Day One at Little Canada

After a long journey, we finally arrived at PGL Little Canada! We’re all settled into our fantastic cabins and have already endured our first cabin inspection (most have scored above 5/10….). This afternoon we have played some great team work games and have begun to get to know our great groupie, Jade. After a scrumptious meal (sausage and mash or tikka massala) we’re now enjoying our evening activity: Robot Wars. This task involves the children completing a variety of team challenges to earn points to exchange for robot building materials. Tasks included: wig throwing, UFO challenge and crab football, all of which are being lead by three furry animals!Not long till bed…but a while until lights out!

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  1. Clare Woodgate says:

    Glad you have all arrived safely, I am sure you will all have a brilliant time. Robot wars sounds very exciting. I hope you get a few photos of the crab football!

    Keep us posted on your week and remember to take a few risks and experience some new and exciting challenges which you can cross off the list of things to do before you are 11.

  2. Mr Croutear says:

    Great to hear that you are having fun already, Years 5s! It only seems a short time ago that we were waving you off, I really hope the weather is kind but if it is not… will have a great time anyway! Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for the D.I.S.C.O!!!

  3. Olivia G says:

    By the looks of the pictures you are having such a fab time.
    how was the journey?

  4. Olivia G says:

    Also again by the lookes of the picture on the rite you are lucky because of the weather.

  5. fiona.adams says:

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time already. It’s great to be able to keep in touch with you all via the blog.

    It’s mighty quiet here without you all but your photos are up around the school so all the children can see what you’re up to.

    Really looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for a bit of a dance floor spectacular! Be good and make us proud. GO TEAM HORDLE!

  6. Kate P says:

    Hi everyone! hope you are all having fun. Love the photos, keep them coming.

    (Ben you will be pleased to know the new computer is working – sorry that means I can stay in touch – ha ha ha)

    Have a great day.

  7. Oliver S says:

    wow year 5’s! Looks like you are having great fun. I remember when we went last year, it was awsome! I hope you are having as much FUN as we did.

  8. Emma R says:

    It sounds like you are all having a great time! Although it has been quiet, I am 100% sure that everyone back at school is missing you. What have you done today? Keep up the posts and I hope the rain is going to keep off!!

  9. Annabelle W says:

    Heya Yr 5’s
    I hope you are having a fabulicious time in Lil’ Canada without me! 😀 I want to know everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) you have done/ are doing there!
    Annabelle x

    P.S. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Actually, scratch that… Don’t do anything I WOULD do! 😀

  10. Katy M says:

    I hope your having a great time remember if your a bit worried about something give it a go otherwise you will regret it!!Have fun.

  11. Jade R says:

    Wow Year 5’s, it looks as if you are having a exhillarating time in Little Canada due to all of the obvious fun in your pictures! I wonder what you are doing right now, as I am typing this? Hmmmm…. maybe getting ready for bed; ready for another breath taking adventure tomorrow! Good luck and be a risk taker, maybe Miss Cazneaux is spotting some risk takers already! Have fun!!!

  12. Olivia A says:

    You look like you are having great fun but I think you should tidy your rooms as on the way back on the ferry you can win a prize ( which me and my friends won last year !! )

  13. C Joshua says:

    (Josh’s Mum) Wow, it looks amazing!!! What fun you all must of had despite the weather! And, typically the day you come home it’s sunny! I hope Josh has managed to have a go at all the activities …. As he said to me before he went……Mum i will go a boy…….come back a man!!!! Hahaha! so nice to see what you have been upto the blog is a great way to see what your doing and comfort and reinsurance to us mums who worry!! cant wait to see your happy faces later today! well done Year 5!
    Hazel Caffyn

  14. Philippa H says:

    Hope you had great fun at the disco on Thursday and have a safe journey home today. I can’t wait until I’ve heard all about the activities you’ve done at Little Canada.

  15. Lewis T says:

    Wow! All of you guys look like you’ve had great fun, I did when I went. For me, the best part was hands down Aero Ball!!

  16. Alice C says:


  17. Rebecca K says:

    Same I so tired althogh it was great fun !!!!

  18. Tarka A says:

    It was supreem! PGL was the most exciting thing thats ever happened to me, so far …Can`t wait to see what you year fours will think of there amazing facilties, including: The Giant Swing, the cabins, the FOOD, and of course ,The Matrix (clening qudbikes!).

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