Cracking Contraptions!

We are really excited about the Lower Junior topic, ‘Inventions and Machines’. Wallace and Gromit love coming up with new inventions. Take a look at this video clip about one of their great inventions called the Snoozatron’.

What do you think? If you could come up with a ‘Cracking Contraption’ to help at home, what would yours be? Why?

Wallace & Gromit – Cracking Contraptions – The Snoozatron

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40 Responses to Cracking Contraptions!

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    I would invent a machine that could make my favourite cup of coffee – just the way I like it, any time I wanted it! It would, of course, be served piping hot and appear on the coffee table without me needing to go and get it. Perhaps with a copy of the daily newspaper and perhaps a Rich Tea biscuit! Imagine what such an invention would be worth!

  2. Miss Cooper says:

    I would invent a machine that could provide me with an unlimited supply of chocolate! I would make sure it produced different types of chocolate for me to enjoy all day long. On the other hand I also love jacket potatoes so I would invent a machine that produced those on demand too! Yummy!

  3. Mr Phillips says:

    I loved teaching inventions and machines in Year 3 and 4.
    I would invent a machine that would make any book character I wanted come to life, then I would use it to make a real Gruffalo! I love the Gruffalo! Yipeeeeee!

  4. Miss Aslett says:

    The machine that I would like to invent the most would be a computer on my wardrobe that could pick an ideal outfit for me. It would show a preview of it on the screen so I wouldn’t have to try it on! Then when I choose the clothes, a robot arm would find the items needed and hand them to me. If anyone could build this for me I would really appreciate it!

  5. Mrs Arias says:

    Wow, Year 3’s an exciting new opportunity for you to start blogging. I wonder who will think of the wackiest invention? If I was to create a new invention it would be one to do my dusting as most of you know how much I dislike dusting! Mrs Arias

  6. Miss Cazneaux says:

    If I invented a machine or gadget, I would, without a doubt, invent something which could find my keys in my handbag. I am constantly losing my keys and it’s rather annoying. If I had a small device which could magically locate my keys, I would have a lot less stress when in car parks or outside my front door! I wonder if any of the Lower Juniors could think about the properties of keys and come up with an idea for a tool like this…..If you do, please come and tell me!

  7. Mrs Phillips says:

    I think all of these sound like very useful and luxurious inventions. If I could invent anything at all, I think it would have to be a pizza maker where I just threw in all the ingredients I required and it would silently mix, mould and make a perfect pizza within minutes. This delicious dinner would be baked to perfection with a crispy crust whilst still being a little doughy on the inside. Yum! My mouth is watering at the very thought!

  8. Thomas P says:

    It was really funny when Gromit bounced up and down. It is really funny when Wallace counts Grommit jumping. I would like a machine that makes my breakfast for me!

  9. Kate P says:

    I thought it was excellent! Could you do another one next week? It was funny when Gromit bounced and got the newspaper out because he was bored! I can’t wait till the next one! It’s going to be great like this one!

  10. Katie W says:

    Firstly,I thought that it was a very funny Vidio clip and that it is a great use of imagination and it is a very good invention. I also thought that it was really funny when Gromit was rudely awoken, got his sheep suit on and got ready for action and was bouncing up and down as Wallace fell asleep counting how many jumps he did. If I was to invent my own machine it would have to be an automatic Hoover and cleaner and it would work, let’s say for an example, if my bedroom needed tidying then I would get my automatic Hoover and cleaner and click my fingeres and it would start picking up dirty clothes and put them in the wash bin. At the same time it would be hoovering and polishing until it was sparkling clean.

  11. Kate P says:

    I can’t wait till our topic. I would invent a machine that got you every thing that you put on the shopping list!

  12. Rowan B says:

    I loved the video especially when Gromit dressed up as a sheep because he was reading the newspaper at the same time as bouncing on a spring. Please can you carry on sending videos because that was really funny. If I had to make an invention it would be a Supertron 2001 and if you are wondering what it does, it makes supper in second’s so you don’t have to cook. Cool or what?

  13. Gabriela R says:

    I think it was very funny when Gromit was a sheep. If I was an inventor, I would have a fashion maker machine to make my clothes instead of my mum buying them and make the clothes pretty and sparkle like the stars with sequins and glitter!

  14. James A says:

    I thought that was an amazing contraption! Honestly, I want one myself. If I could invent anything I would invent an interactive times table teller which would show a talking hologram of the table you’ve asked. P.S It would be solar powered!

  15. Katie W says:

    I can’t wait for our topic inventions and machines it’s going to be so much fun. Could you post another one next week!?

