Class Attendance Competition!

Recently, Captain Aspiration launched a new inter-class competition – for the best attendance at school! All teams need to stay above the Captain’s green POWER LINE (95% attendance) in order to ensure they can recharge their superhero learning powers.

How are your class doing in the competition?

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23 Responses to Class Attendance Competition!

  1. Daniel W says:

    We were the last i was so sad but we will win.

  2. Mia.Cronin says:

    We are doing quite well!

  3. Aidan H says:

    I hope we win.

  4. Andrew F says:

    I hope we get higher.

  5. George H says:


  6. Mia.Cronin says:

    We need to win.

  7. Chloe Q says:

    We can get higher I just know it.

  8. Joe B says:

    I think this compertishen is a great idea because it gets people to come to school!I want Hawkhill to be at the top next week. 🙂 🙂

  9. bryony.walker says:

    Come on team we can do it.

  10. Joshua B says:

    It is awesome and is a epic comp ( short for composition) 🙂 . Also I wonder who will win??? I have so much tension in my body!!!! 🙂

  11. Joshua W says:

    I hope we win. And its a good idea helps peaple come to school:)

  12. Marshall H says:

    Even though we are at the bottom at the moment we can still make it to the top because even if we’re feeling we will gain the courage to get up out of bed and go to school. 🙂

  13. Erin G says:

    Go Team Deerleap! We need to regain our super powers!!! 🙂

  14. Dillan H says:

    Im at the bottom but i will get to the top with my team : (

  15. Reece P says:

    We are at the bottom but hopefully we can get above the 95% line.

  16. Katy W says:

    I love the idea! I really would like my team to win, but I wish the rest of the school GOOD LUCK!

  17. Alice N says:

    I think my class ( Wilverley ) were fourth from the top, so this week we are aiming to get even higher on the attendance board! However, quite a few people were off school in Wilverley, so now I am not so sure. Let’s hope we can still win! B)

  18. Katie W says:

    I agree with Katy, I love the idea! Well done team wilverley for getting above the power line. Let’s keep up the good work!

  19. Jack S says:

    I haven’t been in the celebration assembles but i hope team deerleep are close to the top. but well done to the class at the top of the leader-board!!:)

  20. Amy B says:

    I know how hard my team have been trying to get up to the top but we are 4th so that is good so far but its the taking part that matters not wining by going to the top but well done if you have been to the top. COME ON TEAM WILVERLEY!!!!! 🙂

  21. Rosie C says:

    Deerleap need to top the leaderb0ard 8 people off today :(! GO DEERLEAP

  22. Reece P says:

    I’m very proud of Hawkhill because weve got 100% two days running.COME ON HAWKHILL. 🙂

  23. Lauren P says:

    WHOOOO!!!!!Go team Hawkhill wow you’ve really proved yourselves you’ve nailed it two or three days running!In addition to Hawkhill getting thier PB,team wilverely need a bit of a boost we are 6th on the leaderboard come on we can do it we don’t want to be under that 95 % power line!!Come on we can be on the top of the leaderboard we never want to be beaten by team hawkhill our new rulers!!Boo!!
    We need more people in WE CAN DO THIS!!!But on the other side well done all of the teams because every single class has been over that 95% power line!!!!!WHOOO

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