Maths in the Churchyard!

Yesterday, Team Caz ventured across to the churchyard for a Maths lesson! The children put their data handling skills to the test with a variety of challenges exploring dates and ages.

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  1. James R says:

    Yesterday was a fun activity when we went in to the graveyard next to the school. We used the description on the graves to work out the mean average of the death of men and women. 🙂

  2. Emily H says:

    Yesterday was a really fun lesson as we got to explore the churchyard and diffrent ages of when people died. One question was you had to work out weather men or women lived longer. Overall, our team found out that men live longer than women. This was more fun than doing a worksheet as we have not yet explored other peoples ages and it just was nice to show respect to others that are unfortunatly not here now.

  3. Katie W says:

    Yesterday, I had great fun doing maths in the churchyard with Team Caz as it was a new way of learning and not only did we learn maths we also learnt lots of history aswell! In addition, I also loved the exiting challanges that we got given and the questions we had to find the answer to! Although me and my partner did not find the actuall answer we did do some estimations and found some proof to why our answer could be correct! I enjoyed this more than a worksheet because it was a new type of learning that none of us had experienced before 🙂

  4. Ruby W says:

    It was really fun to do mahs in the graveyard because we found out lots of interesting things. I really enjoyed measuring the rectangular graves because we managed to find a variety of widths and heights!

  5. Alice N says:

    I really enjoyed having Maths in the Graveyard because we could use the sources around us to learn. We had problems to solve, such as finding the mean average of the ages the people died. We worked in pairs, to complete the task set, and everyone really liked it. We would love to do it again! 🙂 😛 😀

  6. Marshall H says:

    I found this lesson really fun as it was a lesson where we could do maths whilst enjoying ourselves. I liked the fact that we could get out side and look around for peaple who have passed away lately or a long time ago.

    p.s I found the poem that somebody had placed by there relitives grave quite touching.

  7. Luke G says:

    Yesterday was realy challenging and we found out about the : the mean mode and medium, a scatter graph to show the width and length of a grave and figured who lived longer men or women.

  8. Louis R says:

    This lesson was really fun due to the fact we got to go to the graveyard some us seeing our ancesstors. During the lesson we had to find the mean the mode and the median of the age they passed away we also had to figure out their age by subtracting the year they were born from the year they died. Afterwards we finished it of by doing the rest our work inside then doing a presentation to another group. Also paul -our vicor – gave up some of his time to watch us do our amazing and fun maths! 🙂

  9. James A says:

    During my time in this lesson, me and my partner (Sebastian W) had to be very patient when answering a few of the questions – for instance – getting an area of 40 graves and finding the percentage for whether the graves were stated as men, women, duels, married, crosses or if they died in the last decade.Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience that we haven’t done in a long, long time and I hope that the team will continue to do this type of learning.

  10. Jasmine P says:

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s maths lesson because it was definitely alot different from our usual lessons. It was interesting to find out different ways of learning math. We also enjoyed having Paul come along and help us we were very grateful too as Paul gave up his own time, he even told us the history on some of the graves which was very interesting. I would love to do a lesson like this again!! Thank you Miss Cazneaux!!

  11. Adam T says:

    I found it alot more fun then normal normal maths and it was nice toget some fresh air.Katy & I found out about the massive grave in the senter of the grave and some ages reach up to about 95 years old!Loved it hope to do more…
    by Adam T

  12. Rosie C says:

    It was SO fun! We did different level 5 maths questions about the dates, words ,men and women! Erin and I picked to solve the average death for men and women! For this we calculated the deaths of both men and women ! After we had 11 from each gender we found out the average number of death , by adding each number from the 11 from each gender and then dividing it by 11. Erin and I found out the average for men is 59 and the average for women is 82! It is not to worry if your a boy it is just the average from the people in the graveyard. Our vicar Paul gave up some of his time to tell us the history of the gravestone I now know LOTS and LOTS! Thank you for taking us to the graveyard Mrs Cazneaux and for lending me the little book about the HUGE gravestone in the middle of the graveyard 🙂

  13. Gabriela R says:

    Yesterday was a fun lesson where we went round in pairs of two and found out if women or men lived longer and we found out women lived and still live longer than men also we answered some level 5 questions with our pairs .Some of us found our relative’s graves , on the graves there were there name, date of birth,death and how old they were when they died.It was a interesting lesson. 🙂

  14. Daniel R says:

    Yesterday’s maths lesson was very strange but also fun.We were put into teams and ventured into the unknown…(the grave yard).Then we found 15 grave stones and foud the:mode,media,mean and range:-)

  15. Reece P says:

    It was truely amazing woundering the schools grave-yard collecting data for ourselves my partner was very helpful.Mean,mode and median was nice (even though it was in a church-yard) we were lucky to catch Paul and even gave us a thew facts.Me and my partner gradually got onto find out who lives longer boys or girls (boys won). 🙂

  16. Woody S says:

    I really enjoyed the amazing maths in the churchyard:):D

  17. Daniel B says:

    Yesterday’s maths lesson was funbut you had to be verry careful of the graves.We were teamed up into teams of two.Me and James Tompkins were working on the second question to find out if men or women live longer we were so close to getting the anwser but we ran out of time.Paul came over to talk to us about what we were doing.Overall the maths lesson was great.

  18. Alice N says:

    I had a lot of fun working with my partner Jasmine because we helped each other when we struggled. I would really like to do it again because it is amazing how many things you can learn out there!

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