Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week

This week, the Lower Juniors wrote to Cadbury and asked for some help. They have all designed their very own chocolate bar but now need help finding all the fantastic ingredients which is why Cadburys (a well known chocolate producer) can help!

It was very difficult to choose my dragon writers this week as all children used complex sentences in their writing and tried their very best.

A massive congratulations to Kiera and Joey who achieved PB’s for their use of powerful adjectives and complex sentences.

You are star writers! Keep it up!

Miss C

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8 Responses to Team Cooper Dragon Writer of the Week

  1. Katy W says:

    Wow, amazing, I am really proud of you Kiera and Joey, keep up the good work!

  2. Lucie G says:

    Well Done Keira and Joey!
    Keep up the great work that is amazing it blew of my socks!And it deserves a PB without a doubt!
    Keep on going from lucie

  3. Elissa F says:

    I wonder who will be next?

  4. Jasmine B says:

    Joey and keira well done you`ve worked your socks off!

  5. Miss Aslett says:

    Wow Team Hazel! You are fantastic writers!

    Well done Joey- I love your use of adjectives like ‘delectible’.
    Keira – What fantastic sentence starters, you have obviously been a risk taker! Well done!

    Miss Aslett

  6. Alice N says:

    I loved the chocolate topic when I was in year three- for obvious reasons! We had a wonderful entry point as well as an exit one and I’ll never forget it.

    Well done Keira and Joey- Keep it up! 😀

  7. Daisy.W says:

    Well done :):)

  8. Amy B says:

    They look amazing keep the hard work up!!!!!

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