‘Toys’ Reviews

The year fives have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the 2013 Y6 production ‘Toys’ ahead of Monday’s exciting performance to the whole school.

So year fives, what did you think of the performance? Which was your favourite scene? Which characters were truly unforgettable? If you could sum the show up in one word, what would it be?


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15 Responses to ‘Toys’ Reviews

  1. Ella D says:

    I thought it was amazing and very funny. I have noticed that you have learnt your lines exceptionally well and the songs were also very good.

  2. Georgina C says:

    Having watched the show (which was amazing) we decided to write a review on their sensational work they gave up their time to do it.

    Our favourite scene was the action figure room, due to the fact their costumes blew us away. I love the power rangers with there attitude to make that scene super. Also they all work together as a team, to surprise the audience.

    Our favourite character was the incredible He-man because he made everyone chuckled. We especially liked his bright red pants and skinny tights, plus I was laughing out of my socks by his body plate.

    I was thrilled by their hard work that they put into there costumes also with there expression in there voices. I rate this ***** rating. Unforgettable.

  3. Emily N says:

    We really enjoyed the Year Six Show because it had the funniest costumes yet than in any of the previous productions. This is why we loved it so much:

    Our favourite scene was the Teddy Bear’s Picnic because it involved disco dancing! It was so unexpected, and we really liked the onesies. We really can’t wait to see it again!

    He-man was our best character due to the fact his costume was especially entertaining. We loved his rubber chest, wig, red pants and tights!

    We both were gobsmacked by the Year Six’s performance, and would rate it five out of five stars. Well done Year Six! 🙂

    Review by Emily and Jake

  4. Erin G says:

    2013 yr 6 production was by far the best school show I have ever seen due to the fact, it was hilariously funny and had fantastic outfits and props.

    Favourite scene

    My favourite scene was the Teddy Bear Dancers (Emily H, Emily A, Paige S, lexie, Kerry and Abigail) because the humorous scene started as a nice picnic out and passing a cop of tea around the circle but then….BOOM all the teddies jump out and start break dancing to some Will.i.am !

    Favourite character

    My favourite character was teddy bear dancer Emily H due to the fact, out of all the other characters to me she sung the best and danced the best. No offence other teddy bears you danced amazing as well!

    I loved watching the yr 6 show it was definitely the best show I’ve ever seen…If you are reading this before you’ve seen the show sorry for ruining the surprise. I’d rate this show 6 star it was of the hook! It was just AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  5. Sebastian W says:

    The year six show- TOYS

    This is a review on the year six show, based in Hamleys toy store , a gobsmacking performance from our peers!

    I really enjoyed my little pony act, due to the fact they were very brightly coloured.
    I particularly liked princess primrose jubilee cherry cupcake due to the fact she was very clear with her words and amusing.

    Our favourite character is He Man because he wore a extremely funny costume: tights, a fake chest, tiny pants and a girls wig. He was very funny!

    Overall the production was a five star performance * * * * *!

  6. Holly T says:

    I am writing a review about the truly amazing the year six show (Toys). It was an incredible show!

    Our favourite scene was the teddy bear dance ,due to the fact the costumes were hilarious ,especially Kerry’s teddy bear-all-in-one-suit. We also loved the football scene because when Haydon and Danya when they tried to hug each other but there was a bar separating them.

    Darth Vader was the all time best character due to the fact he was witty because of all the sound he made with his mask.

    The best year six show of all time! EPIC. *****! 🙂

    By Holly and James

  7. Jasmine P says:

    Having watched the Year Six Show 2013, we decided to write a review on how incredible it was. It was a dazzling performance and we would love to see it again!

    Our favourite scene was the Teddy Bear’s Picnic because you thought it was going to be a normal picnic but then they got up and danced to ‘That Power’ by Will.i.am. We loved Kerry’s onesie due to the fact it was cute and she was an entertaining dancer!

    Our favourite characters were The Table Top Footballers which were played by Dayna and Haydon, as in the beginning of the scene they were fighting, then at the end they made up and it was delightful. The funniest part of that scene was when Dayna (one of the Table Top footballers) and Haydon (another Table Top footballer) said they loved each other and when they tried to hug they couldn’t, due to the fact they were attached to a pole.

    It was a fantastic show and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A one word review would be Fabulous and we would give it 5 stars out of 5!

    By Shauna and Jasmine.

  8. Sebastian W says:

    We are writing to tell you all about the year six show (Hamleys toys). It was just unforgettable!

    Cops and robbers was our favourite act due to the fact they play a game of “it”. They made it hilarious. Josh and Harry were funny because they kept bumping into each other.

    He-man was amusing for the reason that he was wearing : tiny shorts , tights , a wig and he had a fake chest ( a 26 pack).

    We had a wonderful time watching the show we want to see it again. It is awesome !!!

    By Chloe Q & Wayne

  9. Sebastian W says:

    This is a review about the EPIC year 6 show ‘TOYS’.
    Read on for a sneak peak into the year 6 production.

    Our favourite scene was the Barbie floor, due to the fact it was very musical and entertaining. In particular as a ,group, we liked the phone call from Ken to Barbie.

    Our favourite character is S.Sage because he was hilarious as he kept on singing ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ on every floor.

    If we had to rate this play in one word it would be ‘dazzling’. We would give it full five stars.

    Hope you enjoy the show too.
    By Adam T, Billy P and Sam P.
    Thank you for reading.

  10. Eliza J says:

    After watching the fabulous performance ‘TOYS’ (the year six production based in Hamleys toy shop ) we couldn’t wait to feedback that it is an incredible play which shouldn’t be missed!

    Favourite Scene

    Our preferred scene was the pinball machine act, due to the fact they threw the massive pinballs into the cheering audience .Furthermore, they showed true professionalism when they carried on even if they went wrong.

    Favourite Character

    He-man played a fantastic role because he was hilarious. He wore Bright red shorts (they were real pants!) and had a comical fake chest which had a pretend six pack.

    We absolutely enjoyed the play: we could watch it over and over again. We recommend a fatastic 4.5 stars rating. If we had to summarise it in one word it would be extraordinary!!!!!

    By Eliza.J and Harry.B

  11. bryony.walker says:

    The year six review

    Having just watched the year six show we are going to review on it.


    Our favourite scene was pinball machine due to the fact the they threw the inflatable balls into the crowd so they could punch it back which was really fun. Moreover the music was very loud and it was a good choice for the game. The characters [archie and liam] where clear with there lines.
    Favourite character

    Finally, Dan was our 5 star character because his costume was hilarious and he presented his lines clearly.

  12. Charlie C says:

    We are doing a review on the unmissable year six show.

    Our favourite scene was the cops and robbers scene because Nathan and Sam were hialrious. They were great robbers and it was funny because they stole Barbie’s items.

    Our favourite character was Heman (played by Daniel) because he had red pants and a funny T shirt.

    Do not forget to come and see this 5 star show.

    The unmissable year 6 show.

  13. Alice C says:

    Thank you year 5’s for all the lovely reviews!! 🙂
    We are all very happy that you enjoyed the show so much! We have all worked very hard on the show and are anticipating the performances for the rest of the week!

    Thank you once again, we are very grateful of your wonderful comments (and your 5 star ratings) !! 🙂

  14. Elissa F says:

    This was a fantastic porformance loved it and my fraviot was all the footballers.

  15. Imogen C says:

    Creative. Amazing. Are you seeking a superb show? I am in year four and I can’t wait until I see the performance. I just know that it will be amaxing?!:-P

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