If You Won The Lottery…


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  1. Emma R says:

    If I won ther lottery I would buy a busness in cake patasserie an I would employ workers until I am old enough to work there myself!

  2. Emily A says:

    If i won the lottery i would give it to charity (oakhaven) because they suffer with cancer and more so that is what i’ll do if i won the lottery.

  3. Dayna S says:

    it depends how much you win realy!
    I would spend it on………errrrrrrrr

  4. Dayna S says:

    i would split it between: me, my family and a charity or two!!!

  5. Pheobe T says:

    If i won the lottery………
    I actually don’t know what i would do if i won the lottery.
    I might give some of the money to my family.
    Oh and if i was still this age i would give 1/4 of the money to my mum and dad so they can bey a hudge house with a built in swimming pool in the back garden, and then with the rest of the money i would spend it on stuff you can do that is fun!!

  6. Abigail R says:

    I would spend it towards more solo pannels for the school in diffrent places on the school!!!

  7. William S says:

    and Chloe G

    We would give it to a charity because there are people out there who need it more than us.

  8. Libby J says:

    If I won the lottery , I would:
    1.Take my friends and family on a holiday to Ibiza.
    2. Go on a massive shopping spree.
    3. Buy a mansion for my family to live in.
    4. Buy Chessington so I could have it in the back garden of my mansion.
    5. Go to every theme park in the world.
    6. Get a computer for myself.
    7. Buy a collossal TV, like the ones in the cinemas, to go in the massive lounge in my new house.
    8. Buy a sweet and chocolate shop so me and my friends can eat chocolate when ever we want.
    9. Celebrate and have a massive party.
    10. Give a big chunk to numerous charities.
    11. Give my family what ever they wanted.
    12. Go to all the African countries where everyone is poor and homeless and build houses, schools and provide food and fresh water for them all to drink.
    13. Take my family to Disney land in Florida.
    14. Buy a posh , new car for my parents.( One each)!
    15. Pay off my Mum and Dads weddding.
    16. Buy lots of designer clothes, shoes and excessories for myself and friends.
    17. Buy an outdoor, huge hot tub and have a pool party.
    18. Buy real emerald earings, because my birth stone is an emerald.
    19. Travel all the way around the world.
    20. Go to Mc Donalds, Pizza hut or KFC every few days.
    And lots more that it will take days to type down!

  9. Olivia A says:

    If I won the lottery I would keep going to school, and pay of all the bills and with the money left over buy my mum and step dad a new house and of course have a room for me and each of my sisters and brothers !!

  10. Olivia G says:

    Well I would spend it on going all around the world in a private jet plane and I woud take two of my clossest friends Brooke and Elizabeth.More over I would also buy a mansion with a swimming pool and have a sleepover every day in my jacusy.A small amout of money can go towards charity and more gym equitment.

  11. Alexander C says:

    I would spend it on a helicopter and a lizard for pet if i have just a bit more money.

  12. Molly H says:

    If I won the lottery,hmmmm
    I would spend it on a big house.
    that the my howl family code live in.
    with a big garden and a horse for every one.
    and also I would have a animal rescuw senter and a vet.
    and then I would put the rest in my bank acawnt so wen I am 18
    I will have a bit of money so I can buy my own house and horse stables.
    and I will move the adopshen and the vets to ther own area so more people can
    get to it and I will call the adopshen and the vets animal rescow searvices and the vets animal rescow vets.

  13. Annabelle W says:

    If I won the lottery
    What would I get?
    Maybe a Car
    Maybe a Jet!
    Or what about a Mansion
    That sounds great!
    Where would my family go?
    If I won the Lottery,
    Where would I fly?
    Maybe Spain
    Or maybe Dubai!
    I might just stay home
    And have a rest
    Have a think in the morning
    Maybe that’s best!

