Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week!

Yesterday morning, the Lower Juniors were surprised to find Tutankhamun’s Sarcophagus lurking in our corridor. We spent the day learning about Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Today, we wrote a diary entry about our day spent studying the ancient Egyptians. In our team, we were trying really hard to use complex sentences, time connectives and adverb sentence starts.

I am proud to announce that this week’s Dragon Writers are…Emily and Amelie. Well done. You have both tried very hard to include powerful complex sentences.  I am proud of you both for achieving a PB (personal best). Keep up the great writing!

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5 Responses to Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week!

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Emily and Amelie, congratulations on being the FIRST Dragon Writers of 2013 on the blog! It was great to hear all about your day discovering Ancient Egypt!

  2. Lexie N says:

    Amelie wow your opens are realy amazing would love to read a nother piece of your writting again.

  3. Lexie N says:

    Great use of adverbs in your writting emily well done for geting the frist ever dragon writter in 2013.I would love to see more of your writting on the blog again keep the work up .

  4. Katie W says:

    Well done Emily and Amelie! Your writing is really good. It blew my socks off! I agree with Mr croutear well done on getting the first dragon writers of 2013! I love how you have used complex sentences in the right way. Well done both of you!

  5. Amy B says:

    Well done Emily and Amelie. This week you have realy tried hard and I hope you keep trying and working at your goal.Good luck!

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