TEAM TRIM – Writing of the Week

This week, we were challenged to write a newspaper report about a mysterious box! Children had to come up with unique ideas about not only who the box was delivered to but what was inside. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that this week’s winners are…Sam, George and Aidan! I really like your ideas about who the box was delivered to and some of your additional details such as ‘hobbling to the front door with a zimmer frame’ really made your writing seem realistic! Well done, Team! I feel very proud!

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8 Responses to TEAM TRIM – Writing of the Week

  1. Emily A says:

    Well done Aiden and George very good handwriting.

  2. supervisor.croutear says:

    Well done boys! It’s great to see your writing chosen for the blog! I’ll see you at Wii lunchtime club next week!

  3. Enya-Rose T says:

    Wow guys this is amazing the handwriting is immaculate. George you kept your humour under control which is tricky for writers therefore I feel you really deserved this. Due to the fact you guys have worked so hard I would like to congratulate you on your achievements. Keep it up only a few days left. 😀 x

  4. Bradley says:

    Well done George and Aidan and Sam this is realy great to see your fantastic writing.

  5. Patchouli P says:

    Well done boys! I hope you enjoy your Wii time! I wonder what you will play!

  6. Gabriela R says:

    Well done boys ! I hope you enjoyed your Wii time!Wandered what you did play!

  7. Gabriela R says:

    Well done you two ! Awesome piece of writing!

  8. Lucy C says:

    Well done all of you. I am sure Miss Trim is really pleased with you and the rest of the class is. 🙂

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