If You Were Competing In The Olympics…

If you were competing in the Olympics, what sport would you do?
Would you be: a runner, a swimmer or something else?!

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18 Responses to If You Were Competing In The Olympics…

  1. Emma R says:

    I would be a swimmer because I enjoy going to the pool every saturday with my nan and we swim for about 40 minutes.

  2. Olivia A says:

    If I was in the olympics then I would definately be a show jumper because I have been doing horse riding since the age of four and my dream is to become an olympic show jumper !!

  3. Olivia G says:

    Ok, I know I am obsessed but I would do gymnastics.Most of you would of probably have guessed.

  4. Elise M says:

    Im not shore what I would do probobly sprinting or rowing because I love to do these and I am fast at running.

  5. Lucy C says:

    If I were to compeate in the olimpics I would be a swimmer due to the fact I live swimming and I am really cofident under water.

  6. Archie G says:

    The answer : I would be a cyclist.
    The reason : I practice every day when I get home from school in an arena my 20-year-old brother, Jake Stillwell, built from a smashed shed and my best time for three laps is 1:04.

  7. Alexandra S says:

    I would be an show jumper due to the fact I’ve been horse riding since I was two and I have entered over 50 compatitains and won around 25% of them. Its also my faviriot ativitiy because my pony[ genie ]makes it super fun!

  8. Mason S says:

    If i was in the olympics i would be a cyclist because i go on my bike and my dad cycles all the way to work every day.

  9. Emily A says:

    I would probably choose sprinting because i love running and it is really good exersise and thats is what i would choose if i was in the

  10. Megan S says:

    I would be an Olympic Show Jumper because I have been riding for 6 years so i’ve learnt alot over the years because of my naughty ponys.

  11. Patchouli P says:

    Well unfortunately Karate is not in the Olympics at the moment.However,hopefully in the future I could actually take part in the Olympics at Karate!

  12. Oliver S says:

    I would like to take part in the football for team GB or sprint for England!

  13. Lexie N says:

    I would be a runner because i love running but i would like to do short distance better i would still do long distance though .

  14. Isabelle H says:

    Well I would be a Horse Rider due to the fact I really adore horse. I used to do horse ridind so I am pretty good. I m sure horse riding will be a very popular sport because at school alot of people love horse riding. Or I would be a runner but I dont think I will be as fast as Usane Bolt.

  15. Alice C says:

    Maybe Pole Vaulting or javelin!
    They are very unique sports and I think they would actually suit me very well. Furthermore, I liked using the foam javelins in my old P.E sessions when I was in a different phase group.

  16. Harry B says:

    If I were in the Olympics I would do football because it is my best sport.

  17. Lewis T says:

    I would like to compete in the long distanc running,due to the fact, I came first many times at school.

  18. Charlotte R says:

    If I was to choose any sport it would have to be Table Tennis as I have been the new League Campion of the club and I have been playing for 3 terms straight.

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