A visit from the Zoo Keeper…

Last week, the children in KS1 were called into the hall for an urgent message. Upon arrival into, they were greeted by a very grumpy Zoo Keeper! He was extremely unhappy that his prized tiger had returned to his Zoo both overweight and unwilling to entertain the Zoo’s visitors as a consequence of going to Sophie’s for tea (from ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’).

The issue was resolved by the children agreeing to write a set of instructions for how to make healthy tiger food.  As a result of this very important meeting, the children produced superb Big Writes for the Zoo Keeper! (Who has since reported that his tiger is back to his old, healthy self again!)

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10 Responses to A visit from the Zoo Keeper…

  1. Chloe Q says:

    Wow I bet that it was fun. I wish he could come I for my class.

  2. Ella D says:

    Well done to everyone for writing excellent instructions about how to entertain the tiger. The book is really good !!! It was my favorite book when i was younger, but now I bet it is yours! I wish the grumpy Zoo keeper could have come to our class. It sounded very exciting.

  3. Ruby W says:

    I wonder what the infants told the grumpy zoo keeper to do?

  4. Imogen C says:

    That looks so cool, I wish the upper juniors had a visit from a zoo Keeper! Wow! You must have been really excited!

  5. Amy B says:

    WAW looks like you are all very focussed on what you are doing in what I can see In the photos. I wonder how the tiger got on do you know?

  6. Alice N says:

    I can’t help feeling a bit jealous; we didn’t get a visit from a Zookeeper when I was in KS1!

  7. Chloe S says:

    Wow KS1! I hear you have been learning about ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’! My little brother (Jamie) has been telling me all about the book and it sounds exciting!Well done for helping the grumpy zoo keeper and his tiger. I bet they are both extremely happy now and are having lots of fun entertaining the zoo guests!! Once again, well done!

  8. Imogen C says:

    That grumpy zoo keeper looks so angry and frustrated with his tiger; you better run away before it eats you in one gulp!!!!!

  9. Aidan H says:

    Cool must of been fun wish i could be there hope you had fun little ones 🙂

  10. Andrew F says:

    Cool! I would of loved to do that ashame Mr slatery wasn’t there 🙂

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