Team Trim English Diary Blogging Homework


DATE SET: Friday 27th April

DATE DUE: Wednesday 2nd May

Upper Juniors Blogging Homework

We have all been fascinated by the arrival of our resident Blue Tit in the birdbox outside the Upper Junior area. Thanks to our wonderful Site Manager Mr Pritchard, who installed the webcam and TV monitor, we have been able to keep a watchful eye on her progress (including her haul of precious eggs!).

For your homework this week, please blog a diary written from the point of view of our feathered friend. You will need to remember:

  • to write in the first person and past tense
  • to write about events in chronological order, using time connectives (early this morning, a few minutes later, towards the end of the day)
  • to include feelings

Word Count Challenge: As you know, the key to a successful blog post is quality and quantity. Therefore, each diary entry needs to be a minimum of 100 words. Please count them when you have finished and record your word count at the end of you blog comment.


Dear Diary,

Today was quite an eventful experience: I’ve never known such torrential rain to fall whilst nesting. I’m very thankful for the handy box which appeared on the wall a couple of weeks ago.

 Just as the sun was rising (at approximately 6.15am), the heavens opened and the sound of the rain on the roof was quite a rude awakening! I was not impressed. Unfortunately, it was my job to gather breakfast (worms again) but I did wait for the weather to brighten up.

 Whilst gliding over the roof of All Saints, I spotted a couple of juicy delights emerging from the damp ground and, with instinct taking over, I swooped for my ‘catch of the day’, before returning to my precious eggs. There I stayed for the rest of the day, in the comforting surroundings of my humble home. Until tomorrow.

 Birdie x

 PS I’m yet to work out what that odd red flashing light in the corner of my birdbox is……


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20 Responses to Team Trim English Diary Blogging Homework

  1. Sebastian.Berthiaume says:

    Dear Diary,
    Earlier this morning,I woke up and decided I would go out and flutter my beautiful wings.As I bundled my things together ,I was baffled by what I found.It was raining, AGAIN!

    Whilst I waited for the torrential rain to stop,I settled down on my darling eggs and tried to figure out just what the annoying red flashing light is doing on the corner of my precious house.At last,the rain had stoped,i tucked in the litle ones and took off.

    I swooped low over the scool,it’s almost as if they watch me every minute of every day,and saw my mate Jerry (the wood pecker)in his favourite place,in the big oak tree.Whilst I glided gracefully over All Saints Church,I said a prayer for my eggs saying that I hope they are well and healthy.suddenly,I

  2. Aimon G says:

    Dear dariey,
    Today was an eggsalant day dispite the rain.
    This moning I was wokan up ( rather rudlely) by the rain banging the roofe but still this was perfeked wether for some wortming in the grawndes at all sants cherch and I found some butefule jusey wormes to consume.When got back I found the nest as mess and the eggs all over the shop and rather coled so I gatherd them up and sat on them for some considrabill time. after the egges were nice and worm agian I was abill to go out to liminton pasing over the britst fealld ever It looks like rape seed so I must go and borow some for my yungenes
    P.S: I still dont know what that red light in the coner is it feels like some ones waching me 24/7.

  3. Sebastian.Berthiaume says:

    Suddenly I realised the time, it was 11.45 am and I had to get back due to the fact my eggs would be getting cold and lonely.

    I’m back and my eggs are nice and warm, I have to go now, will write again tomorrow.

    194 words
    (This is meant to follow on from my other post)

  4. Aimon G says:

    Dear dairy,
    Today was an eggsolent day dispite the rain.
    This morningt I was wokan up ( rather rudly ) by the ran banging on the roofe but still it was great for worm piking so out I went and I got the cach of the day, they were delishose. When I got home I found the nest a mess bert had been in and the eggs were all over the shop so I had to colet them up and sit on them of a long wile. once the eggs were nice and tostey I left the eggs and driftide to limington and pecked at the echo (nice people leve things out for berdes like me ) and on the way bck up I broght some tweets that were going cheep like a bugey ( only bugeyeds go cheep cheep) but still cheep.on the way home that rape seed feeled I toled you about I stoped in to pick up some seed for my yngenes which wont be long now.
    Sining berdy berts fogotan his key agian.
    P.S I’m yet to work out what that red dot is in the coner of the nest is, its like some onesw waching me 24/7 but I douht so

