Elise’s Pets!

These are my pets Maggie (the one close up), Archie (the one laid down), Ruby the dog (my grandmas dog), Honey (the brown and white one ) and finally Fudge (the spottie rabbit). In addition I have another cat called Charlie, he was a rescue cat and he is about 13-15 years old. Maggie is only 2 and Fudge is 2 and so is Honey. I bought my rabbits for my 8th birthday and they were about 8 weeks old when I got them.Archie is 5 and Ruby is 1 and 2 months.We bought Archie from the pet shop in Lymington when he was 12 weeks old. Ruby was bought for my grand parents Ruby Anniversary and she was born on the day of their anniversary but the year after. We inherited Maggie from my step sister when she travelled to London Music College and she is very very naughty! She: chews shoe laces, plays hide and seek, clambers in sinks and bags and she is very pickie about what she eats!

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22 Responses to Elise’s Pets!

  1. Abigail R says:

    Awww.Your pets look so cute.Your Grandmas pet ,Ruby, looks so cuddly.Which one is your best pet?

  2. Aidan H says:

    I absolutely love your pets Elise, I got my pet rabbit (or should I say rabbits) from the pet shop in Lymington. I’m not allowed any more pets but if I were I would probably be begging you for advice!

  3. Lewis T says:

    They are so cute! I really like th e cat that is standing up due to the fact its eyes arnt moving away from mine.
    To be honest its quite scary. “Elise save me your cat is about to give me nightmares!”

    P.S im not kidding

  4. Jonathan D says:

    Awesome cats!!!!!

  5. Maisie W says:

    WOW! Elise your cat seems to look a little sly what does it do at night does it go to secret cat meetings with all the other sly cats or does it torment his sister HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM! Watch out Elise>

  6. Elise M says:

    ABIGAIL-I love them all it would be impossible to choose!

  7. Tavi H says:

    Elise youre pets are so cute!!!! I really want to buy one off you for a certain price please!

    How do you look after 5 different pets?

  8. Tavi H says:

    The Historic Dockyard Trip was so good!! Although i did miss learning,Only a little bit though

    It was amazing how i learnt all different things!

  9. Isabelle H says:

    Wow I love your cats they are so cute. Your rabbits are totally Awsome due to the fact the are really relax. And your Nannys dog is amazing, its face is really cute are the rabbits brothers also are the cats brothers and sisters!!

  10. Emma R says:

    Elise which one is the most cuddliest or are they all as cuddly as eachother?

  11. Libby J says:

    I love your pets,Elise, because they are so cute ! Which one is your favourite and why? I would find it ever so tricky to decide! Further more, how many times a week do you have to play and clean out your pets? I would play with your pets every single day! You are so lucky to have such breathtaking animals!

  12. Paige S says:

    Arrrr. You pets are so cute, which pet did you get first?

  13. Samuel W says:

    Your cats are soooo cute: I really like the black cat due to the fact it’s got really smooth fur and patches of different colours on its chest. In addition to that, your rabbit is so adorable beacause it’s got paches of white and brown all over its body. Furthurmore, I really think that your white rabbit looks very familiar…if you put some glasses and a top hat on and add a stop watch, it would look like the rabbit out of Alice in Wonderland! Ahhhh.

  14. M Lauren says:

    Wow! How many pets do you have? Your dog, who is as cute as anything, has a spirally coat of black fur. Even though I would love a cat of my own, I cant have one due to the fact I have a Border Terrier who loves looking for cats and barks whenever he sees one down our road. I would absolutely love a floppy eared bunny because they can sometimes be very amusing and very cute and you can hold them anytime you would like to. My favourite pet would have to be a dog due to the fact they love walks. You can teach them tricks,and you can do much, much, more with them!

  15. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    Wow Elise I never know that you had this many pets.Moreover which pet did you have a do you have a favorite? Even though that they are cute I am elurgic to them ( thats only if they mult)I’m not allowed to tough my face It does not stop me from liking them.Do any of your pets play fight or do they just ignore each other:Dog and your cat ,cat and your cat or do your rabbits.?They are sooooo cute!

  16. Elise M says:

    The spottie rabbit is a lop although when I bought it they said that is was a dutch lop(lops are much bigger than duch lops)!

  17. Annabelle W says:

    Hi Elise,
    I was wondering if I could ask you a question…. Where do your cats go to sleep at night? Annabelle 🙂

  18. Libby J says:

    I have got a few questions to ask you about your pets ,Elise:
    1. How did you choose your pets, because of their breed? Or maybe their fur colour?
    2. Where did you get all your anomals from? Localy or far away?
    3.How did you come up with their names?
    4. Lastly, which one is the most interesting and why?

  19. Libby J says:

    I am still looking at your pets today because they are so cute and loveable! I wish I had such amazing pets like you! Your so lucky!

  20. Elise M says:

    I have to clean out my rabbits once or twice a week it depends on how dirty the hutch is.

  21. Elise M says:

    1.Because of their personality’s
    2.My rabbits are from Christchurch Archie is From lymington and Maggie is from London.
    3.It took me a while to figure what would soot them.
    4.That would probably have to be Maggie because she is always naughty and she is just generally a cool cat!

    Maggie sleeps in the kitchen and Archie and Charlie sleep in the utilaty room.

  22. Kerry O says:

    Oh your pets are so cute it feels like I want to squeeze them .

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