Team Cazneaux Dragon Writer of the Week

Last week, the Upper Juniors started their new topic ‘Global Swap Shop’. They began their learning thinking about child labour and all had to write an argument on whether or not child labour should be made illegal across the globe.

Andrew is my Dragon Writer this week because he really put a lot of effort into his Big Write. He listened carefully to instructions and evidenced key ideas in his writing, including: argument vocabulary (quite clearly) and the use of statistics. This Big Write was definitely a PB for Andrew this year. Well done.

When you’re commenting about Andrew’s work, you might like to think about the following questions:

Which phrase or sentence really made you agree with Andrew that child labour should be banned?

Were there any words which you are going to ‘magpie’ in your writing to help you get a PB?


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5 Responses to Team Cazneaux Dragon Writer of the Week

  1. Alice C says:

    Andrew, I am speechless!!
    I love your drop in clause to add in extra juicy detail about the age of children who sell their labour.
    Your statistic is very good. 🙂

    Again, WELL DONE! I’m sure Miss Cazneaux and Mr Croutear will agree with me that your writing was outstanding!! 🙂

  2. Stephanie F says:

    Well done Andrew! When you told me that you had achieved your P.B. and you are Miss Cazneaux’s dragon writer of the week, I felt very proud! I hope this will push you to be even better next time and that you can achieve anything if you really try!

  3. Mr Croutear says:

    Andrew, great job in being nominated as the Star Writer! It’s really good to know that you are representing Team Deerleap in a positive way when you leave our classroom!

  4. Archie G says:

    I’m gobesmacked due to the fact that your writting was outstanding!

  5. Alexandra S says:

    Wow Andrew this is such an amazing big write you should feel so proud of yourself! Also I really liked your choice of ajectives!

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