Team Wilverley Diary Blogging Homework

DATE SET: Friday 27th April

DATE DUE: Wednesday 2nd May

Upper Juniors Blogging Homework

We have all been fascinated by the arrival of our resident Blue Tit in the birdbox outside the Upper Junior area. Thanks to our wonderful Site Manager Mr Pritchard, who installed the webcam and TV monitor, we have been able to keep a watchful eye on her progress (including her haul of precious eggs!).

For your homework this week, please blog a diary written from the point of view of our feathered friend. You will need to remember:

  • to write in the first person and past tense
  • to write about events in chronological order, using time connectives (early this morning, a few minutes later, towards the end of the day)
  • to include feelings

Word Count Challenge: As you know, the key to a successful blog post is quality and quantity. Therefore, each diary entry needs to be a minimum of 100 words. Please count them when you have finished and record your word count at the end of you blog comment.


Dear Diary,

Today was quite an eventful experience: I’ve never known such torrential rain to fall whilst nesting. I’m very thankful for the handy box which appeared on the wall a couple of weeks ago.

 Just as the sun was rising (at approximately 6.15am), the heavens opened and the sound of the rain on the roof was quite a rude awakening! I was not impressed. Unfortunately, it was my job to gather breakfast (worms again) but I did wait for the weather to brighten up.

 Whilst gliding over the roof of All Saints, I spotted a couple of juicy delights emerging from the damp ground and, with instinct taking over, I swooped for my ‘catch of the day’, before returning to my precious eggs. There I stayed for the rest of the day, in the comforting surroundings of my humble home. Until tomorrow.

 Birdie x

 PS I’m yet to work out what that odd red flashing light in the corner of my birdbox is……


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29 Responses to Team Wilverley Diary Blogging Homework

  1. Alice C says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today, well, today was just so, so busy I could hardly believe it! It all started at approximately 7:30am….

    At 7:30, after oversleeping (oops!), I prepared myself for my busy day ahead. I fluffed my indigo feathers and got comfy on my minute eggs. Minutes later, my partner came back with our breakfast: worms. Again! Due to the fact I was so ravenous, I devoured a vast quantity of seven worms. My kind partner told me they were protruding out the ground in the downpour of rain. About one hour later, I ventured out our home and went to discover the world out the house. Anyway, my house is rather cramped with about a third of the room taken up by the microscopic eggs.

    Firstly, I arrived at a rather large place. It had a lot of vastly tall buildings and an awful lot of people rushing about. After hesitating whether or not to land for a moment or two, I contemplated then landed on a nearby scarlet fire hydrant. Next to the hydrant, there were even more fire hydrants, all red and neatly lined up with equal space between them. It was all very very strange. Quickly, I flew off the hydrant and whilst doing this, I realized that I didn’t really like this place. It was just too busy. So, I ventured off to somewhere else not as busy.

    About midday, I came to a quiet place which is surprising because it seemed like a very nice place. In addition, it was scorching hot so it seemed like nice weather too (taking into cbononsideration there was a downpour of rain this morning). I perched on the edge of a collosal cliff and took advantage of the weather: sun bathing; that was the life! Funnily, I dozed off on the cliff for t was about two o’iabout an hour. Unfortunately, when I woke up, instead of beautiful cobalt feathers, I discovered disgusting ebony, burnt feathers! I must of got burnt whilst dozing in the lush sun. By then, it was about two o’ clock so I had to departure the so called ‘beach’ to return to my home to sit on my eggs to keep their warmth. ( Me partner doesn’t sit on the eggs properly!)

    Two hours later, I returned home. I was so tired ,even after my snooze, after discovering the big wide world. I think after some more worms I shall have an early night.

    Night night diary!

    Signing off, Berlinda.
    (P.S, I am wondering what that red flashing light in the corner of my home is. It feels like someone is watching me every single minute! This might mean some investigating!!)

  2. Dayna S says:

    Dear Diary,

    This morning, before I had breakfast, I decided to go out for the day! Out for breakfast (l am rather quite exiting hey, I’ll tell you something….l don’t usually go out for breakfast. Or lunch…….or dinner!!! I am ever so looking forward to a fresh worm and a trip to Hordle wreak.) l have been very tucked up lately due to the fact l have had nine Crystal/snow white eggs!!!!!! l am very proud and just can’t wait!

    So, out l went to have my breakfast, when l noticed that a lovely human had left me a snack- well l say snack, a hole white bread and butter sandwich, my favourite, accomplished with two thin slices of ham(l am on a diet)! MMMMMMM so dreamy but luckily for me l had it all and then and only then did l have to make the treacherous flight all the way back to the very dull wooden box! Finally, after all that luck l had to relax my wings and snuggle up into my cozy hut where l than chillax for the rest. Lovely hay!!!!!