  16. Alice C says:

    Wow! I hope you really enjoy your topic!!

    If I could invent a machine, I would, without a shadow of a doubt, invent a unique contraption to…
    I am forever being nagged at by my Mum for me to tidy my room! If I had the machine to do the job, I wouldn’t have to ‘waste’ my time tidying up! 🙂

  17. Benjamin W says:

    I really enjoyed the video. I particularly liked the part where Wallace pulled the lever and Grommit was awoken. The alarm sounded just like the alarm on my watch. The alarm on my watch was set to go off each morning and thank goodness it did because I had searched the whole house twice over and it could not be found. However, this morning the alarm went off and I could track it down. It had fallen behind the TV.

  18. Benjamin W says:

    If I was an inventor I would invent an invention which would be a bookshelf which would push out the book which I would request just by speaking to it. After I had finished reading, I could place it back and it would put it back into the right place again.

    Please send some more videos for the blogger.

  19. Alice N says:

    I loved it so much i watched it 3 times! 😉

  20. Alice N says:

    miss trim,
    I loved this video clip- I watched it one more time!
    Please may you get some more fantastic clips up soon?

  21. Alice N says:

    If I could have any kind of invention, I would have a bedomatic which would wake me up in the morning so I’m not late for school!

  22. Alexandra S says:

    I remember doing this it was so fun, I loved the exit point!

  23. Benjamin W says:

    What a great topic to learn about!

  24. Tavi H says:

    WOW!!! If i were to be an inventor, i would have an invention that could make food when i only press one button!!!

  25. Tavi H says:

    I love this topic! I wish i could learn about it over and over again!!!

  26. Tavi H says:

    I think that Miss Trim should make another fantastic contraption on this amazing blogger to make it be the best blogger in the world!!!!

  27. Tavi H says:

    please Miss Trim make us a new contraption!!!

  28. Mrs Phillips says:

    Personally, I would love an invention which would clean my shoes. When I come home from a lovely walk in the forest, my shoes are filthy and the mud goes all over the carpet. I would love to get rid of this issue so I can wear my comfy shoes all day long! How much profit do you think I could make if I sold this amazing invention?

  29. Elissa F says:

    I think it is a very funny sight to see and I think I can make a invention that can make my bed and my tea also clean my bed.Do you know how exsitig this could be?

  30. Conrad.Hunt says:

    I would invent a snowatron which helps you get your early snow in the winter.The clip was a marvellous piece of work which could help people to do there own contraption and it inspired me to think and make my own contraptionwhich gave me the idea of the snowatron.

  31. Gabriela R says:

    I would like to make a chiefomatic to cook my dinner and to make huge icecream sundaes yum yum yum! It would be fun to know how to make a scrumpious pancakes.

  32. Isabel T says:

    Personally, I would love an invention that would make my bed.When I wake up I try to make my bed but it always turns out very messy.I wounder how much money it would make?

  33. Ella M says:

    I think the year 3 and 4 worked hard on their english because, their was vidios and dragon witters on their.If it was me inventing a invention it would be a money maker because if you have not got any money left you just push a button on the money maker it all give you some money but not too much because the money maker only likes giving you money that you need. What would you invent if you had that chance to make something just like the lower juniors did what would it be?

  34. Adam C says:

    If I was a inventor I would make a fantastic shopping monster! It would be amazing.It would be just be because I wouldn’t be botherd to go there.Plus I would just have too shuve a shopping list in to it’s mouth and off it will go!Do you think i will get alot of money for it?

  35. Joseph W says:

    If I were to create an invention it would be A fantastic Money Maker! This machine would be able to produce money when most neaded.Plus it would only cost five pound a mounth.Do you think I would make lots of custermors?

  36. Skye H says:

    I would like a machine which cleans my shoose in the monring and the afternoon.The shoose machine cleans my shoose so thay will be clean.How much muny would it be if I selly it?

  37. Jack G says:

    If I invented anything it would be a watch with music,facetimeand text. The price tag would be £20,000! I wonder.

  38. Samuel.C says:

    I think wallace and gromit is funny because of the dog dressed up as a sheep he is a silly dog also when he read the news paper in the air i really liked the vidio.

  39. Thomas P says:

    I would like a machine that does my homework for me and tidies my room in the afternoon and morning . It has a brush in its right hand and it has a pencil in its hair. It has bulging blue eyes . It has yellow hair which shines like the sun in the desert.I wonder how much money it will cost?

  40. Ella M says:

    I think the lower juniors worked their socks off because their was great witting on the blog and video on there and I thought that was brilliant!I wonder what they will be doing next.

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