  5. Lucy C says:

    Dear Diary,
    Wow! What a day! I have been perched on top of my eggs trying to keep them warm and safe. Unfortunately,there was torrential THUNDER AND LIGHTENING which made up a complete mess in my newly decorated house.
    Today,at approximately 9:30am,I had just finished tiding my new home that Hordle Primary School had kindly hung up from my husband and I and that was when I had just lade my 9 little eggs. Quite confused that I saw a red flashing light in the top right hand corner of my bird box and it is constantly bothering me whilst rearranging my sweatiest children that are soon going to crack out of their egg shells. I would be more and more happy if my husband,Dev,didn’t throw all his work gear all over our living room. Finally,I can now go and soar across a golden horrizen whilst stretching my wings.
    After staying in my house all day, I wondered into Lymington High Street to see if there were any left overs people had dropped on the floor or go and gaze around the for a couple of worms hiding in the ground ready for me to take home and cook for mine and Devs dinner. As I flew across the land, I saw my two best friends,Miss Trim and Mrs Adams, who were walking out of Prezzo. So I set off back to All Saints Church so I can say a little prayer for my eggs and this is how it goes: twit twit twit twit. Finally, I tweeted through the air back home.
    Well I am really up set because it is getting really late and I should be getting a really good night sleep ready for another big day tomorrow. Twight twight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bit.
    Love Indigo xxx

  6. B Charlotte says:

    Dear diary,
    Today was an eggsiting day it was such a lovely day to day that I have done loads of fun adventures. It is verry handy with this wonderfull box wich only was just put up about a week ago. As I was just about to sort the nest Albert just came in with a scrmbshouse tea.
    Whilst Albert was lazing around on the couch i thought maby I should tidy up befor I will go out. So, I told Albert to move his big bottom so I could tidy up . Moments later, I was soon ready to go out to Highcliff beach for a lovely day out whils Albert would keep an berds eye on the egg’s. Suddnly I set off for the adventure . As sonn as I arived at Highcliff beach, I desided to have a little snooze for about an hour or two . Suddnly, as I wolk up I smelt something burning then I looked down and my tummy was burning and was turning into fride chicken .
    Arfter I had sorted all of that out I glided all the way to All Saints church, I spotted some jucy delights amongst the graves , and with instant taking over, I swooped down and cluched the wormes into my mouth and at them. Seconds later, I glided into the church doors and onto the pole wich is holding the roof up and prayed for the eggs and Albert. As sonn as that was over I glided back to my humbale home and sit there for the rest of the day. Well untill tomorow.
    Indigo x x x
    P.S I ‘m am trying to figure out what that flashing red light is . At first when we moved in I was totoly fine with it but now it is getting on to my nerves……….

  7. Elliott D says:

    Dear diary,
    Today was peaceful except for it rained.It was so loud like horses hooves galloping across the roves.
    Which meant I could sit on my eggs in peace all day. Unfortunately I had to get breakfast so I waited for
    the sun to appear and got my meal( worms again). Tragically right in the middle of my snack the havens
    opened and I got drenched.However, I had enough worms to last the whole day.Then I tried to go to sleep
    but I kept getting woken up by the constant noise of horns. But I was to tired to go out especially in this rain.

