stories with interesting characters and plots with twists and turns. To keep our dragon happy, we must keep writing! Have a look at some of the incredible Dragon Writing which has been sent to the dragon recently. Maybe yours will be next!

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13 Responses to WORDSWORTH!

  1. Olivia A says:

    WOW! This writing is amazing, I am going to work harder so maybe I can get a certifacate!

  2. James A says:

    Wow! Wordsworth is a very lucky dragon to have (eat) such amazing writing. The quality is unbelievable!

  3. Megan S says:

    I love writing!

  4. Alex W says:

    Wow!These are great and deserve to be praised by every pupil.I think that by the time SATS come these year sixes will have no trouble what so ever.Moreover,the variety of vocabulary was just amazing and therefore it will be easy to achieve 4a or 5c no matter how hard they try their level will be for certain above the national adverige and even so that will be impressive.

    Well done you lot keep it up and after SATS it won’t be a bother but do keep trying to do well in the big writes and you’re levels will improve.

  5. Ella D says:

    Wordsworth is a very lucky dragon!

  6. Ella D says:

    I can’t believe it all the writing he gets Is really good.

  7. Libby J says:

    I wish I could write as good as that! Those children must have worked really hard!

  8. Annabelle W says:

    🙂 Well Done Upper Juniors! 🙂

  9. Brooke E says:

    This writing is absouloutley amazing.WOW! (round of an applause)

  10. Isabelle H says:

    These people have done very very well and they will have no problem wih SATS and they will achive there level which they want to get.Every single one of them should be please with themselves. WORDWORTH is the luckiest drangon in the land of dragons i bet all the other dragons are jelous due to the fact they dont get this much AMAZING writing. I am sure ever ones writing will be on the blog. But futher more i bet everyone is doing incredible writing . The teachers are probally REALLY REALLY REALLY proud . So everyone keep on blogging on the Hordle blog.

  11. Libby J says:

    Wordsworth is the luckiest dragon in the universe because he has a wonderful school to live in! In Hawkhill we have now got another dragon to say well done to all your magnificent writing you give in. Have you got any ideas on what his or her name could be?

  12. Rosie C says:

    Guess what has happened in our class(ash)?Our egg just disappeared!

  13. Libby J says:

    Well done for all the amaing writing and pictures you are giving in to Hawkhills Dragons Den! We have had so many amazing pieces of work the cave is nearly over flowing! Dont forget that we have now got a new dragon in our classroom next time you visit the classroom! We have not thought about christening the creature with a name yet but we were maybe thinking of Text! Have you got any ideas?

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