Team Miss Cooper’s Dragon Writer of the Week!

This week the Lower Juniors wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Adams asking for a week off homework!

Congratulations to Imogen for being my star writer this week! A huge well done for using time connectives as sentence starters along with a wide ranging vocabulary.

You are a star writer.

Miss Cooper.

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6 Responses to Team Miss Cooper’s Dragon Writer of the Week!

  1. Alice C says:

    Within the first chunky paragraph, you used a sophisticated connective! (In Addition!!)
    Your use of time connectives were very powerful and they are extremely hard to use in a letter.
    I totally agree with Miss Cooper, you included a very wide range of adventurous vocabulary so WELL DONE!! 🙂

  2. Tavi H says:

    I bet that you have tried so hard to acheive a dragon writer of week!!!

  3. Simon C says:

    Thats an amazing big write. You are getting on well in your learning adventure, especially in your English. WOW! What a write

  4. Paige S says:

    Well Done , for using so many connectives! Your writing is so amazing , I bet you did get this week free of homework!

  5. Jasmine P says:

    Well done Imogen I remember when you were in my class and I was gobsmacked at how fantastic your writing was, and now it makes me realy pleased to see one of my old class mates get a dragon writer.I agree with Miss Cooper to have given you this award.Everything was there your:
    Powerful connectives
    and persuasive words .

    Once again well done Imogen for a fantastic piece of writing

  6. Zara G says:

    Wow! Your great at writing, I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂

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