    Birdy x

    P.S. Theirs this strange light in the top of my house

    word count : 111

  8. Ellen W says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was just amazing. As the crack of dawn came,the sun began to rise a new day arrived. I woke up to the sound of my friends chirping on about all the latest news on the Peacock family (via the Hordle Blog), those two so crack me up! Whilst I was trying to venture out to catch breakfast I couldn’t help but notice what seemed to be a TV outside Deerleap class. How strange? I couldn’t seem to see anything on it though, it must be broken. I could hear the rain last night and I knew there would be a lot of worms on the Ball Court – there usually is. I was not disappointed when I swooped down towards them. After eating my wonderful breakfast I decided to head on back to check on my precious babies, okay I know they are only eggs at the moment but they soon will hatch and be my long awaited chicks. All was fine, I was reassured and could go out now happy, full and content. I was now able to go out gossiping with my mates about some of the other things that have appeared on the blog recently like 50 things to do before 11 3/4 year’s old. Such a shame they didn’t bring it out earlier as I’m already too old to complete it and I didn’t do half of them. There was quite a lot of new post that I hadn’t read yet. I wish we could set some sort of tweet tweet blog for birds with a peacock tracker and fox sensor or something like that. At tea time I knew exactly what to do – back to the ball court then . YUMMY dinner was delicious. Guess what I had? Worms again. I finished off my day by returning to my precious eggs as the sun was setting.

    word count:309

  9. M Lauren says:

    Dear diary,
    Today was eggsalent, and as normal it was raining for all of the morning.In that time my birdsand ,Bertie, had returned with even more graet news that was that he had got a tasty treat for us to share.

    Most of the morning i was trying to figure out what that flashing light in the middle of my home was.It almost felt like some people were watching me go back and forth all of the time.As i stopped of at church on my way to Burger King to get a worm roll i perched ,quiletley, on one of the pews with no one exept from an old lady on.Next after that i swooped(elegantly) in the air when i spotted a worm roll on the groung which someone had kindly provided me with. After a couple of hours i returned back at home finding thatBertie was rapping on our door as he had forgot his pass.
    P.s Iam still trying to find out what that flashing light in the middle of my house is.

  10. Simon C says:

    Dear Diary
    Today was a very good and stressful day for Roger and I as we spent the day on the beach.
    This morning, when I woke up I just remembered that it was the day Roger and I were able to go to the beach without worrying about the eggs. Roger suggested we go down to Avon beach as there is a nice spot for us to sleep on top of the gift shop. However, when we arrived we were horror struck.Two black birds were sitting in our spot! I was crying now. I was so looking forward to sitting under that oak tree watching the children playing in the water. Realizing that I was upset, Roger tried go get them to go away but in the end they chased us away.
    Feeling sorry for me, Roger decided that we should try and find another spot to sit down and relax.After a while, we saw the perfect place, a beach house roof facing the Isle of White.I was just congratulating Robert on finding such a good place when the colour drained from my feathers. A whole family of seagulls were perched upon the place we were about to rest. My eyes felt like they were about to flood with tears. Roger, who had seen that I was upset again, suggested that we go back to our favourite spot to see if it was free.
    As we flew back to the gift shop, I was expecting to see the black birds there. However, delight filled my heart! They were gone! Roger and I enjoyed the rest of the day on top of the gift shop until it was time to go back to the nest.
    P.S. I have yet to discover what that red light is that keeps flashing on and off. I feel odd, like something or someone is watching us. Good night
    tweet tweet!
    Indigo xxx

  11. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    Dear Diary,
    Cracking and eggsilant that pretty much sums up my day: even though that It did not start off to well.
    Just as the sun was rising (about 9:00) when my untrustful husband awoke due to the fact that he had to attend to work. After that I do some house work.
    A few hours later decided to stench and go the church and pray for my babies
    “Dear God
    Please help me to look after my eggs
    Lets all hope that they hatch soon
    Ops gotta go Nigal’s trying to get in hes always forgetting his key that bird is uslas.
    Bubble xxx
    P.S. I still haven’t worked out what that red dot is in the corner of my house

  12. Isabelle H says:

    Dear Diary,

    Today was truly stressful due to the fact me and me husband ,Romeo, went down to the Counter Park which is on the edge on London. I place my nine beautiful eggs into the stroller and hopped merrily along the path. On the way we saw a cat but luckily it was having a little naps on the wall. Romeo was very “clever” as he decided to get are nine sweet little eggs a ice cream . But it didn’t work out as well as he thought it would . ” What a waist of money!” sighed Romeo whislt tieding up the messy littles eggs.
    “Come on love let’s just keep on strolling,”replied Indigo , putting her lipgloss in her brillant bag. As they flew back (holding they stroller) they spotted a gift shop and they decided to get somes gifts. They brought : incubator,some wiggling worms and a ready made nest. Rapidly they flew back as another bird was trieing catch but it only wanted to play. Home sweet home,they decide do watch telly in the comfort of there home. They watch ” The Only way is eggs”
    “Come on egglings, its time for beddie buys!”exclamied mother bird, tucking them into their nest.

