Year 5 Maths Outdoors!

This week we took advantage of the fabulous weather and went out into the school grounds for our Maths lessons.  We carried out investigations and put many of our Mathematical skills to the test when carrying out a variety of tasks including calculating fractions of flowers within a hoop, sketching symmetrical leaves and working out the area and perimeter of various shapes and places.  Year 5, which task did you enjoy the most and why?  Which was most challenging and why?  What did you find out?  What did you learn?


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15 Responses to Year 5 Maths Outdoors!

  1. Alice N says:

    It was really exciting because, as the year 6’s worked hard on their SATs, we did all sorts of investigations- Area and Perimeter, Volume, Median, Mode, Mean Average, etc. At the end we even counted Daisy Petals! That got a bit frustrating for me, because I kept losing concentration and forgetting the number of the petal I was counting! 🙂 😉 😀 😛

  2. Alice N says:

    The most exciting thing about it was that we could choose where we started, our partners-it was entirely our decision! My favourite activity was the one we did on Friday- measuring shapes around the playground and recording their properties. I struggled a bit on an activity earlier in the week- doing word problems involving Volume. I think the reason I didn’t get very far was becaause I didn’t actually know what volume was. But know I do- it is the length times the width times the height. I can’t wait to do Maths outdoors again!

  3. Katie W says:

    I really enjoyed outdoor maths as we got to use special equipment to find out answers to puzzling questions and challenges! My favourite part of the outdoor maths was the field questions about the track, ball-court and benches! Luckily, the weather turned out really sunny which made it a nice day for everyone and I hope we will be able to do outdoor maths again as it was really fun!

  4. Miss Aslett says:

    I enjoyed the maths outside because we got to go on the field and I liked the first maths lesson because we had a hoop and we recorded the flowers in the hoop. Joseph and I found lots of flowers in our hoop.

    From Tom P

  5. Amy B says:

    I loved out door Maths because i found it so much diffrent from inside because you get go on the feild and work out a varity of measurements in one big lesson.
    Thankyou Miss Aslett and Mrs Hulse.

  6. Gabriela R says:

    I loved the outdoor maths, it was great fun trying to work out math questions in two’s or three’s.The year six’s did there Sat’s so why not do something tricky as well.I think that lesson has thought us to use all of our super hero values (Resilience, Responsibility, Risk Taker, Sense of Humor, Team ship and Motivation). This has encouraged me to be better at Maths then I was before. =-)

  7. Lily D says:

    I enjoyed the first task we did because it was fun using the trungle-weel [I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling]. I think the one with the leafs was most tricky because you had to make sure they were literally the same each side. PS.
    I enjoyed this homework because when I do this homework I Blog about other stuff!

  8. Lily D says:

    I found out that it is actually possible for a leaf to be symmetrical. In thease few lessons I found that you don’t have to be a certain place to do maths you can be anywhere.

    Sorry it wasn’t all one post I forgot

  9. Rosie G says:

    I loved recounting the daisies 12 times after loosing count!it was great fun!

  10. Amelia T says:

    I never thought a leaf could be symmetrical , I learnt something new.when I did the measuring, me and Lucie worked really hard as a team and got a lot done.

  11. Imogen C says:

    It was s fun, getting to have lessons beside our beautiful enviroment! We only really get to experience it at break, so it is a really good amazing thing to do in the summer sun!!!

  12. Rosie G says:

    i am working with lauren in the second pic!

  13. abigail.connor says:

    I loved math outdoors It was fun but also challenging as the years sixes were doing there sat’s we had to work hard as well to keep the noise down my favorite bit was when we when in pairs out onto the field and we had to measure how long the field was it was hard we had to estimate and then we had to use accuracy to calculate the length and width we said it was something around 100 a pair was so close they had 89 so year it was great and I can’t wait to do something like that when I am in year six

  14. Rachel F. says:

    I know I wasn’t In Team Wilverley when you did outdoor maths but I couldn’t resist posting a comment!

    you look like you are having heaps of fun! :} well done Team Wilverley! 🙂 😉

  15. Skye H says:

    That must be fun doing a lesson outside. Fresh air for the lesson. :] ;] :} ;}NUMBER ONE LESSON

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