What’s Your Dream Job?

Blog about what you want to do when you’re older! Maybe: a Nurse, a footballer, a hairdresser, a dentist, a teacher, some kind of instructor or to be in the army!

There might be a unusual job you want to do or a job that helps people. Whatever it is, write about it as we would love to know!

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42 Responses to What’s Your Dream Job?

  1. Nathan E says:

    My dream job is to be an RAF pilot and fight for my country in the war.

  2. Liam M says:

    When I am older, I aspire to be a Cricketer. I am doing very well so far because I have made excellent progress: I made it into the new forest team! I need to work as hard as ever now to come one step closer to my dreams: Hampshire. If I have a good district season, I could be asked to attend the Hampshire trials. If I am chosen to play in the Hampshire county side, I will be yet another step closer to achieve my dreams. The last step is England. I have to play extremely hard and well during my teens and hopefully, some England scout will tell the team that I am doing well and recruit me for training and I’ll have a shot at my goal. Hopefully, they will take me for all four forms of the game: Twenty Twenty (T20 (20 overs per side), One Day International (ODI (50 overs per side) and Test matches (as many overs until the whole batting side is out or the batting side declare and end their innings. After that, the side that was bowling, bats and there are two breaks in total: morning, lunch and end of day.This process continues for five days.

  3. Lewis T says:

    When i finish secondry school and college, i aspire to be an accountant due to not only the money but also the plasure
    of working at such a high earning place.However, this means me moving to London because it is where you get a huge amount of money and you take your job more seriously. If i would like to be an accountant I ill have to do buisness studies in secondry school and work real hard! I cant wait to hear from you all telling the world about what you want to do when you grow up.
    Liam, it will be amazing to see you on the t.v im sure you will be our number one player foe England!

  4. Aidan H says:

    When I am reasonably older I would like to become a world-wide inventor, I love mixing up wires and resetting them because when I was little,very little, I ate a DVD and I think as DVD’s are very technical it made me think all technical as well!!! We’ve already got an inventing shed for creating gadgets and so far I have made (with my dad as well) a mini electric car which sadly ended up in torn wires across the floor…It was a tragedy.

  5. Thomas B says:

    I would like to be a footballer when i`m older because i play alot of it and its just my hobby.

  6. Jade R says:

    My aspiration is to be a Dentist, however, Im not too sure why I would like to be one! Moreover, if I don’t become a Dentist, I would like to keep Netball up and go as far as I can with the sport!

  7. Katy M says:

    I hope that you become a cricketer Liam,and i hope that you will be in the RAF Nathen.
    Furthermore, i aspire to be a primary teacher or a PGL leader!

  8. Jodie.Qizilbash says:

    I would love to be chocolate or a teacher.

  9. Olivia A says:

    I would like to be an olympic showjumper and try and win a gold medal. This is because I live on a farm and have wanted to be like my Grandad.

  10. Elliott D says:

    My dream job is to be a movie star and to be famous.

  11. M Lauren says:

    When i am older i would like to be a forensic scientist due to the fact i appsoloutley love science and would like to help out in the police force.

  12. Enya-Rose T says:

    I aspire to become a lawyer due to the fact its like debating and debating is my favourite thing. In addition, I would like to become a lawyer because I am inspired by law and many other topics related to law. I would study in a university in London. I am going t If my plan does not work I would help out at Charlotte’s Restaurant.

  13. Maisie W says:

    When I’m older I aspire to be many thing’s such as:
    4.Textiles designer
    5.Work at Build a Bear

  14. Maisie W says:

    please add to last comment

  15. Maisie W says:

    7. PGL instructor

  16. Enya-Rose T says:

    I really hope you become a RAF pilot Nathan, I hope you become a cricketer Liam. M, I hope you become an accountant Lewis, I hope you become an inventor Aidan, Thomas I hope you become a footballer, Jade I hope you become a dentist, Katy I hope you are a PGL leader, Jodie I hope you become chocolate or a teacher heehe, Olivia I hope you become an Olympic Show Jumper, Elliot I hope you become a star, Lauren I hope you become a forensic scientist!! Remember if you believe in yourself anything is possible!! I wish the best to you in becoming what you aspire <3

  17. Louis R says:

    I would like to be a famous football player because you earn lots of money so I can get a nice car and house.

