Team Trim/Thomas Dragon Writers of the Week

This week, we were writing a story about  a little boy called Josh who has to create an invention for his homework. We talked to our response partners and came up with lots of ideas but our favourite was a robot!

This week, everyone worked super hard on their writing and it was especially tricky to choose just two! However, I was particularly impressed with two children who achieved a PB (a personal best) for using preposition starts and trying really hard with their speech. Well done…Leigh and Tyler!

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19 Responses to Team Trim/Thomas Dragon Writers of the Week

  1. Freya S says:

    Well Done!! You’ve done really good speech and I bet your really proud to have your writing on the blog!!

  2. G Chloe says:

    WOW this is all amazing!I am shore all of you will achive great thengs in writing.

  3. Ella D says:

    Well done Liegh keep up the good work well done for using good sentance opners I think Miss Trim will be impressed. Well done Tyler you have done exellent both of you have .

  4. Luke G says:

    Keep up the spiret Leigh and Tyler;well done to you both and to get a PB aswell you are great!

  5. Alice C says:

    Tyler and Leigh, I love your sentence openers and your prepositions. Your Ideas are very unique!!

    Also, achieving your P.B must be an amazing feeling!!

    Your speech is outstanding and it is very clear you have tried very well with it by ensuring you put your speech puctuation in the right place!!

    Keep up the brilliant work you two!! : )

    Alice! (A VERY impressed Yr 6 pupil)

  6. Katie W says:

    Wow! You guys have done great work! Leigh you used brilliant sentance openeres and to acheive a PB is amazing. I think you have worked very hard and have done really neat writing! Tyler you used lovley verbs and did some very neat work aswell! I can’t belive that you are acheving that level of work it’s AMAZING!!!!! You guys are gonna be great at writers when you are older. Mabey you guys could give me some top tips so my writing can be good like yours to! I think you have both done very well and have gided yourselfs to VICTORY!!!! Well done Leigh and Tyler!!!!!

  7. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Well done, Leigh and Tyler! I can definitely see why Miss Trim and Mrs Thomas selected you as Dragon Writers of the week! You have both put such a lot of effort into this writing. Tyler, I really like how you have included adjectives to make your writing more interesting and I love the preposition starts in Leigh’s Big Write. Well done!

  8. Liam H says:

    WOW Liegh & Tyler a Personal Best, you both used brilliant sentance opening and adjectives. I expect Wordsworth would love it so keep up all the great work – you might even get another PB only if you try really hard!!!

  9. Dayna S says:

    PB for both of you!!! what a pride to have your writing on the blog for the whole world to see! wordsworth is going to be full by the end of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. W Oliver says:

    Congratulatinos Leigh & Tyler for achiving your P.B. You should be really proud your selves. You might get another P.B if you try really hard!

  11. Paige S says:

    Wow! Well done for getting a PB! Both of your writting are abousalotly amazing!

  12. Tavi H says:

    Well done leigh and Tyler! keep up the fantastic work and aim for more P.Bs in your writing!!

  13. Jasmine L says:

    Well done Leigh and Tyler I your work is amazing and your handwritting is really neat too!

  14. Emily A says:

    Well done Leigh and Tyler great work.Keep it up for you to go on the blog again.

  15. Alexander C says:

    What lovley hand writing all of you.

  16. Megan S says:

    Wow guys you are amazing at writing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  17. Erin G says:

    Well done! You achived your P.B.Nice

  18. Thomas P says:

    Wow your writing is amazing and your writing is deftly a PB.

  19. Emily N says:

    Well done Leigh and Tyler! P.B’s for you both! Keep up the good work, guys!

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