Team Wilverley – Dragon Writing of the Week!

Ruby is our dragon writer of the week! Congratulations!

I have picked this piece of writing because Ruby remembered all her speech punctuation. It also inspired me because there were fantastic prepositions and time connectives.

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7 Responses to Team Wilverley – Dragon Writing of the Week!

  1. Ella D says:

    Well done Ruby you used good description . Keep up the good work for next year.

  2. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Ruby! What a fantastic Big Write! It is clear you have really paid attention to Miss Aslett as I can see you have tried hard with your openers (time connectives and prepositions). Well done. This is certainly a Big Write to be proud of!

  3. Alice N says:

    Ruby – I am speechless!
    I begged Emily to tell me you were dragon writer of the week,but she wouldn’t,
    so I logged on and found out for myself!
    I agree with Miss Cazneaux – you really did pay attention to Miss Aslett otherwise it wouldn’t be so good!

  4. Abigail R says:

    WOW!You should be SO proud of this Big Write Ruby!Keep up the good work for your next amazing Big Write.

  5. Emily A says:

    Lovely handriting.You should be so proud of yourself keep it up.

  6. Alexandra S says:

    Ruby I’m speechless that was such a cracking piece of writing and I totally agree with Abigail and miss cazneaux! You should feel really proud of yourself and miss Asslett was right to make you dragons writter of the week. My faviriot part was the tension due to the fact you really build up to the part when Katie fell over. I also liked the flash back at the the end of your writing. Conradulations because you really deserved to be dragons writter of the week!

  7. Jasmine P says:

    Well done Ruby I’m so proud of you, good connectives!


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