Computing Fun!

Yesterday, we Squirrels down in KS1 were treated to something really special!  Some super Year Sixes, who had just created some fantastic games in their Computing lesson, kindly came down to our classroom to share their brilliant learning with us.

We were thrilled as not only were we all presented with the opportunity to play the games, but the clever older children could also explain how they had programmed the software to create them!  It was lovely to see every single child (of a variety of ages) so engaged and excited by Computing and the Year Six experts certainly raised aspirations in our class.

I must say that even I had a go and was extremely impressed with the games, although the children were far better at completing them than I was!

Mr Slattery

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8 Responses to Computing Fun!

  1. Emily N says:

    I had real fun in Squirrel Class, showing them the Kodu game that Ruby and I put together! They were all very polite, and unfortunately (for me anyway) beat me in every single game! Well done! 😉

  2. Marshall H says:

    Even though is didn’t show my game to squiral i enjoyed showing it to hedghog and badger.

  3. Katy W says:

    I love computing! When I go to secondary school, hopefully I’ll be able to learn computer science! I really like computing because I’m generally facinated by technology. Technology is interestingto mebecause of all the things you can do on ipods and iphones and computers, plus all the others! You can do loads of great things on a computer, like play games and copy and paste things from the Internet, it’s truly amazing! I would recommend computing to everyone because it’s fun and exciting to discover new things!

  4. Ethan M says:

    I an one of the year six children who came and played with the children and it was a lot of fun teaching fellow Hordle children. To make are pong games we had to programmed a star to move up and down with the touch of a key-the puke was programmed to move and launch its self from the star wen in contact.

  5. Luke G says:

    i really wish i got to show my kodo game but i wasn’t picked !

    Well done to all the year sixes who showed there game im gessing there super fun

  6. Joseph W says:

    Wow I really enjoyed playing fun games that I made with the Super Sqirrels who where really polite (if i do say myself) and have a good sence of humor when they lost a game.I think that the Sqirrels really enjoyed their computing lesson.

  7. Mr Croutear says:

    Wow, fantastic! Well done Hawkhill for being able to explain your Koding so well to the younger children! I know they have been doing some interesting computing of their own and planning algorithms to control cranes! Did they tell you about these?

    I shall have to send some Deerleap pupils down to KS1 to show off our games too!

  8. Alice N says:

    Sounds fun! Well done!

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