  18. Emma R says:

    When I am older I apire to be a Patisarie( a cake artist) or a Chef because of my passion for food and being creative.Furthermore, I would like ot add a sciency twist in by creating weird and wacky cakes and meals!

  19. Elise M says:

    To be honest I would like to be a police officer or work with animals like in the RSPCA!

  20. Jonathan D says:

    I aspire to be a zoo keeper, due to the fact that i love animals and i love birds.

  21. Alice M says:

    I don’t quite know what I would like to be when I’m older so I have come up with a few ideas:

    . Firstly I would like to become a primary school teacher because I love getting involved.
    .Secondly I wouldn’t mind doing a job to do with Maths so that I could put my skills into action.
    So I might have to wait until secondary school for some more inspiration ???
    Great post Katy.

  22. Tavi H says:

    When i grow up i aspire to be an Actor on TV because every night i watch the same film and it just feels so exiting to peform and also because i can go on shows like eg:Lorraine, and i can show all off my routines and things like that!

    Everybody that has blogged on this website talking about their aspirations i hope you all get them!!!

  23. Libby J says:

    I am not 100 percent sure yet , but I aspire to be a ballet dancer and perform in front of an appreciative audience who love dancing as much as I do or star in a TV programme on popular shows. More over I suppose it would br quite fun if you were a zoo keeper and look after all the cute animals and fed the interesting mammals. Their are so many choices I want to be when I am older it seems so tricky to just cancel them down to one! I may even change my mind every couple of years untilI find the dream job I have always wanted to do! Maybe I could be a movie star and become famous…..

  24. Oliver S says:

    I would love to be in the olypics and try to win a gloryous gold medal!

  25. Annabelle W says:

    What I aspire to be is a bit embarassing but I don’t care! When I’m older I want to be a TV
    Presenter, but not any old TV Presenter… a Blue Peter one! I already feel as if I am getting
    closer and closer to my dream as I enjoy drama and I love watching it as it helps needy
    charitys such as a few in Africa and Children in Need! Oh, and how can I forget Sports Relief! Helen
    Skelton is such a determined person from doing: The Polar Challange (venturing across Antartica)
    this year, a 150-metre tightrope between chimneys at Battersea Power Station, 66 metres above
    ground, to raise money for Comic Relief in 2011, and kyaking the amazon in 2010! If I do not
    succed my dream job, I would like to help with animals / mammels!

  26. Olivia G says:

    When I grow up I aspire to become either a teacher or a gymnast!! Infact its not really plausible but I ultimately want to reach the Olympics on my flexible graceful adventures of somersaults and cartwheels. Moreover, if I link them both together I could even become a Gymnastics teacher and inspire and guide the next generation of young gymnasts to have their own adventures and discover the beatiful art of Gymnastics . Despite the fact I am currently not so great at the swift sport, I am inspired by Olympic proffessionals and am determined to develop my skills so that I may acheive my goals.

  27. Paige S says:

    I am not sure what I want to be when I am older but i still got a long time to think about it!!!! 😎

  28. Elizabeth G says:

    When i’m older, i aspire to be an Olympic horse rider and take part in show jumping. However, it will take a lot of practice as i am only just above the novice stage.I was first inspired by a friend at my old school(Ellen ) who has two of her own horses,Bertie and Dawn which she keeps at Flanders Farm.Iwonder if any one else likes horses?

  29. Brooke E says:

    I aspire to be a, fashion desighner when im older ,as i am very good at crafty things!
    due to the fact i have this set at home and you have too make some clothes moreover, you have mannequins to do it on .I first wanted to be a fashion desidgner when i saw this set in a shop (john lewis).Afterwards i started planning by drawing clothes with olivia (my freind) .After,i spotted this set i realy wanted to have it,after i had a holiday(at Center Park’s)i saw this fashion desighner set i was realy nice and good so at the end my mum baught me it as a little treat!