    Write soon
    Birdie xxxxx

    P.S. l wonder if i should go out again tomorrow, maybe l can hitch breakfast!!!

    word count 207

  3. Nathan E says:

    English homework
    The blue bird
    Dear diary, It was a Tuesday afternoon the sun was beaming as I was flying by Hordle C. of E. Primary School, when I saw this mysterious wooden box. I went in to investigate and I found myself in a cosy box with a nice bed, made of hay, and a corner where I could put my eggs! When I got my eggs to safety I settled down while my husband went out and found some juicy worms to feed my baby’s. I am so lucky to find this wonderful new home! I have been scanning the room for the past few days, and I can’t help noticing that red flashing light in the corner, of my room it’s almost as if someone is watching me.
    Word count:131

  4. Abigail R says:

    Dear Pupils at Hordle School,
    Thank you so much for my home. I can’t belive that I actually have a home now. I am so thankful for all the twigs you kindly gave me for my home and food. This will help with all of my nine eggs which I am taking care of. My home is very comfy and I am enjoing the warmth. However, I have realised that only just today that there was a mysterious red flashing light blinking like an eye in the corner of my home. Would you know what this flash is? If you have any thoughts please write a letter to me In clear writing so I can read your reply. I would love to know. Any way, I am really enjoying my home and it has come in very handy. I will never want to put this house up for sale!!! Also when I moved in to my beloved humble home, comforting surroundings kept my fury friends, the nine eggs, very warm and my feathers layed delicately apon my body. When I go and collect food, I always know that my eggs are always in a safe place and not in a dangerous home where as something may happen to my precious eggs. I am really loving this home and I’m sure myself and my kids will make some great friends with you all at Hordle CofE primary school!!!
    Love Birdy x

    Word count:226

  5. Jack S says:

    Dear Diary,

    On friday i woke up, i was going to go out for a burger at Burger King but my mate didn’t come. At 8am, he came. We swapped over jobs so he sat down on the eggs so I went to buy some food. Well, not I didn’t really buy any food. I really fished out some food out of Bournemouth Beach. Well i have to say it wasn’t a big fish, quite a small fish actually. As flat as a halibut. At KFC i bought a bonus box, three chips and a bowl of baked beans. Roundabout 9pm I went to tesco and there I bought (i did not have to much cash) so I bought a few drinks and quite a lot of fish.

    write soon,

    PS: I hope the eggs will hatch one day.

  6. Jessica B says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today, I caught some VERY juicy worms just for myself. I can’t tell you where I found them due to the fact it’s a secret! Torrential rain plummeted on the roof of my new humble home. I was unimpressed! However, this house (which was made especially for me) has a very welcoming warmth around me. This morning, at approximately 6:15 am, an immense gush of wind swooped, like an eagle, into my house! Luckily, I was just able to lie down under the hole so I wasn’t frozen. Finally, the surprising weather calmed down so for supper I flew over to the New Milton park to fetch some wormy delights! Now it’s time for me to have some shut eye! Night, Night,
    Birdie x
    P.S, I am on a mission to find out what that incessant flashing vermillion light doing in my new house!
    Word Count: 147

  7. Emily H says:

    dear diary
    today I was socked, I wock up to hear ear birsting rain faling on my poor roof
    a few minits later haroled birst in.Shaking the water on me, he gave me some yummy worms.
    After that I waited for the wether to get beter, then harold swich places with me and I flew to hordle park.
    It was lovely to get out of the house,the wind in my fur and my friends beside me this ,despite the rain at the start,was the best day ever.
    As I landed, i saw a worm peping out of the ground.I wached brownies for a bit and then flew home.
    WEDNSDAY the 25TH of APRIL
    ps. the flashing light in my house is geting very distracting.

  8. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Dear Diary,

    As i woke up this morning it was raining (as normal) but later that day the sun came out so i searched for some food.Firstly,i went in someone’s garden and discoverd a whole swarm of insect’s which included:worm’s,moth’s,and even some seed’s.I had to rush back because i thought my precious eggs might have hatched,sadly they didnt but i was still cheeful.So i decided to fly over Hordle school and the church spire and i spotted some of my birdy friend’s hunting for some food,so i told them a good loctaion that i had discoverd early that morning.

