A Trip to Beaulieu!

Wow! What an incredible day! Today, Monday 19th November, the Lower Juniors embarked on an exhilarating trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum. We began by heading down to the Manor House where we met the Governess, Miss Clark. She taught us all about life at the Manor and what it would have been like working for the Montagu family. After we had enjoyed our tour of the grand house, we headed into the Museum and learnt some fascinating facts about the history of motoring. Did you know that cars used to have candles for headlights? It was such an incredible day!

What did you enjoy about our trip to Beaulieu?

What did you learn?

What new questions would you like to ask about Victorian times?

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24 Responses to A Trip to Beaulieu!

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Lower Juniors, I am glad you had such an enjoyable trip to Beaulieu! I remember visiting Palace House and Motor Museum with the Lower Juniors a few years ago: we learnt so much about what life was like in Victorian times.

    I am looking forward to reading all of your comments!

  2. Ella D says:

    I am glad to here that you had a good time. When i was in year 3 I remember that trip it was amazing .

  3. Abigail R says:

    WOW! It looks great fun and I hope you enjoyed yourself. What facts did you find out there? I went there a couple of years ago and it was amazing! What was your best part at Beaulieu and why? I hope you are enjoying your topic: Victorians. Did you go on any of the rides or not, such as: Monor Rail or Wheels?

  4. Alice C says:

    Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful time!
    The house looks awfully posh and we would LOVE to hear some more fascinating facts about the Victorians.
    We hope you had loads of fun!!
    From Alice and Rosie 🙂

  5. Louis R says:

    That must of been so fun i’ve been there 🙂

  6. Stephanie F says:

    It sounds like you had a great time! Although I can’t remember going there, I am sure it was a wonderful trip and that you will use the knowledge to help you in your learning!

  7. Emily A says:

    That trip just looks amazing i remember when i went, it was very fun and i hope that you enjoyed that .

  8. Mason S says:

    What I would have liked to ask Miss Clarke was how old would you have to be in Victorian Times before you could retire?

  9. Katie W says:

    I had an amazing time at my trip to Beaulieu! I found it really interesting seeing all the different things they used in the victorian times. My favroute part of the day was when we went on the monorail because the view from there was amazing and we got to see things that we were not able to see! We were very lucky though because the monorail was broken and we dident think we were gonna be able to go on it 🙂

  10. Megan M says:

    WOW you must have had a great time.

  11. Jamie says:

    It was an amazing day and I had lots of fun. I really enjoyed it when we went on the monorail. What did you enjoy?

  12. Alice N says:

    It was an amazing day!

    My favourite part of it was when we went in the little alley on the WHEELS ride.

  13. Alice N says:

    I am quite suprised that I enjoyed my ride on the Monorail since it was rather high so I didn’t want to go on it. But I did! 🙂

  14. Rosie C says:

    I had a amazing time at Beaulieu!We went on the monorail and visited the fantastic Palace house which had lots of pictures of dead people how scary!What was your faverote bit of the day?

  15. Violet.E says:

    I really enjoyed the monorail because we got to go on it three times. What would you say about it? I had a brilliant time at Beaulieu. I was astonished what kind of maids there were. 🙂

  16. Emily N says:

    I remember when I went and I found it awesome! At Beaulieu, there are lots of games to play and activities to take part in. It’s really good for your learning.;)

  17. Lucie G says:

    That was awsome! I loved the moniray train i loved looking at all the beautifull sights!I was scared when we went to the Manor House because they were going to expect our nails and I had red and black nail varnish on! I was picking at my nail varnish on the coach to there! But all that was for nothing because hey didnt even check our nails. They did check our shoes but luckily I polished then the night before!

  18. Claudia says:

    I really liked it there but my favourite part of the day was seeing the Mannor house what was yours?

  19. Andrew F says:

    It was so fun when I went to Beaulieu.I remember when I went to the motor museum.I saw a bright emrald train and insisted on going on it.I would like to hear some of your amazing facts that you learnt during your amazing topic.How many facts do you know about the victorians (I better get my thinking cap on) thinking about it I may pop into your classrooms just to get a little head start.I feelt a little sick after going on the moniray train but I got over it.Big mistake!

  20. Megan S says:

    Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time on the monorail and inside the huge house. What was your best part of the trip and why ????

  21. Gabriela R says:

    I had a amazing trip with Katie.

  22. Joshua B says:

    I remember when I went to Beaulieu hope you had fun and more fun ETC and hope you remember your trip . 🙂

  23. Jack S says:

    I had so much fun last year, hope you guy do or did!

  24. Jasmine B says:

    I rember going to beaulieu it was fun!!! mostly i enjoyed walkin to the victoria house the ladies get to go first.But the boys whnt down first.

    from jasmine and olivia

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