Team Cazneax Dragon Writer’s of the Week

For this week’s Big Write, the children in the Upper Juniors were combining all of the skills they have learnt over the past four weeks and were writing a story.  After learning all about the key ingredients in tension, how to write vivid description (including verb starts) and working hard to perfect their speech punctuation, the children were faced with the task of writing a story with the title ‘If Paintings Could Speak…’

I was particularly impressed with Ben and Emily’s writing this week. Emily worked hard to think about an interesting resolution to the problem of a weeping Vincent Van Gogh portrait (involving giving him Mona Lisa as a buddy to cheer him up) and how she really worked hard to convey the main character’s emotions throughout the story. I was also very impressed with Ben’s Big Write this week too. He worked particularly hard at his tension paragraph and included some great techniques including: repetition for effect, clues to how a character is feeling and even an ellipsis. Both Ben D and Emily H have earned themselves Dragon Points and P.Bs. Well done!

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9 Responses to Team Cazneax Dragon Writer’s of the Week

  1. Sam P says:

    I liked the use of whilst in your writing Ben.

  2. Sam P says:

    Well done I like the way you have used a allitteration in your writing.

  3. Tavi H says:


  4. Dayna S says:

    Well done Emily & Ben….. first you archive a personal target:PB and then dragon writer of the week you’ve done so well and achieved so much for you and your english class! keep up the good work guys!!!:)

  5. Daniel S says:

    Briliant work Ben I love your hand writing.

  6. Thomas T says:

    WOW! Well done Ben and Emily these big writes are amazing.

  7. Tarka A says:

    Incredible!I wont be surprised when some of you guys start to move up into top set !Are teachers are doing a fabulous gob: I don`t know about you but i know how much i`v come on thanks to them!


  8. Ella D says:

    Well done Emily keep up the good work well done for using speech correctly and keep up the good work and i hope you achieve more in your last year in Hordle .Also dont let me forget Ben keep up the good work WOW! Your work was amazing . Well done Emily and Ben.

  9. W Oliver says:

    A fenominal piece of work Ben and Emily. You should be relly proud of your self for achiving your P.B Ben. Keep up the good work. 🙂 😉

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