    By Thomas.T

    Word count:104

  9. Jay D says:

    Dear Diary,

    Today I woke up in my warm and snug nest and thought about what I’d have for breakfast from a wide range of treats. Whilst thinking about food, I spotted a juicy delight from the corner of my eye: a worm! Swooping down, I caught the wriggling snack and quickly
    returning to my nest I swallowed it whole. Resting on my five eggs (which I hope will hatch) I had the idea of going on a trip which be a change to my day. Squeezing through the small hole of the bird box , my plump husband , who had been to see his mates instead of finding food, looked like he was now stuck. Luckily, he managed to free himself by breathing in as far as he could. Giving him the job to keep the large eggs warm I headed off.

    With the gentle breeze on my feathers, I glided down to Hordle Cliff

  10. Jay D says:

    Part 2 of Jays homework

    Finally, arriving at the beach ,I spotted a dozen of my friends.After a long chat and a small snack I headed home. Back at the bird box I relaxed after a tiring day.
    Ps I still can’t figure out what that red light is.

  11. Ben W says:

    Dear Dairy,
    As I woke up this morning, I went out to get breakfast but I rushed home to see if my eggs have hatched. When they hatch it will be eggcellent because I can see my babies for the first time. I am thankful for my lovely bird house and my husband loves the nest . It is boring sitting on these eggs 24:7 which is another reason why I want my little babies to appear and to give my poor bottom a rest from all the egg sitting I do every, single day of the week. I also want them to hurry up so that I can watch them grow and learn to teach them to fly.

    Ps Why is that man holding something with a light flashing at me?

  12. G Chloe says:

    Dear Diary,
    This morning , as I woke up and stretched out my sapphire wings, I also sang a bird like song, with all the right notes as well.My eggs are starting to warm up,already,suddenly my other half flew in(Dave ,he catches the worms for me everyday so I gave him a break today.)As i glided outside, I could see a birds eye view.That is one of my jokes!In the distance I could see something wriggling below .My breakfast yum yum, like a dart i dived with reprehensibility I snatched the worm from the ground.On my travel home I felt extremely tiered . Finely home at last I gave half to Dave and the other half to me.I asked how are the eggs getting on.He replied yes just fine.
    See you soon
    Birdie XXX
    P.S I can not seem to get over that enoying light in the side of my nest!I must find out.

  13. Paige S says:

    Dear Dairy,

    Today was very normal! It all started of at 07:00 am ,when I woke up, I washed my feathers then waited and waited for Jimmy , daddy of the chicks , to bring me my breakfast.After half an hour of purching on my beautiful baby chicks, he finaly arrived :
    ” You are late !”I complained while pulling out my broom ready to sweap the nest.
    “do you know how long it takes the find mineture worms?” he replied as he fed me.
    “right , never mind , just don’t do it again !” I moand , switching over seats.
    He carefuly clambered on to our lovely eggs driffting to sleep.Qietly, I sweeped the nest making my 5 star home even more glamerous.I hope my eggs hatch soon!

    PS: I am still consurned about the flashing red light in my house.

  14. Rosie H says:

    Dear Diary,

    This morning I woke to the howling winds, I was scared it might blow my house away however the kind man that built this residence must be a must be an accomplished builder as my home stayed firmly mounted on the wall. Good job my babies are safe and sound in their egg shells otherwise they may have been petrified by this awful weather.
    For the first time in five weeks, I had a break from incubating my trio of eggs when my dear Bill took his turn (after all they are his babies too). I enjoyed a thrilling fly, stretching my wings wide. The flight made me hungry so I filled my tummy with a few wriggly, juicy worms.
    I returned to my motherly duties continuing to brood my precious chicks.


    135 words

  15. Kerry O says:

    Dear Diary,

    I’m amazed how many eggs I have laid , because I have laid nine eggs ,so I have to keep them warm so they will hatch into my babys.
    And when my babys hatch out , I will have to try and find some food for them. I’m trying to keep them dry , because it also rains alot .

    P.S someone is spying on me. So who is it ?

  16. Alexander C says:

    Dear Diary
    My name is ‘Blue’ and as I fly high, I spy a wiggling catapillar (my favorite)
    I swoop down, and gobble him up,survival is most important, for me and my family.
    The sky is blue as I fly home, ducking between trees, seeing all my other bird friends the sparrows,
    and blackbirds, robins and noisy pigeons.
    My journey takes me to my home, the nest I share with “mrs blue” . I then share my lovely catapillar with her , she is ready to lay her eggs , we are very excited! about our new arrivals.
    I also noticed a small light in our home amongst the twigs, we are really quite clever! and realize some tiny people are watching as our family arrives.I wonder if they know we are watching them also.

