Team Wilverley Writing of the Week!

A massive well done to Team Wilverley for their hard work during this week’s Big Write. You all worked really hard when writing a letter to the Natural History Museum on your unidentifiable creatures.
I was particularly pleased with Oliver and Rosie, who have been awarded ‘Star Writer’ awards. I am sure you will all be impressed with their writing below.

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13 Responses to Team Wilverley Writing of the Week!

  1. Isabelle H says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Such amazing writing you should be very proud of your selves. Rosie, you use some amazing vocablary and Oliver I like the sound of your creature. When we do are tests in 3 weeks you two will have absoulty know problem.

  2. Kerry O says:

    WOW Oliver and Rosie what a fabulous peace of work well done.

  3. Libby J says:

    WOW!!This writing is superb! I might steal some of your creative ideas to put into my work! You both should be very proud of yourselves , keep up the good work!

  4. Elliott D says:

    Oliver and Rosie that work is amazing!!!!!! Oliver your wide range of vocabulary is amazing. When the end of term exams arrive you will have no problem in passing them.

  5. Nathan E says:

    Good work Rosie I loved your work and Oliver!!!

  6. Olivia A says:

    Absoulately brilliant !!! You two worked very hard on these I can see, and you must be very proud of yourselfs because I havent been on here yet and I am year six !!! But I know that I will work as hard as you and may get on the blog. Well Done and keep working as hard as you are !!! 😉

  7. Freya S says:

    Kerrys right WOW!!!! Its abslotly amazing you should be very very proud!Im sure Miss Cazneaux is.Well Done!

  8. Elise M says:

    WOW! What levels did you get on them?

  9. Aidan H says:

    I very impressed with Oliver and Rosie’s big writes this week, if only I could write as good as them…To be honest, I’ve jotted a few pieces of vocabulary just now! Well done star writers!!!

  10. Dayna S says:

    Well done Rosie and Ollie. I think your descriptions were absolutely great!!

  11. Abigail R says:

    WOW!!!Your writting is so amazing!!Your thoughts came in very well in this type of text.You should be very proud of yourselfs!!When we have our tests you will geat a mindblowing score!!!!!

  12. Lewis T says:

    Wow! Oliver and Rosie I bet thats the best peice of work you have ever done! Its going to be hard to beat.

  13. Megan M says:

    Wow you both should be very proud.

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