Lower Juniors’ Dragon Writers of the Week 27/04/12

Wow, check out these amazing setting descriptions…

Well done to Tavi, Isabel and Archie our Dragon Writers of the Week.

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28 Responses to Lower Juniors’ Dragon Writers of the Week 27/04/12

  1. Mr Phillips says:

    Fantastic writing, I love all the amazing adjectives you have used!
    Well Done,
    Mr P

  2. Miss Woodgate says:

    Congratulations! Dragon Writer was a difficult decision to make this week. I am delighted to see how ambitious you have been with your sentence openers. You have clearly listened carefully and worked hard this week!
    Well done to you all!
    Miss Woodgate

  3. Tavi H says:

    It was amazing having all our little Dragons up on stage in Assembely on Friday for their first time! lets hope they get some yummy food this week!

  4. Mr Croutear says:

    Well done Tavi, Isabel and Archie! I am so impressed! I particularly liked the different sentence openings you used and such rich, descriptive vocabulary. I’m sure the Upper Juniors will also be impressed and will blog their congratulations (as well as Lower Juniors!)

    It’s very exciting to see Lower Junior writing being celebrated on the Blog – I wonder who will be next?

  5. Jodie M says:

    Well done Isabel you have worked really hard on that piece of work great vocabulary also well done to Tavi and Archie you have also done very well I hope you will keep up the good work.

  6. Olivia G says:

    Well done Tavi, Isabel and Archie
    I love all the conectives :as,when,whilst

  7. Jodie.Q says:

    Well done guys! Great work keep it up and I’m sure that you will be a success when you move up to the Upper Juniors. That is better then some of the work that I write, sometimes. Only some though. WELL DONE.

  8. Alex W says:

    Wow very good writing these are amazing!However,let me ask all you a question.What do you think you could add and improve also what could you change?Well hope to hear from you keep up the good work and strive for excellence.

  9. Lexie N says:

    Amazing i cant wait to see you on the blog again WELL DONE !!!!

  10. Louis R says:

    Everyone made a great effort but Josh did a amazing bit of writing.

  11. James A says:

    Well done to everyone especially Tavi, Isabel and Archie. I was blown away by the quality of writing!

  12. Liam H says:

    Well done some excellent connectives used!
    Keep it up Archie, Isabel and Tavi!!!

  13. Tarka A says:

    Wow ;what incredible writing , I can`t remember having such English skills when I was your age!

    I`ll be exited to read your work when you get older!

    Good luck!!!

  14. George W says:

    WOW!!!!!!! good writing guys especily with your coectives,timeconctives,adjectiveves prepition and adverbs cant waint for you guys to go on the blog agen

  15. Chloe S says:

    Wow! Amazing writing. It’s so nice to see people putting a lot of effort into there work! Your onley lower junior’s and your already writing fantastically! Keep up the good work!

  16. Emily A says:

    Well done that piece of writing has lovely handwriting aswell well done.

  17. Sally M says:

    There were some brilliant vocabulary and sentence starts, Well Done both of you!

  18. Katy M says:

    Well done these are amazing I love the sentence starts.Keep up the good work!!

  19. Miss Trim says:

    Wow! What incredible writing lower juniors. I can already hear Wordsworth’s stomach rumbling. I particularly like your adjectives and some of your preposition starts. It’s so important to vary those sentence openers. I can’t wait to see who is awarded with ‘Writer of the Week’ next week. Good luck, everyone!

  20. Megan S says:

    Wow keep up the good work guys,remember typing is writing.

  21. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow Lower Juniors! This writing is incredible! I am ever so impressed with these vivid scene descriptions! Keep up the hard work!

  22. Alice C says:

    WOW!!! Those pieces of writing blew me out the water! I love the sentence openers and the very vivid scene descriptions! 😉

  23. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow you guys are amazing!! And your only in year three and four!! I would love to hear what you get up to in year six 🙂 xx great work guys keep it up!!

  24. Jessica B says:

    Absoloutly amazing! These are incredible peices of writing! You all should be extemely proud of yourself! A massive thumbs up to the Lower Junior Dragon Writers!

  25. Katie W says:

    Hiya guys, amazing writing I am blown away!!!! I am amazed at the quality of writing you have produced!!!

  26. Gabriela R says:

    Hi well done all of You!The writing is brilliant you have work very hard to achieve this delightful award have more fun at writing to be this week and everyone will be achieve it some day

  27. Olivia G says:

    WOW Im begining to wonder If you talanted writers are In the Lower Juniors or the Upper juniors .

  28. Dayna S says:

    Well done keep it up, great writing!

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