Olivia’s Pets!

As you can see I have many, many pets and there are two missing. The two missing are Bubbles,my hamster, and Roxy, one of my dogs, but also we have many more cows and horses but I thought I’d tell you about these ones.

Firstly Super Ted, this is my little sister ( Scarlett’s ) shetland, who I may add is very cheeky he is the shortest out of all my horses and ponies. Secondly, their is Amira she is a grey pony who I haven’t seen in a while but have ridden. Thirdly, Freddie, sadly this foal died when he was about four weeks old as he had very bad knees and a bleeding side, we tried our best to keep him alive but he was just too ill. Next is Florida she has grown up to have her own foal ( which I do not have photos of ) and is out in the forest. Lola, Lola is my step mums riding horse and is only a two years ( I know young ) but is very beautiful now but that is a photo of her as a foal. Sixth, is Gurty she is at Flanders Farm as we can’t ride her because she was quite wild when we had her first. Poppy and Elvis ( the other one I will tell you about in a second ) these two are very love able dogs that are LOVE running around in our garden. Archie, this is the other dog , sadly passed away and is buried in our backgarden we have a cross on his grave and planted some flowers.

CHICKENS ! We have three chickens now and they are called : Ginger Ninga, Ben and Angel, we did have more but they were very old and also some of our dogs met the chickens and you probably know where the story ends but this year we are getting some more, whoop ! Blondie, finally you’ve heard me blab on and on about her but now you can see her, she is a palomino pony and is very good at show jumping, I love her to bits. These guinea pigs  which are on people are Scarlett’s they are called Biggie and Bom Bom they do love her but tend to scratch alot. Dreamer and Topaz, these two are lovely and Topaz is just starting to be broken in, Dreamer is my grandads horse that he rides but has had a break as their is something wrong with his heart. Sapphire is the mother of four and Topaz is one of them ! This mare has just had her first boy named Rubin and another pony that I don’t have a picture of is Graphite but I can assure you they are all brilliant. Remmie is also one of Sapphires foals and is very nice to me but if she doesn’t know you she won’t come up to you unless you have FOOD !!! Cows, the Cows are very funny because when they haven’t been out on the grass before ( as they are a calf ) they will start galloping round everywhere !! Another horse named Gracie ( this is the grey one ) comes out on rides with me and Blondie and is a very calm horse. Wally, as you can see this adorable puppy is a replacement of Archie (  ) and even though this is upsetting he loves our family and flops around everywhere, he is a wally !!

As you may see I have a lot of gorgeous pets that are very lively and even though some have ended up with a bad ending they were loved.The pictures are in the order of the animals that I have named.

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20 Responses to Olivia’s Pets!

  1. Elise M says:

    WOW! I love your pets. How do you manage to look after all of them? Is it hard to look after them?

  2. Alice M says:

    I love all of your pets Olivia!!! They look really nice , I can tell that you love horses!

  3. Olivia A says:

    I am just saying that the last bit of my description is not true it is not in order !!

  4. Jade R says:

    Wow Olivia, you have lots and lots of adorable pets! How many pets have you got all together that is just yours?

  5. Elizabeth G says:

    Wow !!!You have a lot of pets!!!How often do you ride??

  6. Bradley says:

    What cute pets.

  7. Olivia A says:

    Firstly, elise they are not to hard to look after because we love them so much ! But it does mean waking up early to feed them and give them water but the cows don’t really need to be looked after they just eat grass and water from their trofts and moving them field to field is the only thing really . Jade I only have three pets that are just mine: roxy, bubbles and blondie, but we all act like they’re all eachothers but everyone knows which ones are mine ! I ride on mondays, wednesdays, saturdays and sometimes sundays but if it is raining then I do not ! I ride blondie elizabeth and do lots of showjumping !! Thanks alice for your lovely comment I know you’ve met nearly all of them ! Keep on asking questions everyone !

  8. Megan M says:

    Wow i love your pets,are you going to get any more.

  9. Charlie C says:

    I like all of your pets.

  10. Olivia A says:

    Hopefully megan but we do have lots more horses and cows already but will be getting more chickens this year !

  11. Patchouli P says:

    I love your pets Livvy there so cute! You have loads!

  12. Oliver S says:

    WOW LIVVY!! All your pets are so cute. I love them all! There is LOADS!!

  13. Alice C says:

    Wow! I love all of your pets! How often do you ride them?:)

  14. Libby J says:

    Wow ! Your pets are AMAZING! There are so many of them! I wish I had such breathtaking pets like you!

  15. Olivia A says:

    Alice,I ride every oppurtunity I have: when it is sunny, when I’m not at school and every other time I’m round my mums !! Just to let everyone know I’ve finally got my new horse it is called summer and is lovely !!

  16. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow Livvy your pets are adorable. I Especially adore your horses. Which horse is Blondie? x

  17. Olivia A says:

    Enya my perfect pony is the palomino one sixth on the list of pictures on the right hand side !!!! Keep asking questions !

  18. Charlotte R says:

    WOW, Olivia! I didn’ t know you had that many pets! How do you handle all of them?

  19. Olivia A says:

    As a matter of fact I do not feed all of them because my dad , step mum, grandad, all my sisters , my grandads workers and me feed them so Charlotte we have a lot of people to feed them !!!!!!! Please keep asking questions !

  20. Olivia A says:

    WOW ! This was a long time ago now the Hordle Blog has progressed so much , I can’t believe it ! I hope this school carry’s on as well as it did when I was there !

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