Team Trim/Reynolds

This week, we have been writing information pages about the Poison Arrow Frog. We used our imaginations to write a factual page about the frog’s appearance and what it eats. A huge well done to Lawrence and Lewis for being our Dragon Writers of the Week!

You both tried hard to use a variety of sentence starts and some challenging vocabulary like amphibian, endangered and species. Well done!

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2 Responses to Team Trim/Reynolds

  1. Freya S says:

    Well done Lawrence and Lewis! Great use of adjectives Lawrence. Moreover, well done(both of you) for being a risk taker and using different sentence starts. In addition, Lewis amazing use of vocabulary and keep on doing exellent pieces.

  2. Lexie N says:

    Wow great work! Well done Lawrence for achieving a PB ( personal best ). Lewis what a great piece of writing you did , if you both carry on doing this (well WOW) . I am looking out for another piece of writing from both of you. Well done !

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