    Good Night

    Indigo x x x

    P.S I have yet to discover that flashing light in the corner of my house, its like somone is watching me. I really would like to fin out soon.
    Thank you.

  13. Charlie S says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a rather ‘ eggcellent’ day as I went out for an adventure. It was rather rainy to start with.
    Whilst Tom would stay at home I would go out and fetch some toys for my eggs at ‘Birds r us’. Before I would head out I had to wait for the rain to stop, annoyingly. Soon I was heading out for food but…I heard sudden singing. It was church! I had totally forgotten. Quickly, I flew to my perching spot and started to pray.
    After that, I made my way to ‘Birds r us’ where I brought:a holly leaf, an acorn and even a piece of cotton wool! It was a very big queue to get in. After a while I was towering above paths and trees and homes until I found my home and saw Tom tidying up and my eggs were safe and sound.
    So I am going to sleep now. What will await us for tomorrows adventures?
    P.S. I cannot work out what this flashing red dot is doing in the corner of my box.

    Birdy x

  14. Harvey B says:

    Dear Diary,
    Towday was a fantastic day due the fact that I had done all the things that I intended to do! It was erly morning when I desided to go out to find some food.

    As I sord over the lime green feelds, my delacet wings slised their way through the air. just then I spoted a nice jusy werm to chompe on! On the way back I notesed my frend Role who was heding to Bobs for a sleepover. Although I wanted to go to Roles party I had my preshos eggs to take care of! When I arived home I seteld down on my eggs inorder to ceep them worm!

    After that I desided to go and find a ipod so that I can egacate my yung with some music. Sudenly I arived at PC WORLDand a lovely yong man lefed behined a shiny ipod toughch for me! When I got home I placed one egg phone nexsed to each egg, to make sure they could hear it I terned the volune up fully.

    Sorry got to fly becasue I need to go and fech dinner!

    P.S. I have yet to fined out what that red dot is in the corner of my bird box!!!

  15. Archie G says:

    Dear Dairy,

    I am so excited as today should be the day that the eggs hatch! I have been sitting on my eggs for several days now keeping them warm and safe, away from the magpies that have been circling nearby. When I have been looking after our babies, Alfred has been hunting for food, worms, insects and caterpillars and bringing them back to the nest for both of us to enjoy.

    Crack crack the shell starts to open, slowly little pieces come away and fall in to the nest. Little by little a tiny black beak appears through the shell followed by a beady eye and then a little round feathery head. At last our firstborn is here! A moment later another egg cracks (two down and seven to go), and then another and another and suddenly we had all nine of our babies here.

    P.S. I do hope I will get some sleep to night as there will bea lot of work tomorow!
    night night

  16. Ben P says:

    Dear Diary,
    When I woke up today I found out that is was raining once more! I’m very exitited today due to the fact that it is my birthday and I going to celbrate by finding 12 king fishers to eat all by myself,what a treat! Futhmore in exactly one week my small little babies are expectin to hatch, I am looking foward for my little babies to hatch because I am getting quite tired of sitting on the eggs all day.When I flew to baton beech,to find the 12 king fishes I wanted to eat,it was very successful I caught 15 king fishers and five gaint worms.All these animals were really hard to carry and I stuggled but eventually I made it.They were aboslutly delicous,actually just talking about food makes me feel quite peckish.
    My bedtime now, goodnight
    P.S I am trying to figure out this red flashing dot at the top of my nest,sometimes the dot iratates me, and I can’nt get to sleep.

  17. Katy M says:

    Dear diary,
    Today was an extremy eventful day, I ventured out of my comftorble house for the first time in days! Not long until i will be a proud mother of nine!

