Team Cazneaux – Writer of the Week

This week, the Upper Juniors were writing letters to Southampton City Art Gallery after an unknown painting was discovered! The children worked hard at describing the painting to try and give the art experts at the gallery enough information to help them to identify this impressive painting.

Thomas worked particularly hard during this Big Write and I was impressed by his motivation to include parenthetical commas to add extra information to a noun and how he carefully selected the adjectives he used to describe the scene. Furthermore, I was pleased with how he remembered to use prepositions (which is something he learnt about the week before). Well done, Thomas. Keep up the super writing!

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8 Responses to Team Cazneaux – Writer of the Week

  1. Sam P says:

    Amazing writing Thomas well done.

  2. Mr Croutear says:

    Congratulations Tom! A fantastic letter, you really focused on your writing targets and it was great to see you using prepositions to describe the painting!

    Look out for Team Croutear’s Dragon Writing of the Week….tomorrow!!!

  3. Alice N says:

    Congratulations Thomas!
    I have just been reading Oliver’s work from Team Croutear –
    your work is just as good as his!

  4. Gabriela R says:

    Congratulations Tom! A fantastic letter, you really focused on your writing targets.

  5. Kerry O says:

    Well done Tom! Your letter is amazing, you really did take your time in it .

  6. Abigail R says:

    Well done Tom.What a fantastic letter!A great Big write Tom.

  7. Emily A says:

    Well done Thomas that is one facinating.I think that delightful description.Furthermore,i think that deservse a…WOOSH well done.

  8. Nathan E says:

    Amazing writing bravo!

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