KS1 Cafe Fun!

What a time we had last week down in KS1!  As a way of introducing our new Food topic, each Team held their own very special Cafe in the hall!

All the cakes were freshly baked by the children on the morning of their Cafe and then taken to hall ready to be sold.  Miraculously, the children were then transformed from Team Hordle pupils to real grown-up waiters!  They had to introduce parents into the hall and to their tables, take and calculate orders, work out how much was needed and carry food and drinks over to tables.  They were brilliant!

The days were real successes and every child thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The cakes were pretty yummy too!

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9 Responses to KS1 Cafe Fun!

  1. Talia P. says:

    I rember when I did that and cake and biscits looked yummy!!!!!

  2. Amy B says:

    You look like you all hade lots of fun I wish I was their but all that matters that matters is that you hade fun.

  3. Katy W says:

    Wow! Well done KS1! I’m really proud of you. It looks like you’ve done an amazing job of running your very own cafes! I hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Rosie C says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun and i remember doing it when i was in year 1-2 . Im jealous you sound like you have been making a lot of tasty things

  5. Eliza J says:

    Yum. Can have some tea?

  6. Daisy.W says:

    wow that looks yum when you see me can you make me see tea and cake.

  7. Lauren P says:

    Wow sounds like you had loads of fun I wish I was there!!!!!!!looks like you might be doing it for a job! I expect you put loads of effort into making these cafes and I think those yummy foods where all really nice!You all should be really proud of yourselves!

  8. Georgina C says:

    Wow they look so good, I rember doing it in KS1 serving my parents cakes and biscuits.

  9. Ella B says:

    I remember doing the cafe in year 1!It sounds like lots of fun.I hope you all enjoyed making all the different foods!!!!!!I wish I could have been there.

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