  17. W Oliver says:

    Dear diary,
    This morning I woke up early to the delightful singing of my neighbours. I heard that one of my friends had spotted a patch of land that was infested by huge juicy worms. After breakfast, a lovely bowl of peanuts, I stretched my wings and flew off in search of this patch of land that my friends were talking about. Finally, I arrived at this marvellous feeding patch. Worms were everywhere! I quickly snatched a few before the worms retreated to the safety of the ground. But on the way back to my home I swiftly snatched some hay from a nearby rabbit hutch to keep my eggs nice and warm. As I landed on the front porch I saw my husband, Nick, doing a great job of looking after my precious eggs and keeping them toasty warm. I took his place and carefully positioned myself on our beautiful eggs. There I stayed in the comfortable surroundings of my humble home. Until tomorrow.

    (P.S) I can normally can figure out most things myself but there is just one thing bugging me , that flashy thing in the corner I don’t have the most slight idea of what it actually is.

    Word count:201

  18. Samuel S says:

    Today, I was awoken by the sound of rain falling. I am starting to feel fed up with this weather.

    I put off going out for as long as I could, hoping the rain would stop, but unfortunately it just continued.

    I did not venture far, just to the playing field. There I found a couple of juicy worms, and some bread crumbs. I rushed back as quickly as I could to dry off and keep warm. I then spent the rest of the afternoon partying under my red flashing disco light.

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  19. Lexie N says:

    Dear diary,
    As i woke up my eyes feltt like i was asleep but i was acutaly awake i dont no what happendt but lets just forget about
    that.When i glanced out of the window i was wondering were was Paul the babies father he should have been back my now.Here he comes FANTASTIC now i can go and explore hordle great.I change my mind i am going to the beach so of i flew.As i reached the sea
    side i smelled for anything YUMMY to eat for my breaakfast \ lunch .Then i could smell something YUMMY of cause it’s a worm my i made my way down to the sand and finaly i caught a worm .Now it’s time to go back to my 9 eggs .GOOD NIGHT everyone .

  20. Lexie N says:

    Dear diary,
    As i woke up my eyes feltt like i was asleep but i was acutaly awake i dont no what happendt but lets just forget about
    that.When i glanced out of the window i was wondering were was Paul the babies father he should have been back my now.Here he comes FANTASTIC now i can go and explore hordle great.I change my mind i am going to the beach so of i flew.As i reached the sea
    side i smelled for anything YUMMY to eat for my breaakfast \ lunch .Then i could smell something YUMMY of cause it’s a worm my i made my way down to the sand and finaly i caught a worm .Now it’s time to go back to my 9 eggs .GOOD NIGHT everyone .

  21. William S says:

    Dear diary,

    Today was beautiful! As usual, I wasn’t looking forward to rain all day and when I woke up this morning I was elated to find the sun shining splendidly in the bright day-lit sky. I decided that I ought to start finding a nesting place for my husband and I to live. luckily, I noticed a handy but small box in a lovely courtyard in the middle of some kind of building. Anyway ,tomorrow, I better get started on nest construction so I should conserve my energy and go to sleep in my brand new home!

    Tweetie X
    PS: as I’m a blue-tit, shouldn’t this be a tweet?

    word count: 112 words.

  22. Emily A says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was very busy because I laid nine eggs, and that was eggstremely busy (haha). I woke up very early tweeting my favourite song, then I went to catch some fresh worms for breakfast. After that I went and had a bath at my favorite spot, flew home and thats when it began. After laying the eggs I had to stay home because I needed to keep them warm. This is why I have had an eggstremly busy day!

    I see this tiny object in the corner aiming at me and i am not sure what it is. Do you think I should be worried about it or not?

    catch ya later.

  23. Tarka A says:

    Dear diary,

    Waking today to the familiar sound of chiming milk bottles, I leapt up. To my gratitude, I was greeted by my welcomed friend : Mr Milk Man!
    As soon as he passed the corner, away on his next errand, I glided down to enjoy my favourite: the golden topped milk. It was tough going, this one was double topped! Luckily I managed, as the prize was simple irresistible.
    Ravenous, I swopped across the school from ,my humble home, to collect breakfast. Below All Saints ,I managed to spot ANOTHER delectable worm. If only I had SOMETHING different to pamper my taste buds.
    Until tomorrow!

    Birdy x
    P.S. Yet to discover what the mysterious flashing light is in the corner of my beloved house. Sometimes, it feels like I`m being watched!

