Maisie’s Pets!

These are my pet fish, the orange one is called fat Alfie and that’s mine and the greyish one is my brothers and it’s named Omar. They are around 2 months old and we brought them at the fish shop next to Stewart’s.
These are my pet rats called Collin and Justin and due to the the fact when I tell people about them they go ‘ew’, I can assure you they are super cute and don’t bite. We have had them for around 2 years and they love to snack on rat nuggets and carrots and pieces of dried crackers. There nick name is phats due to the fact they eat so much and used to be (when we got them) the length of an iPad, now they are about 2 inches longer.
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10 Responses to Maisie’s Pets!

  1. Alice M says:

    What wonderful pets Maisie ! They are all very interesting and unusual!!! Can I ask which pet is your favourite ? Thanks for your post!!!

  2. Emma R says:

    Hi Masie why did you choose to have rats as pets and where did you buy them from and of you could only choose one, which one is your favourite and why? I would definatly not like a pet rat!

  3. Isabelle H says:

    Wow, Maisie, your pets are totally awsome. I love your rats because they are the two creatures out of Ice Age. Take good care of them and then they will be the happiest rats EVER.

  4. Emily P says:

    I love your rat Maisie due to the fact i have a Hamster at home called,Tinker,and your rat is simillar. I like your fish aswell!How old are they?How long have you had them? and how long do they life for?

  5. Libby J says:

    WOW! Your pets are amazing! I wouldnt normally choose rats as pets , but seeing your pets has changed my mind completly! Some rats can perform tricks, can yours? How many times a day do you have to clean and play with your animals? I would play with them avery day!

  6. Maisie W says:

    Well Alice I would probably say the Phats (rats) because they are much more fun and cuddley also the fish are so cool but are a little boring!

  7. Libby J says:

    Maisie, I have got numerous questions about your unique pets that I would really like to know the answers to:
    1. Why did you choose rats and fish? Because they were interesting? Or diffrerent ?
    2. Secondly, how did you choose their names?
    3. Do your rats keep you awake at night because they are scurrying in their real?
    4. Lastly, where do you buy your pets? Near or far?

  8. Lewis T says:

    I like your rats due to them being a rather unusual pet.
    I like unusual things.

  9. Bradley says:

    i love your
    little pet
    rats they
    are a
    the reasen
    why i
    like rats
    is because
    i love

  10. Kerry O says:

    I love your pets maisie wow

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