KS1 Goldsworthy Land Art!

Last week the KS1 team collected their own natural resources and bought them into school to create fantastic Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!

All types of natural resources were used; sticks, leaves, stones, petals, acorns and feathers to name but a few!  These were then used to make pieces of art in the style of British land artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Is there anything that particularly grabs your attention about the pictures?  If you were going to make your own piece of land art, what natural resources would you use?

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8 Responses to KS1 Goldsworthy Land Art!

  1. Imogen C says:

    Wow key stage 1! I am really impressed with your amazing art! It looks fantastic!!!

  2. Lucie G says:

    Wow key stage 1!Looks like your having fun.Hope they all go as successful as those!Hope you had a brilliant time.

  3. Amy B says:

    Wow looks like you have been up to a lot of fun really amazed that you have done wonderful art work keep up the great work.

  4. Chloe Q says:

    Wow key stage 1 your land art work is amazing. I think that you should be really happy about your art because you have impressed me with your work and you are only young. You are already good at art.

  5. Katy W says:

    Wow key stage one! I’m in the upper juniors, and I still can’t do art as good as that!

  6. Ella D says:

    Wow they look very artistic! Well done key stage one . Even i couldn’t do that now i am in the last year of school very well done.

  7. Imogen C says:

    That Goldsworthy artist sounds really amazing and I really want to be inspired by him when I know more about him! Isn’t it much more fun when you bring in your own art equipment!

  8. Amy B says:

    wow amazing cant stop looking at your work of art and I love the way you use our nature and wildlife.

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