  14. Pheobe T says:

    Right I’m gonna have another go at this …
    If I won the lottery…
    1. ( if libby hasn’t bought it) buy chessington
    2. get a manshion built in the front of the theme park (as my house for all my family)
    3. Go on a shopping spree with all my friends and family
    4. Take just my mum, dad , sister and the other sister to a water park for a whole 8 months
    5. Buy 3 olyimpic trampolines for me and my sisters
    6. Once we have been to a water park for 8 months, I would buy a swimming pool with flumes and water rides
    7. Buy a masive TV ( like the ones you get in a cinima)
    8. Go to the carabian
    9. Go to America and go on another shopping spree
    10. When I am at America I would also go swimming with dolphins
    11. Give my family what ever they wanted
    12. Buy a sweet shop so me and my friends ( not forgetting my sisters)
    13. Buy a years supply of Quarn ( for my cat Jabber)
    14. Buy a years supply of chicken and cheese treats ( for my cat Sim)
    15. Go on holiday 6 months every 2 years
    there is way more to come…

  15. Elise M says:

    If I won the lottery I would:
    1.Buy the million pound house down the road
    2.Go back to Mauritious
    3.Give some money to charity
    4.Go on a shopping spree
    5.Buy a really expencive car!(even though I cant drive…Yet!)

  16. Alice C says:

    If I won the lottery…
    What would I buy? I know I would give a quantity of the total to charity. I know I would buy a brand new house (ideally one in a exotic place: maybe the Carribean?!) Ok, here’s my list (it’s rather long!)
    1. Buy a mansion in the Carribean
    2. give some money to charity
    3. buy a Range Rover when I’m old enough
    4. save some money to go to uni
    5. go and meet ALL of the very famous celebrities at the BRITS on year
    6. give the school lots of funding money so that we can get pigs or any animal and solar panels!
    7. buy the worlds largest cadbury chocolate factory and still make the factory workers work with no wage (sorry!)
    8. Buy legoland
    9. Give my siblings a big surprise by giving them at least £10,000 EACH! (Because I’m generous)
    10. Go on a vast shopping spree
    11. buy Jack Wills
    12. go to a cat sanctuary and adopt all of them!
    I can’t think about anything else because we don’t have endless supplies of money but if I did, I would have LOADS MORE!

  17. Maisie W says:

    Thanks for all your comments guys i would get so much it would take years to write down but the main thing/s are:
    puppy and of course a load of cath kidston stuff!

  18. Jade R says:

    Hmmmm… If I won the lottery then It would be breathtaking! It would change mine and my family’s and friends’ life! Firstly, I would buy another house in a few other countries and then go on numerous amounts of holidays to all my houses! Then, I would buy a shop full of new clothes, accessories, furniture and more! Meanwhile, I would give my family 1/4 of the amount each so they can purchase as much as they want and what they would like! Furthermore, after going to designer, and many other shops, I would most certainly pay for all the bills and house money for all my family and make sure they are happy!

    Moreover, I would celebrate the wonderful happiness and hire a oversized posh hall where everyone I know can come in, eat the most expensive, delectable food and listen to the most recent music through loud, thumping speakers! To make my family even more excited er’ I would purchase a brand new car (what ever they wanted) and customize it to their standards! Due to the fact I would have more money left over, I would spend around £1000 pounds on the lottery, and attempt to win a life changing amount again! Although that is some of my dream items, there are plenty more and it would be amazing if it happened!!!! Well done to everyone who commented! They are so exciting!

