Oliver’s Dog!

This is my adorable Dog Patch. Although Patch is 4 years old in human years, he is actually 28 years old in Dog years. Strangely, Patch always barks at the post man in the moning, this is because Dogs are colour blind and the postman wears a luminous jacket, maybe the bright colours just hurt there eyes. When I first met my new best friend (Patch), I thought he was a Guinea pig, when actually he was a Dog!

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9 Responses to Oliver’s Dog!

  1. Olivia A says:

    Aah, your dog is very cute I would love to have a dog like that for roxy, the dog round my mums house, to play with seeing as she is on her own all day when I am at school. But I don’t think getting roxy a friend will be a good idea because if the puppy was so small that it looked like a treat it may end up in her tummy !!!! Anyway I was wondering if he likes to play ball because all of my dogs don’t like it, but do like chewing them up ( especially footballs ) ?

  2. Emma R says:

    Oliver your dog looks so cute and fluffy Who chose the name and why? Moreover is he housetrained and does he behave? He looks qute mistevious to me!

  3. Elise M says:

    AHHH! I love your dog he is so cute! Is ihe picky about what he eats and is he a lap dog or is he fisty?

  4. Archie G says:

    Aww! I love him! The strange thing is that my deaf dog (Henry) looks 50% the same (the head is the same!). If you were walking Patch and Henry showed up, you would want to keep them seperated by a big distance (as he doesn’t like any other dog exept his passed-away brother) to avoid a fight.

  5. Charlie C says:

    I like your dog.

  6. Patchouli P says:

    So cute!! Oh and great name to! Im glad im not a postman though!

  7. Oliver S says:

    I wish i had a dog like that, because roxy ( my dog ) does not have anyone to play with all day. So not only me however my dog will love it!! 🙂

  8. Alice C says:

    Why did you you chose the name? Was it because it has brown patches on his fur?! It is a bit of a greedy dog? What’s its diet like?

  9. Harry B says:

    They are so cute.

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