What’s your favourite TV programme?

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19 Responses to What’s your favourite TV programme?

  1. Olivia G says:

    Pop Girl!!!! If you have a sky box then type in 626 whith the sky remote its the best TV show in the world.I also like the show:good luck Charlie.

  2. Elise M says:

    UM….My TV station would be CBBC and my program would be the Voice.

  3. Paige S says:

    One of my favourite TV progams is ‘CBBC’ because there is always something good on like: Tracy Beaker Returns , 4o clock club or something intertaining ! 😎

  4. Isabelle H says:

    Well my favorite TV program is Animal Planet which isn’t really a program its a channel where its got loads of Animal Programs which I love to watch. The reason I love to watch them programs is because when I am older I would love to be somethin to do with animals. These programs hep me by teaching me about amazing animals.As well as watching them I love to watch Nickloden which has got loads of kids programs such as: Sponge Bob,Icarly and much muh more. Futhermore I like Disney Channel which has : Good luck charile,So ramdom,Austain and ally and loads more.

  5. Alexandra S says:

    My favariot TV station is Disney channel which is home to some of the coolest programs: Good Luck Charlie, Shake it up and Victorious!

  6. Jasmine L says:

    My favourate progamme has to be Would I Lie To You and Waterloo Road because they both are quite funny!

  7. Jodie Q says:

    My favourite programme is 4oclock club and tracy beaker on the channel cbbc

  8. Lewis T says:

    I do enjoy watching the only way is Essex Jodie and a lot of others think I look like joey Essex, I would have to say Water loo road.

  9. Emma R says:

    My favourite programe ( by far ) has to be Eastenders because it is really entertaining and I have watched it for at least 2 years. My favourite ‘kids’ channel’s are :Tracy Beaker Returns, The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Blue Peater because they are amazing and brilliant!!

  10. Lexie N says:

    My favourite programe is cbbc because it has all diffrent shows .
    One of my favourite programe is the story of tracy beaker and Mi high .

  11. Patchouli P says:

    Mine would probably be The Simpsons!

  12. Emily A says:

    I like Disney channel because there are my faveroute programe like:good luck charlie and Austin and Ally and more.

  13. Ella D says:

    Well mine is Disney Channel because i really like Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, Suite life on deck and wizards of waverly place because they are so funny .

  14. Annabelle W says:

    My fave TV Station (like most people) is CBBC due to the fact that I love most of the shows on it like: TBR, TSOTB, Blue Peter, 4 o’ Clock Club, and much, MUCH more! In addition, I also like Waterloo Road and Benidorm! 8)

  15. Jonathan D says:


  16. Maisie W says:

    i l-o-v-e CBBC!

  17. Louis R says:

    Mine is the football because I love it!

  18. Kerry O says:

    Well mine is Disney Channel beacause there is really exsiting tv programs.

  19. Megan S says:

    My favourite program is Waterloo road because it’s got lots of different story lines and lots of unexpected things happen .

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