Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week!

Wow! Just sitting here reading your stories is fascinating. Such great, unique ideas in every single one!

This week, the Lower Juniors wrote fictional stories based on the pictures ‘Jenny in her Tent’.

It was a hard decision for me to make as all of the stories were fantastic but my dragon writers this week have to be Claudia and Edward who gave their all into creating stories full of tension and suspense.

Well done to the both of you. You are star writers.

Miss C

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7 Responses to Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week!

  1. Mr Croutear says:

    Well done Claudia and Edward! Any good story needs a bit of tension and suspense and it is great to see that you have been trying this in your writing!

  2. Katy W says:

    Congratulations Claudia and Edward! I loved reading your writing, good luck on your learning journey!

  3. Ruby W says:

    I remember doing this big write it is really fun and scary, your stories frightened me! Very scary!

  4. Imogen C says:

    Wow you are all very clever writers! Maybe you will become professional authors one day!

  5. Alice N says:

    ‘Jenny in her tent’. I’m not sure if I ever did that work, but I know I must of at some point. You really did use stunning adjectives, too. As far as I could see, in the pictures It didn’t show the level, but I bet you got at least a 4b, knowing you!

  6. Adam C says:

    Well Done Claudia and Edward,you both really deserve It.

  7. Ella D says:

    Well done Claudia and Edward keep up the good work .

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