Rainbow Class

Just a quick note to say that a blog all about what happens in Rainbow Class will be starting in the near future, very exciting! I am sure you are all looking forward to reading about what all our little ladybirds and bumblebees have been up to.

Mr Phillips and Mrs Gritt

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6 Responses to Rainbow Class

  1. Daniel S says:

    Brilliant cant wait to see what all our buddies are geting up to in the day.

  2. Lucie G says:

    Wow I cant wait to get a buddy when im in year 6 there so cute (: !

  3. Ella D says:

    I hope the Rainbow class are to they are going to be really exited about there first blooging cant wait to see there post later on in the year.Good Luck .

  4. Liam M says:

    Wow! I never knew that our buddies would be on the blog! I just cannot wait.My buddie may be on the blog! This is so exiting!

  5. Emily A says:

    I love my buddy he is so cute, but most of all I really love spending time with my buddy. I really enjoyed colouring in a robot with him the other day. I cant wait to see him again!

  6. Imogen C says:

    All I can say is wow! I can’t wait until i have a buddy! I can’t belive my sister is soon going to be on the blog!

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