  30. Aimon G says:

    When I am older, I want to be a member of the construction business due to the fact that my father is in the constrution business and he actually built some of this school (the new class room)! inadition another resaon why I want to be in the construchtion trade is because when I am older I can make home inprovements with out hiring a trads man to do it for me. moreover my borther is tn the constrution trade and he works for bethan botes in limingtion so it runes in the famaly to be in the construchtion indistry. finaly my god father is in the constrution business and hes tort me some of the trikes for brick laying.

  31. Cameron P says:

    My dream job would be,is to become accountent due to the fact of my exellence in mathmatii would Or to be envoled in some sort sport.Furthermore i would like to be a chef in a five star resturant.

  32. Jodie M says:

    When I am older I want to be in the Army or RAF Pilot

  33. Libby J says:

    The amazing teachers , at my past few schools, have inspired me to become a teacher myself when I am older, I am not sure what type of teacher I aspire to be but I have numerous ideas: music teacher, dance teacher , art teacher or a normal teacher! Their are so many choices to choose from it seems impossible to be just one. Due to the fact our yar 6 production is edging nearer, it has given me the idea to be a famouse actress when I am older and star in the most modern, exciting movies and shows!

  34. Jonathan D says:

    You know I mentioned that I would like to be a zoo keeper? Well, I might not because instead, I might be a Zoo Keeper/F1 driver! Due to the fact that I love F1 cars and adore animals.

  35. Libby J says:

    Maybe being a nurse would be an interesting job because you would feel so privaliged and proud if you were able to help someone if they were ill or hurt and you helped them get better. You are always helping people or saving their lives and it woulf feel amazing if you could help so may people! You have to be smiley and great at cheering your patients up and I think I would be super at looking after the childeren because I always play with my little sisters, Poppy and Ruby!

  36. Isabelle H says:

    When I would love to be a RSPCA officer due to the fact when animals are in danger or abused I want to be able to rescuse them. I watch TV programs that rescuse animals and I would be privalaged to be that person who saves their lives. I have got two cats lola and smudge, who are brother and sister. Also I have got one guinea pig that is called Gizmo. When I am not working (when I am older) I would like to train dogs so they aren’t cheeky and disobedent. When I am about 14 and I need to get a job I probaly want to walk dogs for money. My mum loves animals to and when she as younger my mum had a Ladbour called Honey, Secondly my mum had another two dogs named Candy and Denio. It wold be an abouslt oner to be a RSPCA officer!!!!!!!!! If I don’t get to be an officer I would be an vetaniary nurse which is someone who looks afters animals and cares and cuddles for them. Animls are defantly my life and if anyone miss treats them and are cruel its breaks my heart. If I don’t want to be with animals I would be a singer and son writer due to the fact I am learing to play the piano. Who ele loves animals like me?

  37. Alex W says:

    When I am older I would love to be a product tester for the company apple witch means that I’ll have to move to California and there I will forfil my whole life’s dream now I’m not hoping to do it for the testing oh no I’m doing it for the products you receive and the money I will earn that is my future job.

  38. Kerry O says:

    When I AM older I would like to be a netball teacher because you can realy enjoy you.rselfs at netball

  39. Emily A says:

    At the moment i aspire to be a T.A because i like to help people who get stuck.

  40. G Chloe says:

    When i am older I would be a fashon designer

  41. Dayna S says:

    I would like to be a cartoon artist because l am realy good at changing a normal animal ( a volture ) into a cartoon and turning a head of a bull into a granny lost in a super stoor!

  42. Alice C says:

    When I’m older I have a few things I’d quite like to do…
    1. A primary school teacher
    2. PGL groupie
    3. Cake decorator
    4. Flourist
    5. Lawyer
    and finally, maybe a TA in the army: I want to fight for my country to prove us victorious again, after the war

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