    At the break of dawn, at around 6:15AM, I soared over to the Vicars garden to slurp up scrumptious snack( worms as always) . Before fluttering over the Hordle church to keep an eye out for any yummy bugs , and get a birds eye view of evetybirdies houses and nests. Next , I flew with the wind which brought me gently to my best friends house, bobby.Hours on end we chirped about my eggs and what we had been up to the past few days. Suddenly, I realised how long I had left my eggs in their nest, feeling guilty and worried I flapped franticly towards my nest.I had never ever left my treasure alone for so much time! Hopefully a cuckoo wasnt going to come and snitch my bird babys, I heard there was one in the area….

    Phew! Relieved that my preciouse eggs were safe and sound, I happily snuggled up and sat catching my breath back for a few minutes!Nesting was hard work : you have to carefully re arrange the eggs so they look comtorble , tidy the nest so it looked neat and clean.
    Only a few weeks until my eggs hatch now! Maybe bobby will be round due to the fact tweety (my husband) is at work doing building for little old molly who is 102 she is so sweet! well better be getting to sleep it becoming dark now
    P.S i not sure what that red flashing light is it is quite annoying i wonder what it is….

  18. Emily P says:

    Dear diary,
    Today was a eggslant day,as i did lots of things.Firstly,i sat on my babys and kept them warm but,one of the cheeky monkeys just kept on rolling to the bottom, and i just tried to say to him that he will become to cold and wont hatch but sadly he didnt listen.
    After a hard morning of keeping my eggs warm,i decided to go out for a little fly to New Milton,and pick up the daily newspaper.When i arrived i sat myself on the bench and luckily some kind person had left a newspaper on there and i happend to be the one that i wanted,so it saved me buying one!So i ripped the most recent event out,and set off home where i found Bob sitting on the eggs to keep them nice and toasty while i was out.
    A few hours later,i decided to go to the beach, so i sat on the rocks and wached all of the children have fun when,a rather horrible smell lingered in the air,what was that i thought? and then i realised that someone was having a bbq , and feeling rather hungry i swooped down and pinched a burger.A few hours later when every body started to pack up and go home,i decided that i was to tired and that i should really get home to check on my babys.
    After all that i decided that it was the right time to go to sleep,so i said goodnight to my babys one by one and then turned out the light.
    Night night
    Birdie x
    (P.S)Im still wondering what on earth that red light is in the corner of my box, due to the fact its getting quite disturbing,and sometimes i realy want to build my nest up higher so that it doesnt have to bother me!

  19. Samuel W says:

    Dear diary
    I cannot believe how comfortable i am sitting in my new bird box,what a lovely surprise,it is so warm and cosy in here,andafter this mornings events im even more grateful.
    I woke early this morning about 6:00AM to the sound of rain knocking beating on the roof of my box.As i gingerly popped my head out to have a look,the sky was grey but it was turning light.I decided no time like present to fetch breakfast as i was feeling hungery .I glided out of my comtfy new house and toook in the morning fresh air,wich with the rain almost took my breath away.
    swooping over the bell tower of the school and out towards the school feild and eagerly looking out for some tasty delights .All of a sudden i spotted some little heads causously poking out of the ground and ceasing my opertunaty i dived down and plucked them out of the ground and firmly into my beak.with breakfast sorted i decided that was enough exitment and returned to the warmth of my box to look after my babies who need their mum

    love indigo xxxxx.

  20. Brooke E says:

    Dear Diary,
    Phenomenal,brilliant and fantastic!
    These are the words that sum up today.

    Firstly i woke up as a rays of shine shone in my right eye.I woke up (7 am)as one of the nine had been sliding out of his cosy home .Although it shone most of the delightful day it began to become quite dim.However before that i had the chance to have the time to go out with bert after all i had been sitting on the eggs all day it is tiring!We strolled to the church (next door)to pray for the best of our babys.towards the end of the joyful day i was rather bored so i decided to have a spring clean although it was not spring.Bert called “whens dinner ready”as i had totally forgot what time it was i flew ou like a flash so i could grab the juicy worms for my juicy dinner
    eggsalent day isnt it
    bye Indigo

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