Team Phillips’ Dragon Writers of the Week

This week, the children have been writing about a mysterious find which they found in their loft one weekend.  In order to find out more about their discovery, they wrote off to the Information Service at London Museum.  In their letter, they described their find in detail.  I wonder if any of you can guess what they found by reading the Dragon Writing below?

Congratulations to both James and Lauren this week. You both achieved Personal Bests with your writing for your use of preposition starts.  Lauren, I loved that you were a risk-taker looking to extend sentences with ‘which’ and James I was delighted to see ‘when’ starting several of your sentences.  Well done to you both, you should feel very proud of your efforts.

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10 Responses to Team Phillips’ Dragon Writers of the Week

  1. Tavi H says:

    Well done Lauren and James!!! I bet your teacher is ever so proud of you!!!!

  2. Thomas T says:

    Well done Lauren and James for getting a PB in you big write.

  3. Isabel T says:

    Well done Lauren and James your work is amazing I cant belive you got a PB!

  4. Ella D says:

    Well done James your first PB your work is amazing . Well done Lauren your work is amazing well done you have got your first PB.

  5. Joseph W says:

    Congratulations Lauren and James your big write was brilliant Mrs Phillips would be
    very proud of you!

  6. W Oliver says:

    Congratulations Lauren and James your work is fenominal! You should be really prod of your P.Bs!!! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  7. Tavi H says:

    Wow!!! What phenomenal, hard work you have put into your writing!!!

  8. Isabelle H says:

    A clossal well done James and Lauren for that amazing pisce of writing. Its fantastic as you achieve your personal best. Keep up the terrific work.

  9. Georgina C says:

    Well done for getting a PB

  10. Emily N says:

    Wow, you guys! P.B for you both! I wish you both my congratuations!

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