Praisin’ Hands Puppet Performance!!!

The school were treated this morning to a fantastic performance of the nativity story, retold by a hilarious group of puppets! From Vern the silly bird to the animals of the barn, a great musical playlist and special effects made it a very enjoyable (and different!) experience.

Please blog your comments about the Praisin’ Hands performance. Which part was your favourite? Which character did you like and why? What was the message which was being communicated?

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30 Responses to Praisin’ Hands Puppet Performance!!!

  1. Ruby W says:

    I really enjoyed watching the Prasin Hands puppet show because it told us lots about the nativity story and it was very funny. Also I liked the bird Vern.

  2. Eliza J says:

    The puppet show was so cool. The bird Vern was my favourite because he was so funny. I want watch it again.

  3. Ethan.B says:

    The puppet show this morning was so so funny. What I loved about the puppet show was that little parot because he cept on and on singing christmas songs so that what made me laugh so much and made my freids and best friends laugh as much as I was.

  4. Marshall H says:

    The peformence was one of the funniest shows i’ve ever seen and it realy helped me to learn more about the traditioal version of the nativity.

  5. Daniel W says:

    Wow it was so funny 🙂 i was so happy that made my day did it make your day?

  6. Andrew F says:

    It was amazing the best puppet show ive ever seen me Reece F and Aidan H started singing along with some of the songs 🙂

  7. Joshua B says:

    LOVED IT! But when I was in Messy Church we saw one of their performance! Also the performance was awesome and epic! 🙂

  8. Aidan H says:

    So funny me andy fj reece f started singing along with basicly every song :).

  9. Bethany R says:

    Wow that was amazing it nirly bloow my sockes of it was so funny it made my dat today.

  10. Bethany R says:

    Wow that was amazing it nirly bloow my sockes of it was so funny it made my day today.

  11. Joe B says:

    The pupet show was halerious espesily with that silly bird!;-)

  12. William P says:

    I LOVED IT . My favorite was the orange guys because they were funny ? Thank you Praisin’ Hands for that before performance . 🙂 *-* You are #1

  13. Gabriela R says:

    I LOVED IT SO MUCH!It was a funny performance and I was full of laughter at the end and Christmas Cheer and Spirit.HE IS SO FUNNY!!!Although he interrupts you he is a funny bird!

  14. Ethan M says:

    LOL this was the best so funny and Praisin’ hands is so talented. As I am a CSV (Church school vision) I liked how they added the meaning of Christmas in.

  15. James B says:

    I LOVED the bird althoug i forgot his name i still loved all of it and my favroute bit was all of it i esspetially liked the first song and all the other songs to i like the interupting bird even though he interupts in the middle of sentences and i like his songs to.

  16. Tavi H says:

    I loved the performance soooo much! Without a doubt, my favourite character was Vern as he was very funny, silly and forgetful! All the characters were very entertaining and i think that a lot of people would have seen a puppet show before, but i think that that one would have topped them all.

  17. Katy W says:

    I really enjoyed the ‘Born in a barn’ performance, and I’d like to thank Praisin’ Hands for the wonderful play.

  18. Zara G says:

    I thought it was realy funny.I would love to see it again. My favourite bit was the song born in a barn.

  19. Harry J says:

    The pupit showis amazing!

  20. Mia.Cronin says:

    I loved it.

  21. Mia.Cronin says:

    It was super!

  22. Mia.Cronin says:

    I loved it!

  23. Mia.Cronin says:

    I was so upbeat and chirpy!

  24. Alice N says:

    I really enjoyed the puppet show- it was really clever! B )

  25. Ethan M says:

    Yet again i want to thank the actors fore that amazing performens can you cum in on Easter.

  26. Jasmine B says:

    I loved the puppet show it was amazing!

  27. Katie W says:

    I loved the puppet show because I learnt a lot of interesting facts about Jesus and his birth in a barn! It was very funny!

  28. James B says:

    I learnt a lot at the show about baby Jesus and all the rest because at the end the two girls were talking about baby Jesus and one of the girls said were you born in a barn and she didn’t know what that meant so her Freind told here what it meant.

  29. Amy B says:

    I rely enjoyed watching this spectacular performance because it was telling you the story of Jesus Christ but in a rely funny way and it rely encourages you to want to learn more about Jesus.

  30. Lauren P says:

    I thought that the performance was brilliant and was sooo funny,athough there was so many things I enjoyed the one thing that had me in stiches was the really halarious bird because he always got mixed up with the word that the lady was saying!and he told really silly jokes!!!!

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