  19. Enya-Rose T says:

    If I won the lottery I Would:

    1. Buy Shannon and provide my stables with what ever they need or want when ever they need it.
    2. Buy a mansion with 20 acres on which I would have: The horses field, Biggest swimming pool in the hole of the world, have a theme park in the back of my garden, have a collasal garden with many things such as decking flowers and many many more in addition i would add a sauna, hot tub, spa, roller skate rink, ice skatting rink, riding school and much more.
    3. I would give 15,000 towards every charity and visit Africa and all the other poor places in the world and give them everything they need.
    4. Have a huge party. But the day before me and my closest (best friends) would go on a shopping spree who would include: Libby (of course) Masie, Thea, Izzie, Laura, Jade, Katy.
    5. Buy myself and my friends tickets to meet all their and my idols and favourite singers.
    6. Throw a huge party at my new mansion.
    7. Try and perswade Jade to get on a horse 🙂
    8. Take me and my friends on holiday everywhere and anywhere.
    9. Buy a Limo of every shape and colour.
    10. Buy all my favourite shops with the latest fashion where myself and my friends could shop for free.
    11. Buy myself a gym where I would work out every day to loose weight.
    12. Go and meet the people from T.O.W.I.E, for people who dont know what it stands for it means: The Only Way Is Essex, where i would arrange for us to go to Amy Childs Salon.
    13. Visit Oakhaven where I would ask them what their wishes are and try my hardest to grant them.
    14. Help doctors find cures for things they have not found yet.
    15. Buy my parents everything they need.
    16. Buy all the latest technolodgy for my friends and I.
    17. Find the biggest Cath Kidson shop and shop in there till I dropped.
    18. Take my friends and teachers to Bristol where we would visit Chocywokydoda.
    19. Buy Hordle all the supplies for them to help them in the near and far futere.
    20. Arrange to take the teachers on a shoppin spree with their friends to get what they deserve 🙂

  20. Alice M says:

    Well if I won the euro millions! Then I would spend it on……

    1. Buy my own netball court so that me and my friends could practice there
    2. I would buy my dad something really special for his birthday
    3. Furthermore , I would have to buy a stonking huge mansion ( moden with a lot of character )
    4. I would love to buy all of my family a horse each
    5. I would solve the mystery of all of the cancer and diseases in the world so that everyone could become well again and my grandpa would come out of hospital and all of my family could live in my mansion
    6. After that I would buy a huge boat with a swimming pool and jet skies!!!
    7. I wold donate 1/3 of my winnings to numerous amounts of charities including the east Africa appeal!!!
    I will post some more but I have to go now!!!

  21. Pheobe T says:

    this is way more to come…
    16. Buy a load of caht kidston stuff (better yet buy one of the shops)
    17. 3 puppys
    18. Another cat (the same as we have now)
    19. Go to Pizza hut every few weeks
    20. And, splash the cash with my mates
    21. Buy my dad his dream car
    22. Buy my mum any cath kidston thing she wants , when ever she wants
    23. Maby buy my younger sister a build a bear shop (so she can have any build a bear she wants)
    24. For my older sister buy her loads and loads of pip studio stuff ( to make her a little more HAPPY!)
    25. Now for me I would buy an i-pad
    26. Buy a thing that I would like
    27. Get my dad a motor bike
    28. Buy a hellicopter so when we are living in the house that we are in now we can fly over to my other house (chessington)
    29. Buy my mum her dream car
    30. Buy a house in another country
    Any way way way way way way way way way way, more that will take days to type down 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  22. Maisie W says:


  23. Isabelle H says:

    I would buy ….. :
    1) I would take 5 of my friends to america and travel around there for three weeks
    2) Secondly I would go on a massive shopping spree and I would buy whatever I won’t
    3) Futhermore I would buy a farm and haved all the big animals there and also I would have seven horses
    4) Moreover I would buy 4 dogs and call them : Romeo Millie Max and Lola.
    5) I would also get my mum a Aldi TT
    6) I would also buy a clossal masion with a humongus garden.
    7)I would also buy a laptop that is incredbile
    8) I would also buy a massive piano so I can practise and have my own music room.
    9) I would write a song and try to become famous.
    10) Fianally I would go to Afarica an see all the poor people and give money to charity
    I woukd love to type more but it would take me aboustly ages soooooooo by everyone !!!!!!!!

  24. Rebecca K says:

    If I won the lottery I would get a house in another country like : america, spain, Italy, france or Africa!!!!!!!!
    What would you do !!!

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