Team Squirrel’s Real PE Challenge

After being so inspired by the success of the Real PE holiday homework, today Team Squirrel had a go at completing all five of the challenges that were put on the blog last week.  And although some were very tricky, we all had a really good go!

It was fantastic to see all of the children using all of their Hordle Superhero Learning Values.  In particular, they were just like Captain Resilience because they never gave up and also Captain Sense of Humour as they all had such big smiles on their faces!

What were your favourite activities of the week? What Learning Superhero were you most like? I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

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4 Responses to Team Squirrel’s Real PE Challenge

  1. Alice N says:

    Well done; it seems as if you tried very hard! 😀

  2. Amelia T says:

    Well done it looks very tricky and i hope you hade fun! 🙂

  3. Katy W says:

    Wow Squirrels! I can tell you tried very hard! You should be very proud of yourselves!

  4. Chloe Q says:

    Well done! That looks so fun. It looks like you are really enjoying it. I wish I was there.

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