  24. Megan S says:

    Dear Diary,

    Dear Diary,
    What a good day. I woke up to rain tip tapping on my house….again! I am getting rather fed up with getting wet so often, the water keeps messing up my lovely feathers and I am spending so much time grooming! I decided to stay snug & warm in my house for a while longer to see if it cleared up. Sure enough, a couple of hours later the sun came out and filtered through my little front door. I checked to see that my eggs were ok and off I flew over the nearby houses. The nice people who live in the houses often put out food in their gardens, and as long as I keep an eye out for the beastly cats it usually easy to get a good meal! I feasted on breadcrumbs and found some nice juicy worms that were emerging out of the very wet earth. When I could eat no more, I flew back to my nest (with a few new twigs and some hair to repair some worn out bits!), and settled down on my eggs for a good snooze. Till tomorrow.

    Birdie xx
    P.S have yet to find out what the odd flashing light in my house is….

  25. Rebecca K says:

    Dear Diary ,

    Today was the day of rain rain , and more rain. From the moment I opened my eyes all I could see was rain. I love to hear the rain on the roof of my little house and it is very handy to have a little window to look out of. I feel very warm and cosy.
    I have been thinking of my friend the barn owl who lives in the depths of Hordle Woods. Barn owls cannot hunt when it is raining – I have asked my husband to go and see if Mr. Barn Owl is surviving. The eggs are safe and looking beautiful; I can’t wait to see my babies.
    Birdie xx
    P.S. I wonder if the flashing light in my house is a cuckoo alarm!

  26. Stephanie F says:

    Dear Diary,

    Today, as I was gliding through the air, I noticed a strange box had been posted on the wall of a school, (as I think it is pronounced) so I had to see what it was. Squeezing into the narrow space was though, but when I eventually squized into the box it was Interesting. I thought to myself that it was perfect the only thing was that there was an annoying flashing light in the top left hand corner of my box. So, once I had thought about it, I realised it was a perfect home for me and Robert (my birdie husband) so I started bild our nest. Once I had finished I made my self comfortable for my first night.

    Night night diary,

    Word count: 116

  27. Freya S says:

    Dear Diary,
    My day was a bucket full of feathers:
    It all stared when……….
    I woke up like every morning and started to politely prune my feathers, the sun protruding from the ridged rooftops it filled my heart with joy. Finally, my always-late partener arrived with breakfast (wiggling worms….again!) Fluffing my nest, to make sure my nine perfect eggs are comfy, I told(or mostly demanded) my husband “We need to have a clean and we need more twigs!”Giving me a clossel grin I knew I wasn’t going to like what was about to happen.Of course! I had to get the twigs.And I had to tidy up.I have to do every thing! I am ssoo fed up with him I could pluck him!

    After getting though that microscopic hole (why do people make them so small there imposable?), I headed out to feach some twigs and mabye more breakfast I had only six slimy worms! I’m going to be a mum in a week I need filling foods!
    I thought it would be calm and easy to catch sevral twigs and breadcrums, however (or should I say unfortunetly) it wasn’t. Firstly, the first living creature I saw was….a cat prowling across the cinamon coluered fence and was yowling a beak shattering sound.Now should I get on with the end or will it take years?! So after the complete chaos with that dumb cat he couldn’t even see what I was I mean I look like a Blue Tit don’t I? Anyway I picked up the wind and flew so gracefully I looked like a butterfly! I unfortunetly did not landed like a butterfly. I might of had a problem I mean its not like I knew that there was a two thousend year anniversary of an oak tree going on that I inturupted.I gladfully glided back to my house when of couse there were twitchers , bird watchers , and I had to pose and bragg that I got my picture taken!

    I just fitted in the hole when I came home to tidy up when I suddenly saw: a sparkling home, a party with all my friendsand to top it all off nine beautiful baby Blue Tits!!As my lovley boyfriend came to hug me, a tear trickeled down my feathered face.It immedeouetly came to me …………the babys had hatched!!
    Love Birdiex
    And just to say me , my boyfriend and my babys are all curious what that verrmillion flashing light is its like someone or something is watching us concently.

  28. C Joshua says:

    Dear Diary

    I opened my eyes and looked out of my little hole in my birdy home, and noticed another day of rain! but all is good because that means the ground is soft and easy for our breakfast ,a nice juicy worm! .So as my little tummy rumbled i decided to have a visit to the ground below. And in the lashing rain i pecked and dug for our breakfast. My friend tommy flew down to get some food for his family for his wife as she was at home sitting on her eggs just like my wife, so we had a little chat gathered some worms and flew back into out cosy homes. My wife was all snuggled up on her nest keeping our baby eggs warm, i gave her a nice juicy worm kissed her beak and she had a little snooze, as the man of the house i felt my morning chore was done and i snuggled in beside her and we had 40 winks! .

  29. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow team! What fantastic diary entries! Well done for all writing in the first person and past tense! I have been particularly impressed with the children who added a drop in clause and time connectives!
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading your Little Canada diary entries after next week!

    Miss Cazneaux

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